Is Vasayo A Scam? Here’s Why I Won’t Promote Their Business

Quick Summary Of Vasayo

Name: Vasayo

Price: unknown

Rating: 2/ 5

What Is Vasayo?

Vasayo is a company that claims their health supplements can optimize the delivery of key nutrients within your body by using a new technology that involves a smart enzyme.

They even say that by joining their team to help sell their products, you can also earn a very healthy income from their well-designed compensation plan.

Many people after reading this statement start wondering is Vasayo a scam — or can you actually make good money with their program?

I personally would not recommend joining them, as their company is based around an MLM type of marketing.

If you don’t know what this is, basically instead of trying to sell the companies products to earn a commission, you are forced to sign up as many people as possible to make money from the program.

Overall I think it is a very shady type of business, and also a very difficult business model to succeed in unless you get into the company when it first launches.

Before I get into too much detail on how their compensation plan works, let me first explain what they’re selling — then show you in detail how their payment system works.

What Does Vasayo Sell?

Vasayo currently offers 6 different products, which are micro nutrients they say can greatly improve your life.

vasayo's products

Here a list the following 6 products you’ll find when you go to their website:

1. MicroLife Core Complete- A multivitamin made to give you all the key nutrients your body should have.

2. MicroLife Neuro- A supplement geared to give you more clarity, memory, cognitive function, and overall good brain health.

3. MicroLife V3- A powder mixture that you will mix into water giving you sustained natural energy, a better mood, and powerful antioxidants to protect your cells.

4. MicroLife Sleep- Is a spray you take before bed time to give you a well nights sleep by restoring your natural sleep cycles.

5. MicroLife Renew- A spray you’ll take during the day to improve your joint health and reduce inflammation

6. MicroLife V-Slim / Weight Management- A powder you mix into water that will reduce your cravings, boost your metabolism, and maintain healthy blood levels.

They claim with most nutritional supplements that you only get a portion of the actual nutrients — however with their advanced technology delivery, you can now absorb nutrients faster and more efficiently.

Whether this truly works I can’t say for certain as I haven’t found any real proof to back this up — but studies have shown that with regular exercise and a healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats you can get all these benefits Vasayo is offering and more.

While I’ll leave the choice as to whether or not you want to buy these supplements ranging from $60.00 – $120.00, I personally would rather spend that money on good wholesome food that I know for a fact will make me healthier.

Now that you got the general of idea of what this company is selling, let me now discuss how their payment system works if you decide to join their team (which again I highly urge you not too.).

How Their Payment Plan Works

Vasayo says they will offer you 8 Different ways in which you can earn once you join their company.

8 ways you can earn

While you can make a 20% commission of all products you sell alone, like I said before the main way in which you’ll be making money with this company is by building as large of a team as you possibly can — then help all of them underneath recruit more members.

So instead of their truly being 8 different ways you can earn money with them, the truth is their’s only 1 way in which you can hope to make a decent income from this company — which like I said is to build a team.

Now that you understand that you need a team to become successful with Vasayo, let me go into further detail showing you the potential income you could make if you decided to go this route.

How Vasayo’s Reward Plan Is Structured

Their structure is a binary compensation plan, which is popular among other MLM systems. This basically means you’ll have to create two different teams under you to be able to get paid and have access to the bonuses they offer.

Every week they pay their members in something called “cycles” — which is calculated by how well the people under you are doing, as well as how high ranked you are in their system.

To get a full cycle, one leg of your team has to have 240 commission volume or (CV), and the other has to have 480 CV. When these two requirements are met, you are then paid $25.00 dollars.

Here’s a visual to give you a better understanding on how their whole cycle system works:

how a cycle works

While this seems fairly simple at first, it actually gets quite confusing as you try to climb higher in ranks within Vasayo.

Currently their are a total of 18 rankings, and each time you go higher you have the chance to get special bonuses and more income from your cycles.

Now take a guess at how you’re suppose to increase your rankings in Vasayo? If you said building a larger team,  then you are correct. So again the more people you have underneath you the better.

Vasayo says that they can go up to 1,000 cycles or $28,000 per week based on how high you’re ranked. Here’s the total breakdown of the numbers you can expect to earn based on your current rank:

Qualified Brand Partner and Executive Brand Partners= $2,500

Bronze= $5,000

Silver= $7,500

Gold= $10,000

Platinum= $12,500

Pearl= $15,000

Blue Sapphire= $17,500

Ruby= $20,000

Emerald= $22,500

Diamond / Black Diamond / Royal Black Diamond & Imperial Black Diamond= $25,000

Crown / Blue Diamond and up= $28,000.

