Is Swagbucks Legitimate Or Is It A Complete Scam? Here’s My Honest Review

Quick Summary Of Swagbucks

Name: Swagbucks

Price: Free to join (Click Here To Sign Up)

Rating: 4/5 (Good way to make some extra cash)

What Is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a basically a website that will pay you to do a wide variety of small task. These task rang from watching video clips, playing games, and even surfing the internet.

You’re probably wondering though is swagbucks legitimate, or is it just another scam made to waste your time and take your hard-earned money.

Well you’ll be glad to know that this indeed is a very legitimate website, and is one I’ve used in the past and enjoyed very much.

With that said, I do want to make it very clear that this by no means will let you quit your job and work from — but it can give you some extra spending money so you can do things like pay your bills, go out to a nice restaurant, and even save up for a special vacation.

And best of all, making money from swagbucks is fun!

If however you are looking for a way to make some serious cash, and be able to work from the comfort of your home — I highly recommend you check out my number one recommended product online called Wealthy Affiliate.

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So now that you know what Swagbucks is, lets dive into it and see exactly what you’ll be doing if you decide to join this website.

How Does Swagbucks Work?

How does Swagbucks work
As I said earlier, to make money through Swagbucks all you have to do is some simple task. After you complete these task, you will then earn “swagbucks” — which basically are points you accumulate that you then exchange for real money.

Within Swagbucks, there are currently 7 different ways in which you can earn money.

1. Shopping Online

With Swagbucks, you can choose from over 1,500 retailer stores to shop from — including some of the more popular ones like Amazon, Walmart and Target. For every dollar you spend, you’ll earn SB points, plus you’ll also get special deals and coupons from your favorite retailers.

So if you’re someone who loves shopping online, this is a great way to get money back while doing something you love.

2. Answering Surveys

Another popular way to earn SB points, is to offer your opinion on daily surveys they offer. While some people may find this boring, is a great way to consistently get some good swag points every day just by answering a few survey questions.

The only downside is you might not quality for too many surveys when you start off — but through time you can get access to more and more.

3. Watching Videos

How many times have you ever said to yourself that you wish you could get paid to watch TV? Well with Swagbucks now you can.

You can watch video clips

Being able to choose from about 10 different categories such as sports, technology, and fashion — all you do is simply click on a video you want to watch and earn points. With them not being too long, you’ll earn on average about 3 SB per video.

I really like this part as I think it would be very entertaining. But even if you find it boring, you could simply play the video in the background, and do something else until it’s over.

4. Discovering Offers

If you don’t mind giving out your personal information and being sent spam mail to buy people’s products — then the offer section can really help you earn a lot of SB points.

Ranging from 1-5,500 points per offer, you can quickly build up your points and cash out in no time. However though you need to be careful. Some offers are completely free, some make you sign up for a free trial, and some make you actually buy the product until you get paid.

So while you can earn a few dollars here and there by completing these offers, just keep good notes as to which ones you signed up for so they don’t mistakenly charge you.

5. Searching The Web

Getting paid to search is one of the main reasons I joined Swagbucks several years back in the first place. By using Swagbucks search engine (which is actually Yahoo) — you will get paid randomly for searching the web like you always do.

Again though this is completely random. Some days you may earn only a few SB points, then other days you could easily earn hundreds of points.

On average though I would say if you use this feature every day for a month — you’d probably walk away with about $5.00-$10.00 dollars. So I would say getting paid for doing something that you already do like searching the web, isn’t all that bad.

Also if you set Swagbucks up as your main search engine, you basically can make money every day without even having to think about it.

6. Playing Games

If your someone who likes playing games (like me), then you are going to LOVE this part. With almost 100 different games to choose from, you can earn money by playing either one.

The catch with this though, is you will only earn Swagpoints when you make in game purchases. On average for every $1.00 you spend, you’ll earn 12 SB.

Swagbucks games
Or if you don’t want to spend money to earn Swagpoints, you could play their original free games and randomly earn 10 SB for playing.

