Is Ultimate Paydays A Scam? Yes And Here’s 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy It

Quick Summary Of Ultimate Paydays

Name: Ultimate Paydays


Price: $37 + other hidden cost

Rating: 1 out of 5 rating

What Is Ultimate Paydays?

Ultimate Paydays says it’s a tried and tested bullet proof system that can help you make a small fortune online.

In fact it’s so good that the supposed owner Rick Owens says all you have to do is spend 30 minutes a day online and you can almost instantly start earning thousands of dollars each and every month on auto pilot.

what is Ultimate Paydays

Now if you’ve watched the sales video of this product, you’re probably asking yourself is Ultimate Paydays a scam or can this “fool proof” system help me earn $1,316.69 dollars a day online?

Well I can assure you if you do happen to buy this product, you not only are going to be making less than minimum wage — but you’ll be left frustrated for wasting your money on something that doesn’t work.

You see products like this claim they have a secret system that will help you become rich on autopilot — but the truth of the matter is that there is no secret system and never will be.

The only reason people make these cheap hyped up products is so that they can become richer through scamming people like you and me out of their hard-earned money.

So yes I do think that Ultimate Paydays is a scam, and here’s why.

my top rated way to make money online

How Does Ultimate Paydays Work?

Now I’ll be upfront and tell you that I didn’t buy this product, because as I could tell simply from watching their sales video and doing a little bit of research on my end that this was a scam.

But according to Rick Owens, Ultimate Paydays uses some sort of artificial intelligence to help you make all of this money without you really having to do all that much.

And he also says this system is so easy to use, that all you have to do is “mirror his system” and follow a 3 step process to become successful:

  1. Get a product to sell (even if it’s one you don’t own)
  2. Get visitors to buy your product
  3. Then get paid
mirror his system

Of course this all sounds quite amazing, but again it’s just one big lie.

You WILL NOT be getting some AI software that you can simply turn on and generate money with — but instead you’ll end up with a few PDF files with some basic information on how to make money online.

And since he says you don’t have to create your own product, I’m going to assume these PDF’s are going to be talking about affiliate marketing.

Now don’t get me wrong, affiliate marketing can make you a lot of money online and if you wanted to boil it down to 3 steps then what Rick here is saying is true.

However to become successful and make a regular income online requires A LOT of work, and is not achieved from using some secret software that will pour money straight into your bank account.

Of course people like things that are easy and will get them results fast, and marketers know that if they create a product that claims it can help people make a lot of money very quickly through the internet that they are going to buy it (regardless if it actually works or not).

So if you want to waste your money on a few PDF files explaining how making money online works then I won’t stop you — but if you’d like to learn to build a real online business from the ground up, I would urge you to invest your money into a legitimate company that can give you the proper training and tools on how to truly become successful.

The Red Flags Associated With Ultimate Paydays

As I mentioned earlier, after watching this product’s sales video — I could easily tell that this product was a scam.

So to keep you from wasting 20 minutes of your life (if you haven’t already watched it) — I’m going to highlight 3 major problems I found within it.

1) It Claims You Can Get Rich Fast

Ultimate Pay Days says you could be making up to $15,000 dollars every week and start generating profits within minutes of getting started!

see profits within minutes of getting started

making up to $40k a month

Of course this is a complete lie, and is a common tactic you see low quality products use all the time just so you will buy their product.

But if you think about it, would you be giving away a system that can help people earn almost a million dollars a year just for $37 bucks?

Ya I didn’t think so.

So please don’t fall for products that claim you can get rich fast online, because it simply doesn’t work period.

2) Says Their System Will Do All The Work For You

Now not only can you make thousands of dollars every single month thanks to their secret system, but Ultimate Pay Days says as soon as your set up that money will “automatically” be going into your bank account.

claims money comes in automatically

And yes while you can set up passive income streams online — you first have to “set them up” which requires a lot of work up front.

Then secondly if you simply set these systems up and forget about them, eventually your money is going to dry up or worst yet you’ll be spending money rather then making it.

So my advice is whenever you hear of a program claiming they will do all the hard work for you — simply turn away and look for a program that will actually teach you how build a real income online.

3) It’s Vague On How It Works

Last but not least, the main problem I found with this product was that it literally gave you NO INFORMATION as to how it worked.

All it does it show you a ton of screen shots of how much money you could possibly make, and claim once you become a member that you can start earning money almost instantly!