Again this is just the cycle commission too. They also offer many bonuses each time you climb in rank, and even offer paid trips if you can maintain a very high ranking for a certain period of time.

While this looks very tempting when shown how much money you could potentially make, the truth is building a large enough team to get these kinds of results is VERY HARD.

You have to actively search for people to join your team and convince them that Vasayo‘s health products are worth selling, while at the same time manage the team you already have underneath you to help them sell products and recruit more people.

Overall it’s A LOT of work, and the worst part is the main factor in you succeeding in this business or failing is determined by the team members underneath you. So if you hire a bunch of lazy people, or people with no selling experience — chances are they are going to have a very difficult time recruiting more people to make you money.

That’s why I prefer affiliate marketing which doesn’t require you to build a team, lets you to sell what you want, and the amount of money you can make boils down to how hard your willing to work for it instead of how well your team members are doing.

What I Like About Vasayo

  • Owned by what seem to be reputable business owners
  • They seem to be trying to sell a product that could help people live healthier

What I Dont Like Vasayo

  • Joining a company selling health supplements (that may or may not work) is hard in such a saturated market
  • Their Payment system is based around an MLM pyramid scheme style
  • The bonuses, rankings, and overall reward system is very complicated to figure out
  • Maintaining a high level rank with such a large team is extremely hard to do and likely won’t happen

Who Is Vasayo For?

Vasayo is for anyone looking to improve their overall health with their supplements, and also earn money by selling the same products.

However I have not read anywhere to confirm that the “science” they use to give you supplements is any better than other generic ones on the market. Also if you’re joining it to make money, I wouldn’t get your hopes too high as 98% of all people who join an MLM company fail due to how difficult it is.

So Is Vasayo A Scam?

While I don’t think Vasayo is a scam, you more than likely are going to find it extremely hard to make any sort of decent income once you join their company.

You have to try and sell products in a very competitive market, the compensation plan is complicated and hard to achieve, and the underlying success factor is based on what kind of people you’ve brought into your team.

My Final Rating

2 out of 5 (Not Recommended)

I always want to promote products that I firmly believe can help my audience, and are ones I know can help improve their life in one way or another.

Personally Vasayo products seem way to expensive and unnecessary in my opinion, and is something I think you can get with regular exercise and adopting a healthy eating diet.

On top of all of that, I believe making any kind of decent money through Vasayo would be extremely hard due to their MLM business style.

Between their bonuses, figuring out how many people you need to recruit, and calculating how many items you have to sell to determine your income is very complicated (I know because I spent almost an hour trying to figure it out myself.)

Instead I believe your time would be better spent creating a website around a passion you love. This would allow you to sell what you want, build it out how you want, and also generate as much income as you desire based on your OWN efforts.

Out of all the programs I’ve come across, Wealthy Affiliate is my number 1 recommendation when it comes to doing just this. They offer top quality training, they give you all the tools needed once you join, and they also allow you to try them out for free.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, then click the banner below to read my full review about them.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Do you have any other questions or concerns regarding Vasayo? Or maybe you know someone who has joined this program that can share what their experience was like as a premium member?

If so let me know in the comment section below.

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13 thoughts on “Is Vasayo A Scam? Here’s Why I Won’t Promote Their Business”

    • I’m glad that you are having a good experience with Wealthy Affiliate. The owners Kyle and Carson really go above and beyond making it the best place online to learn how to build a business, and since 2005 when they started they’ve never raised their price once.

  1. Hey there, thanks for shedding some much needed light on the Vasayo program. You had me at the opening sentence with “optimize the delivery of key nutrients within your body by using a new technology that involves a smart enzyme” .. I mean a smart enzyme?

    There’s so much that doesn’t sit right with trying to leverage what the body does anyway with a MLM membership product. So typical of the type of rubbish pushed by nutrient MLM programs like this.

    I too would rather spend by money on buying some great ingredients and cooking up something nutritions, I’m sure my ‘smart enzymes will come out and do their thing anyway. 😉

    Thank again for making this program transparent.

    • I agree the whole smart enzyme thing really did sound shady to me — almost as if it’s just their weak attempt in trying to make their product stand out against all the others in their very saturated market.

      Eating  delicious food full of vitamins and minerals will also always be my main way in getting healthy, instead of taking questionable powders and pills they may or may not work.

      I’m glad I could help you out in discovering what Vasayo is, and also I hope you enjoy your yummy home cooked meals. 🙂

  2. Hi,
    I am not very familiar with MLM companies, but I have been told to STAY AWAY from them.

    I personally, never heard of the company Vasayo and thanks to your review I never will sign up for it.

    I also agree with you, Affiliate marketing is thee best online business to date.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge on Vasayo.


    • MLM companies basically is a business model where you make most of your commissions by recruiting people instead of selling products.

