Is Tubeloom A Scam Or Can You Make 300 Dollars A Day With Their Program? Find Out The Truth Here

Quick Summary Of Tubeloom

Name: Tubeloom


Price: $39.95

Rating: 1 out of 5 rating

What Is Tubeloom?

Tubeloom claims to be a powerful money making secret that very few people know about, that can help you earn thousands of dollars with little to no work.

In fact the lady narrating the sales video Charlotte says after she tried several things in the past and failing (such as paid surveys, freelance writing, and blogging) — she met a friend who told her how she could make a lot of money simply by uploading videos to YouTube.

So supposedly Charlotte did this, started earning hundreds of dollars a day, then created Tubeloom so that you and I could also start earning thousands of dollars every month online.

And you might be wondering is Tubeloom a scam or can this program really help you earn hundreds if not thousands of dollars a day?

Well there’s no doubt that there’re tons of people making REALLY good money on YouTube, and you could too with the right training — however I can assure you that this $40 dollar product is not going help you do this.

To further explain why I know this to be true — let me go into more detail how this program works, show you some major concerns I had with it, and lastly introduce you to a program that can provide you with the proper training you need to succeed.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

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How Does Tubeloom Work?

As I just mentioned, Tubeloom says you can make hundreds of dollars a day by creating short simple videos and uploading them to YouTube — which is basically the definition of affiliate marketing.

create short simple videos

Now if you were to watch their sales video, you’ll see several people giving screenshots of their income to help prove to you that it works (more on that in a second).

And honestly it’s hard not to get excited thinking you too will shortly be like them making a good income online thanks to this program. However this program was created for one reason and one reason only — to take your money.

Why do I say this?

Well if you were to pay the $40 dollars for Tubeloom, all you’d be getting is very generic overview explaining how to find products, create a video about them and upload it to YouTube, and monetize it.

It doesn’t show you “how” to create videos, how to do keyword research to figure out your competition, and most definitely it doesn’t give you a step by step process that you can follow to succeed.

And I’ll be honest after reviewing this product, it reminded me of another one I reviewed a while back called Tube Crusher that like this said you can make thousands of dollars a day by creating short videos.

Again though don’t fall for these type of programs, because they will say whatever just so you’ll pull out your wallet and give them money.

4 Major Problems I Have With This Program

To give you a better understanding as to why you shouldn’t buy this program (besides the mediocre training) — here’s a 4 reasons that makes them untrustworthy in my eyes.

1) It Uses Hyped Up Income Claims

One of the tale tale signs that a program is a scam or very poorly made, is when they say you can make a lot of money without having to do much work.

And sure enough within Tubeloom’s sales video it says that you can make hundreds and even thousands of dollars just by spending a few minutes on your computer each day.

hyped up income claim example 1

hyped up income claim example 2

In fact at one point Charlotte says it’s not uncommon to make money the same day you upload your video!

However this simply is not the case, and like I said yes you can make a good income through YouTube but it usually takes hours upon hours of work and you normally don’t see results until several months down the road.

So for her to say you can make a lot of money within a few days or weeks is nothing but a blatant lie.

2) Fake testimonials

Remember how I said within their sales video they showed testimonials of people making a lot of money by using this program?

Well believe it or not, all of these people along with their income statements are completely false — and again is another common tactic you’ll find within programs that are very poorly created.

Here’s a few examples to show you what I mean.

fake testimonial 1

fake testimonial 2

3) It Recommends You To Review Products That Just Came Out

Besides this program just giving you some basic information on how to make money with YouTube, they also teach you a very outdated method that doesn’t work anymore.

Within their training you’re encouraged to find products before they launch and create a short video talking about them. Now this may seem like a great idea because you can basically get a ton of traffic the day they launch — however there’s one major problem with this method.

About 90% of the products they are asking you to review are cheap and poorly created (like this one) — so even if you were to get people to buy the product I can assure you that they will be asking for a refund within a day.

So besides not making any money through your videos, you now have now ruined your reputation online because people only see you as someone who wants to make a quick buck and not really help them out.

4) Hidden upsells

Last but not least, you’re mislead into thinking for the low price of $40 dollars you’ll learn the secret to generating an ever flowing income with the help of this program.

However once inside, your presented with 3 different upsells at about $50 dollars each.

Now you’ll be told that these products are to help you make even more money when combined with Tubeloom, but actually it’s just another way for the owner of this system to earn even more money.

And seeing how the Tubeloom itself doesn’t provide you with the information you need to make thousands of dollars from YouTube — then I definitely don’t see how a few extra products is going to help you.

So just know that if you do happen to purchase this product, you’ll be persuaded to buy even more products that won’t help you one bit.