But my question is exactly “how” does this system work?

If this system can really bring you money on autopilot like it claims it can do — then what are you doing for those 30 minutes each day to make money? And if you want to spend more then 30 minutes will you make the same amount of money or more?

These are the type of things I think a person should know before just blindly giving their money over to some system from a guy that no ones ever heard before.

Of course Ultimate Paydays will never be able to answer this, because again they are not giving you a system or method to make money online — but instead a very generic answer to how affiliate marketing works.

Is Ultimate Paydays A Scam?

Again without even having to buy this product, I would say this is a scam due too how many red flags I came across while reviewing it.

They lie saying that you can make up to thousands of dollars a day, they lie about having a secret system that uses artificial intelligence to make it happen, and they also lie as to how much this product really cost — because I can assure you that you’ll be asked to spend way more than $37 dollars once inside.

So again you’re free to buy this product if you want, but from my own personal experience and having reviewed several of other program in the past similar to this one like…

I know that you’re going to be disappointed and no where closer to earning an extra income online.

What I Like About It

  • You’ll get a 60-day money back guarantee if you buy this product

What I Don’t Like About It

  • Says you can make a lot of money and do so very quickly
  • Claims their system will do all the hard work for you
  • It gives you zero information on how it works, making it to where you have to buy it
  • Says they have a limited number of spots open, which is just a tactic to get you to spend money quickly
  • You’ll be asked to spend much more than $37 dollars once your inside

My Final Rating

1 out of 5 ( Not recommended )

By now you can probably tell that I am not a fan of Ultimate Pay Days, simply because I know it will not deliver the kind of results you are looking for.

And since I care about the people who read my blog, I cannot recommend this product to anyone looking to earn an extra income online.

Therefore I Suggest You Get Proper Training From A Quality Product

If you really want to make some extra cash online — then you need a program that can teach you the proper skills on how to become successful instead of some secret system.

And my #1 most recommend product online does just this.

It will give you a simple to follow step by step formula on how to build a website — that way you can sell real products to real people and be earning a real and consistent income each and every month.

And best of all is they will allow you to try out their system completely free (meaning no credit card required).

So if you’d like more information on how this system can help you out, and also learn how you can join it — click the picture below to read my entire review about my favorite program online.

Learn how to make money from a legitimate company


I hope you enjoyed my review about Ultimate Pay days, but if you have any other questions or concerns about this product — leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Is Ultimate Paydays A Scam? Yes And Here’s 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy It”

  1. I was researching in the web for a review on Ultimate Paydays and I found a great one in this website. This article had everything I needed to know about Ultimate Payday. Now I know that Ultimate Payday is a scam after reading this review.

    Thank you so much for sharing this article with us.

    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. 

      I’m glad my review had what you were looking for, and was able to help you make a wise decision into not buying it.

  2. Oh my, you would think after being online for around 25 years, I’d have seen it all.  But again, surprise, surprise, surprise.  What a joke.

    I mean ‘artificial intelligence’, for ONLY $37 bucks?  Really.  Your review was spot on, and I didn’t even watch the video.  But I have fallen prey to these ‘shiny objects’ before.  

    And you are so right once you pay your $37, and download this AI, you’ll be able to get so far in this money making scheme (you’ve still not made a dime), but they’ll start to nickel and dime you to death. It’s how these scams work.  

    Just dangle that fruit within inches from your nose, but when you reach out to grab it, well it’ll cost you something!!  And it’ll most likely happen again and again, till you finally realize if only to yourself, that you’ve been duped.

    And it’s sad that there are jerks out there online, like this fellow.  Because, they are the only ones making out on this deal, the only one!

    Thanks for this info…so many people get taken advantage of, and if only one person reads your review and realizes what a scam this is, then your work is done.Laura

    • Thanks for your comment Laura. 

      I agree that it is sad that people have to resort to scamming people out of their hard earned money just to try and make a living online — however I’m glad to see that you’ve come to see which programs are legit and which ones aren’t.

      I just pray that more people will read my reviews and do their own research that way they too won’t be scammed — and at the same time I can introduce them to a real opportunity that can help them earn a regular income online.

      The program I’m talking about gives people step by step training, all the tools they need, and 24/7 support on how to build websites that in return will make them money.

      It really is the best program I’ve come across online, and I hope more people can try it out instead of falling for these type of scams online. 


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