      This usually ends up being a pyramid scheme where very few people at the top are making all the money due to them having thousands of people beneath them that they recruited.

      Also your income is mainly based around the efforts of people you recruit, which to me is a lot like gambling.

      Like you I think affiliate marketing is one of the best and most lucrative business models out there right now. Out of all the programs I’ve come across, Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best place to learn how to do this properly.

      I highly suggest you give them a look if you are interested in this business model. 🙂

  3. I’ve been involved in various offline Network Marketing businesses and also online MLM biz opps before, and now I actually loathe the whole business model.

    YES, Vasayo is LEGIT for the fact that it offers products to purchase. BUT like every other MLM, the emphasis is on building a big team instead of the actual products.

    I also hate that you have to buy the products yourself as a distributor and the commission structure is complicated.

    It’s the same with any MLM!

    From my experiences with MLM, you invest a TON of hard work, time, and not to mention MONEY into your business, but you see very little reward in return.

    I know some Network Marketers who have been in the industry for 5 – 10 years, and aren’t even generating a full-time income.

    Once you’re sucked into an MLM opportunity, it’s very difficult to get out of one. If you decide to quit part of the way through, you’ll lose the customers and team you’ve built.

    “AFFILIATE MARKETING”, on the other hand, is by far the best option when it comes to earning an income and certainly tramples all over MLM lol.


    • I couldn’t agree more Neil. 

      While luckily I never got lured into an MLM program (although I almost did) — I quickly saw that their business model was not for me due to all the reasons I mentioned in this post plus what you just said.

      One of the things I hate most is having friends or family members also try to get you involved in their MLM business. I’ve personally had a few friends from work, plus a family member try to make me join their team. Of course when I declined they got really hurt and mad — which I think is just crazy.

      Affiliate marketing like you said tramples over MLM businesses. Instead of begging friends and family to buy products and join your team, you instead are selling products you know people want — therefore they are coming to your site ready to spend money.

      Before you can become successful though in affiliate marketing, you also need to know the proper way in how to go about doing it. Many people will try to do affiliate marketing on their own, and end up making close to nothing because of it.

      Therefore you need to follow a system that has been proven to work, have a community you can ask for help when you get stuck, and also have the proper tools needed to run your business.

      With Wealthy Affiliate I have found all this and more, and can truly say this is the best place to learn how to create a business online that will also make you money.

      I’m glad that you got out of the MLM business and have shifted toward affiliate marketing too. I look forward to hearing your success as your create your business online. 🙂

  4. u are just promoting affiliate marketing and try to talk down vasayo. the nutrients in 1 peach in 1968 equals 5 peaches now and thats why we need vitamin. vasayo has the best whole food based multi vitamins in the world! it is not fair to comment on their products when u havent done proper research

    • Thanks for your comment Becky. I’ts true that I haven’t bought their products, but I have spent several hours researching this company and people comments who were once members of this company.

      And based on this research, I have concluded that joining this company will likely not make you a lot of money and that you are better off eating healthy balanced diet full of vegetables and fruits rather than spending a lot of money on these questionable pills and powders.

      • Agreed. You’re just promoting affiliate marketing and bashing Vasayo in the process. Your only argument here is that it’s an MLM- which if that’s something you have a problem with then maybe you should make a general post and bash MLM. It’s one of the only MLMs with quality products that actually work. And clearly you know nothing about health thinking that you can accomplish half of the things these products offer with a trip to the grocery store.. especially without even trying the products!!! It would take one day for you to say- “You’re right, no food I’ve ever eaten made me feel this way”.
        Maybe you should spend more than a couple hours of research before pretending to be an expert on something that you’ve claimed multiple times to be ‘complicated’. Maybe it’s just complicated to some…

        • Hey Maria,

          Thanks for your sharing your experince with me.

          I’m not saying it’s impossible make money with Vasayo (or any MLM business as a matter of fact), but whether it’s a good way to make money on a regular basis for years to come is another story.

          Whether you want to believe it or not, I do spend quite a bit of time researching every product I come across and then yes write my reviews based on my own opinions and experience.

          And yes I am promoting affiliate marketing as my #1 way to make money online, because over the years I’ve been online I’ve seen far more people succeed and make money with this business model than I have with any other one.

          Also you said I should make a general post and bash MLM?

          Now while I wouldn’t call my post “bashing”, you can read my full thoughts on what I think about MLM businesses here and also learn why I generally don’t think their a good way to generate an income online.

          Let me ask you a quick question. You say your a member of Vasayo? I’m curious to know how much money have you made through their system?

          I look forward to hearing your response, and thank you again for sharing your thoughts with me.

          All the best,



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