While most of the games here won’t actually make you money since you have to “pay to play” — the few free original ones can still help you earn a few Swagpoints here and there.

Also after playing a couple of their games, I actually found them to be a lot of fun! On top of that they had good graphics as well. So if you are just bored and want something to do — I think you’ll really enjoy this section.

7. Referring People

Last but not least, one of very best ways to earn some good money through Swagbucks is by referring people. Swagbucks will give you unique referral link, and if anyone clicks on your link and joins Swagbucks then they are now your referral .

What’s also nice is Swagbucks recently changed their policy, so you now will earn 10% of all your referral ‘s earnings for life!

referring people
So lets say on average your referral makes 3,000 Swagpoints a month. That will then equal out to you earning $3.00 extra dollars each month for doing nothing! Then if you referred 9 more people, that 3 dollars would then turn into $30.00 extra dollars each and every month.

As you can see, if you find a good way to refer people to Swagbucks — then you can easily start making some good money by doing nothing at all.

This is why you’ll see some people showing that they made hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month through Swagbucks — simply because they were able to refer a lot of people to it.

So if you have a great way to get your link around say through your social media accounts, or through a personal blog — this can really help you earn some big bucks.

How Does SwagBucks Pay You?

So after you’ve earned thousands of Swagbucks, you’re probably wondering how you can cash them out now right? Well there are two ways you can go about redeeming your points:

How does Swagbucks pay you
1. Through gift cards: This is the main way in which you can get paid through Swagbucks. With a wide variety of gift cards to choose from such as Walmart, Target, and Bestbuy — this is a great option for anyone that loves shopping.

2. Through PayPal cash: On the other hand if you prefer to get cash from all your points, you can then get paid through PayPal. The only downside to this however, is the minimum amount needed is $25.00 or 2,500 Swag points.

Personally as someone who doesn’t like shopping all that often, I normally choose this option as it lets me use my money literally anywhere I want– and not just for a specific retail store.

On Average How Much Can Earn Through Swagbucks In A Month?

A question many people ask and one I had before joining Swagbucks, is how much money does someone normally make through Swagbucks in a month?

Now to answer this question, I’ll have to split my answer into two different parts. Also, here’s a brief calculation of how much your Swagpoints are worth:

100 SB = $1.00

So with each Swagpoint being worth $0.01 cent, let me show you how much you can expect to make through Swagbucks.

Scenario 1 (You do task daily, and don’t refer anyone)

Assuming you haven’t referred anyone to this wesbsite, I would say based on people responses to using Swagbucks, plus calculating how much I earn normally in 1 day — I would say on average you can easily make 100-200 Swagpoints without much effort.

Of course if you spend hours in front of your computer, you could then easily make 500-600 points a day. But assuming you only made around 150 points a day — that’s still $45 dollars each month (which isn’t bad at all).

Scenario 2 (You spend all your time referring people).

As I said earlier, this is where you’ll make the big bucks — because once you refer someone, you’ll earn 10% of their earnings for life!

So assuming were going with the same calculation of someone making 150 points a day — all you would have to do is refer 10 people to start making $45 dollars a month in passive income.

Again if you know how to get a lot of traffic to your referral code, and you could sign up 112 people to Swagbucks — you then will be making $500 dollars every month without even doing a single task within Swagbucks.

So to answer the question of how much can you expect to make a month with Swagbucks? If you do task daily by yourself your looking at about $50.00 dollars — but if you spend your time referring people, the amount you can make is limitless.

What I Like About It

  • Free to join
  • Gives you multiple ways in how you can earn points
  • Can cash out your points for gifts cards or cash
  • You earn 10% of all your referral ‘s earnings
  • As of right now, signing up through my link gives you 300 SB for free, or $3.00

What I Don’t Like About It

  • You won’t get accepted into every survey
  • Accumulating points can be very slow if you don’t refer people
  • The search function has been known to be kinda slow

Who Is Swagbucks For?

Swagbucks is basically for anyone that wants to earn some extra money online, by doing things that they normally already do. For example you can shop, search the internet, or even watch videos to make money.