What I Like About It

  • You get 60 days to test this product out, and if you don’t like it you can get your money back
  • It offers a brief overview on how to make money with YouTube

What I Don’t Like About It

  • The training is very basic and will not help you earn a decent income online
  • The sales page is very hyped up, making you think you can earn money easily and quickly
  • It uses fake testimonials and screen shots
  • The method it does teach is outdated and simply won’t help you make money online

Who Is Tubeloom For?

Even though Tubeloom does provide you with some training, due to it’s very basic training it will not help you earn money online.

Therefore I don’t recommended anyone buy this product — but instead search on Google to learn properly how to make money with YouTube. And I’ll bet after 5 minutes you’ll know a lot more then what you’d get out of the full course of this program.

My Final Rating – Is Tubeloom A Scam?

1 out of 5 rating

Honestly I don’t think Tubeloom is a scam because you do get about an hours worth of training if you buy the product.

However between the hyped up sales page, fake testimonials, and basically being lied to from the start — I do not recommend you buy this product.

Now don’t get me wrong, the idea this program is based off of ( which is creating videos and uploading them to YouTube) is an excellent way to make money online ONLY IF you have the proper training and tools to succeed. And honestly Tubeloom has neither of those things.

So if you really want to learn how to earn a regular income each and every month that you can rely on — I suggest you have a look at my #1 recommendation online.

It gives you step by step training (both in video and written format), on how to make money with affiliate marketing both with a website AND with YouTube.

And you’ll also be able to ask me or one of the thousand members within their community for help if you ever need a question asked.

So if you would like to know more about this program, and also learn how you can join it for free — click below to find out more information about it.

learn how to make a regular income online

I hope you enjoyed this review about Tubeloom and now can make a better decision as to whether or not you want to spend your money on it.

However if you have any questions or concerns that you’d like to ask me, leave a comment below and I’ll be more then happy to help you out. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Is Tubeloom A Scam Or Can You Make 300 Dollars A Day With Their Program? Find Out The Truth Here”

  1. Tuebloom seems good on the surface, but you can tell that it’s a total scam. 

    I like to make YouTube videos some times,  but they aren’t very good so far. And I don’t see how Tubeloom will be able to help me out. 

    You say there’s about an hour of training involved in this program? I don’t know what can be taught with just one hour, and just shows what a low quality product this really is.

    I’d rather not spend unnecessary dollars for terrible opportunity.

    • Hey Stefan thanks for your comment.

      Ya I too don’t really know how a program can expect you to believe that with just an hours worth of training, that you will then know how to make thousands of dollars a day with YouTube. 

      Its easy to see that whoever made this, is only concerned about your pocketbook and not helping you succeed online.

  2. Hey Michael,

    Thank you for warning us about Tubeloom. l agreed that you can make money with YouTube but it takes time but not hours as claimed by Tubeloom.

    Although Tubeloom is not an outright scam, their intention is nothing but to sell you low quality and outdated products. I have seen too many these kind of products in the market that using the same modus operandi with those 4 tactics.

    In fact, l just visited their sale page and whenever l try to leave, they pop up a new offer. The last one was discounted up to $19.95 from $39.95, a saving of $20. At this discounted price, do you have the impulse to buy the product? No way, there will be a lot of upsell once you’re locked in.

    Don’t fall prey into these types of crappy programs.

    Best Regards.

    Shui Hyen

    • Thanks for the comment Shui.

      I’m glad that you too can see what an awful product this is, and that anyone that does join will not be making thousands of dollars a day like it claims.

      The only way to truly make a regular income online is to actually work for it. Yes making money can happen faster then building a traditional business offline — but it still requires you to take action on a daily basis, patience, and following a proven method to become successful.

      Which goes against everything Tubeloom here says. 

  3. Hey there, your review is thoroughly researched and has helped me make a profound decision if I should give it a try — and I can say with certain that I will not.

    Tubeloom seems to be just another quick rich scheme out to steal people’s money, and will not help you in any way shape or form make money online.

    So I will be sure to skip this product, and have a look at your #1 recommendation instead.

    Thank you.

    • I’m glad to see you have the same opinion about this product that I do. Tubeloom is definitely a poorly created product, and is something I highly recommend you DO NOT join.

      And as I said within my post, yes you can make lots of money online by creating vidoes — but just like creating a website full of rich content, your YouTube channel also has to have lots of helpful videos within in before you can start to see a good amount of traffic and sales coming in.

      And the only way to make that happen is by getting properly trained.

      I think you will enjoy my review about Wealthy Affiliate, which again is my number one most recommended product — as it does provide you with every step you need to succeed online.

      If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and I’ll be glad to answer it. 🙂


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