Is Voice Cash Pro A Scam Or Legit Way To Make $9,800 A Week Online? Find Out Here.

Is Voice Cash Pro a scam, or can this program help ordinary people make over $9,800 dollars every week from their home with one little secret?

Now while I won’t deny that you can make money with the method shown within this program, your definitely not going to be making almost $40k a month right when you start out — and the whole process is not as easy as they make it out to be.

Therefore my intentions of this review is to explain exactly what you’ll be getting if you buy this product, 3 major red flags that make me not trust this program, and at the end provide you with a much better way to earn an income online.

So with that said, let’s dive right into things here…

Quick Summary Of Voice Cash Pro

Name: Voice Cash Pro


Price: $37 with a couple of upsells

Rating: 2 out of 5

What Is Voice Cash Pro?

What Is Voice Cash Pro

Voice Cash Pro is supposedly a system created by a lady named Monica White, who is looking to share a simple little known secret on how anyone can make $1k a day from their laptop or mobile phone.

Now within the sales video she tells a story of how her husband become an alcoholic after losing his job, and that she had no money to take her very sick child to the hospital since she was a stay at home mom.

But suddenly she bumped into a lady name Patricia that shared with her a simple 3 step system and a few “secret websites” that she could use to start making hundreds of dollars a day by simply doing voice-overs.

And she claims that after she went home and did a voice over a gig, she had already made money with in 2 hours, then built it up to making over $30,000 a month within the next 3 years.

$30,000 a month

So after accumulating so much wealth, she decided to create Voice Cash Pro which is a system that will show anyone the fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to make money online with your voice.

And while I won’t deny you can make decent money with this method, I can assure you that you’ll not be making hundreds of dollars within your first week, it’s going to be very hard to find gigs when first starting out, and that there are much better ways to make money online than doing this.

Make a passive income online here

How Does Voice Cash Pro Work?

According to Voice Cash Pro, you only need to follow 3 simple steps to make this system work:

  • Step 1: Set up everything by following a simple step-by-step instructions
  • Step 2: Spend 1 – 2 hours on your laptop or mobile phone
  • Step 3: Sit back and relax as you start to receive payments online

Now after hearing this, I’m sure your pretty excited because it seems like you barely have to do anything in order to make money right?

But as with most Clickbank products, what your told within the sales page rarely is how it actually works — and they are only telling you what you WANT to hear instead of what you need to hear, that way you’ll spend your money on it.

Because what really happens when you buy this product, is your given a few PDF files that give you a brief description on what voice-overs are, a few recommendations as to what mic they think you should buy, and a couple websites you can join such as Fiverr to try and get jobs.

So all in all, your just given a generic overview about the voice over industry — and NOT a system that will make you hundreds of dollars within a few minutes or even a detailed explanation on how to make money with this method.

The Red Flags Of This Program

As I mentioned earlier within my post, as I was researching this product to see if it was legit or not — I came across 3 major red flags that made me realize that this was a very low quality product not worth anyone’s time or money.

1) The Testimonials Are All Fake

Within the sales video of this program, you’re shown several testimonials of people who are supposedly making a lot of money through this system.

It goes on to say that a girl named Tiffany made $1,000 dollars every day without any experience, a guy named Matt generated over $150,000 dollars in 6 months, and that another girl named Belinda makes over $500 a day by doing just a few mins of work on her laptop every day.

Fake member named Matt

However all these people are NOT real people, but in fact paid actors from Fiverr.

Fiverr Spokesperson

So I have a hard time trusting a program that has to go buy $5 actors to make their system seem legit, instead of using people that have actually used their system.

But people that have bought this program and gone through its training have not made thousands of dollars a day — which is why they cannot do this.

2) It Gives You Unrealistic Expectations

Another thing I dislike about Voice Cash Pro is it gives you wild claims of being able to make $1,000 dollars within 30 minutes, or $30,000 dollars every single month by only spending a few mins a day on your laptop or phone.

Unrealistic income claims

However as I mentioned earlier, while yes you can make money doing voice-overs — it’s not something that will make you a lot of money when you first get started ( as you have to build up your reputation ), and most gigs don’t pay that much which means you’ll have to do a lot of them to make any decent amount of money.

So again yes you can make money by voice-overs, but don’t expect to be making thousands by next week because it simply isn’t true.

3) Hidden Up sells

The last thing I dislike about Voice Cash Pro, is that they make it sound like you’ll only have to pay $37 dollars and nothing else.

But as soon as you enter into their program, your given several upsells that equal up to over a thousand dollars that are supposed to help you out!