Or if you want to try and make some good money, you can always try to refer people and do other activities they give more points like discovering offers and doing surveys.

How Can You Join Swagbucks?

To join Swagbucks, you can simply click on the link below and sign up for free. Also if you do happen to click on my link, at this current time you’ll automatically get 300 SB for free (which equals out to $3.00).

Again there’s not hidden fees, and all you have to do is simply fill out your profile once you log in, then start doing daily task to start getting Swag points.

So if this is something you find interesting and want to try out, click the banner below:

Join Swagbucks now

My Final Rating

4 out of 5 

Swagbucks is a pretty cool site, letting you make money by doing fun things like play games, watch movies, and even shop at your favorite stores.

However as I’ve said a few times already, don’t expect to able to quite your job or go buy that dream car you’ve always wanted just because you joined this site. Basically I see Swagbucks as a site that can help you earn some extra spending money (sometimes in the hundreds), by doing small task and referring people to their program.

If though you’re looking for a way to make some serious money (as in leave your job and work from home kinda money) — why not try to build a business online instead of doing small task every day that equal out to a few dollars?

Through Wealthy Affiliate hundreds of people have been able to do just this, and they are no different than you and me. They simply followed the training, asked questions, then worked each and every day on their business to make the income they wanted.

Here’s a comparison chart showing you the differences between Wealthy Affiliate and Swagbucks:

Have you used or are using Swagbucks right now? If so how it is going for you, and are you making a decent income from it each month?

Also if you have any other questions regarding Swagbucks, or how you can build an online business around a subject your passionate about — leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out. 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Is Swagbucks Legitimate Or Is It A Complete Scam? Here’s My Honest Review”

  1. Thanks, Michael. Swagbucks is an interesting idea. Going through your review there were a couple of things that I might be interested in, but my concern is that the amount of money you can make for the time invested is not proportional. 

    I mean that I might make a few swag bucks doing the tasks available, but the time that it takes to make the 3 or 4 dollars with Swagbucks could be better spent making a better online income with a WA business. Don’t you agree?

    • I agree with you 100% Grant. 

      Like I said in the review, earning points in Swagbucks is fun and can help you have a little bit of extra spending money — but if you don’t get any referrals you won’t be making a whole lot.

      That’s why I would rather spend my time building out website and promoting products for people to buy. So instead of getting people to Swagbucks for a few dollars, I could sell for example expensive TV’s and make hundreds of dollars for each sale!

      And yes I totally agree that Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn how to do this.

  2. This sounds like a lot of work for a few dollars. I don’t like doing surveys and like you said, they might not even accept you. It is obviously best to do referrals, but that would not be much fun either.

    As you show in your comparison to Wealthy Affiliate, you can clearly get more out of joining WA then you can with Swagbucks.

    Also Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be as long as you can be patient,work hard, and learn how to follow instructions. Then several months down the road, you can start to make a good income online.

    Thanks for the information.

    • You’re correct that there’s a huge different between Wealthy Affiliate and Swagbucks. One you’re building a legitimate business online, while the other is just you doing small task (mainly out of boredom or for the fun of it).

      So depending if you want to work hard and earn a regular income online, or if you just want to have some extra spending cash while doing fun activities is what will determine what program you join.

      Personally I hate doing surveys, and making a good income from the comfort of my home sounds amazing — so Wealthy Affiliate would defiantly be my choice. 

      However like I said in this review, I can still make money off Swagbucks by searching the internet and playing a few games — so it’s not like I have to completely neglect it. By doing those two task alone, I could maybe have 100 extra bucks by the end of the year for doing stuff that takes just a few mins out of my day to do.

  3. Actually I am really interested in answering surveys. I just like doing it so it will not be boring for me. However I never did it before and I wonder about income potential. I think of working a couple of hours everyday. Do you think I can earn 500 dollars every month?

    • If all you’re going to do is answer surveys, then it I would say it’s very unlikely that you’re going to make $500 dollars a month. It would be more like $20-$30 dollars.


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