Is Survey Downline Legit? Yes But Don’t Expect To Make A Lot Of Money With Them

Quick Summary Of Survey Downline

Name: Survey Downline

Price: Free to join

Rating: 2 out of 5

What Is Survey Downline?

Survey Downline is a survey platform that allows only people from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia to earn cash by taking surveys and offering their opinion on them.

On top of this, they also offer a 2-tier referral program which allows you to refer people into this program then earn 10% off of every survey they take.

Now since your’re here you might be wondering is Survey Donwline Legit, or would you be wasting your time with this site?

I’ll be honest over the years of doing  survey sites myself, I’ve not come across one that has been worth my time and effort — and sadly Survey Downline is no exception to this either.

To help make this more clear though as to why I think this, let me show you exactly how this works, show how much you’ll probably make with this, and highlight some of the major things I didn’t like about this.

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How Does Survey Downline Work?

Before you can start taking surveys, you’ll first have to sign up and create a profile.

As you’re creating your profile, you’ll be asked all sorts of questions so that they can give this market research to other companies — as well as pair you up with surveys that will match your interest.

After you do this, you’ll then be presented with a list of surveys you can know take within the main platform.

different surveys

As you can see within the picture, the surveys take anywhere from 10-30 minutes to complete — and each one is usually presented in a multiple choice format.

How Much Can You Expect To Make?

In order to get paid, you must first make a minimum of $20 dollars which you can then collect by having the money sent to your PayPal account.

Now as I said earlier, there’s two ways you can go about making money through Survey Downline:

1. Personally take surveys each day.

With each survey usually offering between $0.50 – 3 dollars and occasionally $15 or more, you could possibly make a good chunk of change if you literally did this all day.

But as a word of caution, there are some surveys that can take up to 20 minutes and only offer $.50 cent — and you might run across several of these throughout the day sometimes.

you'll spend a lot of time for little money

Personally I would pull my hair out if I knew I was making on average $3 dollars an hour — plus for the simple fact that these surveys in my opinion are VERY boring.

2. You can refer people into the program and get paid a percentage of every survey they do.

Along with being able to do surveys yourself, Survey Downline also offers a 2-tier referral system where you can earn 10% of the revenue when a person you directly brought into the program completes a survey.

referral system

I’ll admit out of the several survey sites I’ve seen in my time, this is the first one that I’ve seen that also seen one incorporate an MLM type of payment plan.

Now even though this may sound quite good to some of you, personally I don’t like these type of payment plans because you usually end up trying to make money only by recruiting people, instead of actually selling the product or in this case doing surveys to make money.

Also if you think about it, you’re making VERY little with this method.

Think about it… if someone on average makes $3 dollars a survey, that means you’re only making $0.30 cents. And if someone took a $.50 cent survey (which there are quite a few) — you’re only making a nickle now!

So all in all, you’ll have to refer A LOT of people into this program — yet you’ll still only be making a few bucks for doing so.

What I Like About It

  • It’s completely free to join

What I Don’t Like About It

  • The surveys offered are very boring and repetitive to do
  • It takes up to 4-6 weeks for them to validate your surveys and give you the money for them.Takes a long time to get paid
  • You have to answer a lot of personal questions before you join and do surveys so they can sell this information to companies
  • The amount of money you can make through this is VERY little, even if you did this 24/7 days a week
  • Sometimes you can spend 10-20 minutes doing a survey, and still end up being rejected

Who Is Survey Downline For?

I believe Survey Downline is for anyone that wants to earn a few extra dollars literally doing brainless multiple choice surveys. Honestly though I think your time and value is better spent elsewhere then signing up to this.

Personally I much rather build out niche websites and make money through affiliate marketing, however if you’re someone who really enjoys survey sites like this one — I recommend you check out Swagbucks which is a much better option in my opinion.

My Final Rating

2 out of 5

Survey Downline is definitely a legit website, however with that said don’t expect to get rich or even make a good part-time income with them.

Even with their pretty good referral system they got, remember you’re only making 10% of what your referrals are making — which literally amounts to pennies sometimes.

Again there’s nothing wrong with these kinds of sites, however I just can’t recommend them as a good way to earn money online — when I can go to a local Mcdonalds and flip burgers for more then what they pay (plus there just plain boring to me).

Instead, Here’s How I Prefer To Make Money Online

The thing I love about the internet is there’s several different ways you can go about making money online. Over the years though I’ve found that creating websites and promoting products through affiliate marketing to be one of the most profitable ways in doing this.

You can with enough time and work eventually start earning a regular income online with this method — to where you can be earning money even when you’re sleeping, eating, or on vacation.

And this simply isn’t something that can happen if do paid survey sites.

So if you’d like to know exactly how I and thousands of other people learned how to build a profitable business online, check out my #1 rated program online called wealthy affiliate.

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I hope you found this review helpful, and if there are any other questions you’d like to ask me concerning Survey Downline — leave a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Is Survey Downline Legit? Yes But Don’t Expect To Make A Lot Of Money With Them”

  1. I tried completing surveys for a while. I was searching for ways to make money online and I thought it was a good opportunity. But to be honest, I don’t think it’s worth it. While searching for more surveys, I found someone who recommended a much better alternative. 

    So now, I have my own blog and my own business. It’ll take a while to make money but the work I do every moment will lead to great results.

    • I’m glad that you have the same opinion as I do, and decided to give up paid surveys to find a better method to make money online.

      I agree that blogging is a excellent way to earn a good income online, and you can actually see real life results here of people making good money through their blogs. 

      The main thing though is to not give up and learn from your mistakes as you keep moving forward. 

      Good luck with your business, and again good choice for deciding to give up paid surveys. 🙂

  2. I also started out online by completing surveys and although we can sure make some change for our everyday coffee or groceries, what really turned me away was the fact that I would get kicked out from the surveys quite often, after spending 10 – 15 minutes on them and get rewarded NOTHING for my time. 

    And it seems like although MLMs are legit, it won’t really work out too well with this program like you explained, because you would need to refer a lot of people. And if most people focus on recruiting then nobody is making money really…

    • Exactly who would want to be doing surveys when you can recruit a lot of people and earn passive money off of them? However like you said if everyone started doing this, then no one would be taking surveys and making money.

      Also the whole getting rejected AFTER you do they survey is probably one of the biggest turn off about taking surveys. 

      Honestly I don’t see why anyone would ever want to do them, as there’s many other legitimate ways to make money online.

      Thanks for you input about this program. 🙂

  3. This is a great and honest review. As a person who has tried many survey platforms I can promise that you cannot earn a living off of them. If you want to make money online I agree that affiliate marketing is a better choice.   

    It’s sad people are still falling for these people who claim their making a living doing surveys and if so I guarantee they have no life and are doing surveys 24 hrs a day.

    Thank you so much for this great review


    • Thanks for your input David. 

      It’s true that surveys can make you money, but again it’s only pocket money. Much like if you were to go outside and sell lemonade or cut grass — you’ll make money, but not enough to do it full time.

      Affiliate marketing however is real business model that millions of people use to sell products online. And more and more companies are seeking these type of people out to help sell their products, because lets face it everyone now a days prefers doing some type of shopping online rather than going to a physical store. 

      So yes people can make “some” money doing surveys — but again personally I don’t see my time being well spent earning a few bucks an hour doing mind numbing surveys haha. 


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