And to make matters worst, I know that these upsells are completely useless — because one of the offers they are promoting is called Membership Method, which is a product I reviewed a couple days ago on how to build membership sites to make money online.

which obviously has nothing to do with doing voice over gigs.

So while you technically don’t have to buy these extra products if you don’t want too, it’s clear that Voice Cash Pro is out to take as much money as they can from you since they are just blindly promoting anything and everything they think will convert.

Is Voice Cash Pro A Scam?

While I would not technically call Voice Cash Pro a scam since you are getting some PDF’s teaching you how to make money with your voice — there’s just too many red flags that also come along with this system.

It uses paid actors to pretend their system works better than it actually does, it gives you unrealistic expectations as to how much money you can make, and there’s hidden upsells once you enter into the members area.

And honestly the second I landed on their sales page, it reminded me of some other low quality products I reviewed in the past such as…

Which all claimed basically that you could make a lot of money online doing something very quickly and do it without having to work very hard.

So again your welcome to do whatever you want, but I DO NOT recommend you buy this product if your serious about wanting to generate some extra cash online.

What I Like About It

  • There’s a 60-day money back guarantee, and you can even keep the system when you request for a refund
  • It can provide a complete beginner some information on how to make money online with voice over gigs

What I Don’t Like About It

  • It uses fake testimonials to trick you into thinking it works better than it actually does
  • It doesn’t teach you how to get clients in a rather competitive market
  • You are basically trading your time for money like you would any other real job
  • There’s hidden upsells within the members area
  • It gives you unrealistic claims as to how much money you can make with their program

My Final Rating

2 out of 5 ( Not Recommended )

At the end of the day, Voice Cash Pro is an average product that only provides you generic information as to what voice over gigs are, and how you can make money online by doing them.

It will not make you thousands of dollars a day like it promises, and frankly I’d be surprised if you even earned enough to help buy yourself groceries.

And to make matters worst, what you’re really doing if you buy this program is still trading your time for money ( just like any other job ) — instead of doing something like building a business online that can earn you a passive income for years to come.

Therefore Here’s What I Recommend You Do Instead

Rather than having to spend every second of your day on a computer doing voice over gigs to to make a little bit of extra cash — why not learn how to build an online business that can earn you an income regardless of what your doing?

That way whether you’re sleeping, eating, on vacation or whatever, you’ll keep earning over and over again for the work you’ve done.

And the out of all the programs I’ve come across online, this one here remains my #1 most recommended product for teaching complete beginners how to build a real business online.

It offers step by step training both in video and written format, an amazing community of thousands of people you can ask help from, all the tools you’ll need to become successful, and continuous updates to further your education in the online world.

So if this sounds like something that interest you, click the link below to read my full review about this program and also how you can get started with it for free!

Check out my favorite program online

I hope you enjoyed my review about Voice Cash Pro, and now have a better understanding as to what it is and whether or not you want to buy it.

However if you have any other questions or concerns you’d like to ask me, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Is Voice Cash Pro A Scam Or Legit Way To Make $9,800 A Week Online? Find Out Here.”

  1. hello,

    Thanks for this insightful review on voice cash pro. I have no other choice than to believe voice cash pro is a scam. You were very generous to give voice cash pro a rating of 2. From fake stories, to fake testimonials and giving people false hope of earning huge income. This program is just too sketchy and in my opinion, everyone should avoid this.

    Big thanks for the work you do, exposing such low quality programs.

    • I agree that there’s not denying that this system is VERY misleading, as it clearly over hypes everything in hopes you’ll buy this system.

      And even though you do get training with this product, like I said within my review I would not recommend this simply because I don’t think it gives enough information / training on how to make money over with voice over gigs. 

  2. I absolutely love this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and intriguing to me, and you did an excellent job of providing education and resources;.

    I have always known voice cash to be a scam, because they actually scammed me out of  out of $150 dollars some months ago. I have learned my lesson the hard way since then. 

    • Hi Ola, I’ve very sorry to hear that this program scammed you out of your money a while back. 

      However these type of products are made specically to pull on your heart strings and make you believe you can make a whole lot of money quickly and easily online — and if you don’t know how to spot a scam online then it’s very easy to fall for them.

      But luckily no all programs are like this, and believe it or not there are people out there who truly want to help people succeed in building a profitable business online.

      This program here is my most recommended product online, and can teach you step by step how how to create a real income online — and you can even test it out for free just to see if you like it or not.

      I think you’ll really like this program, but if you have any questions about it feel free to leave a comment or contact within the site it self. 🙂


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