Is Vorwerk A Scam Or Pyramid Scheme? Find Out The Truth In My Review

Hey how’s it going?

I’m guessing you’re here either because someone has asked you to buy one of their products, they asked you to join their team, or you just stumbled upon the company by accident.

So now you’re wondering is Vorwerk a scam or a legit business opportunity right?

Well don’t worry because within my review I’ll be discussing what this company is, what they are selling, and more importantly how much you can expect to earn with them.

This way by the time you’re done reading you’ll have a good idea as to whether or not this is a company you would like to join.

So without any further ado, let’s jump right into things here!

Quick Summary Of Vorwerk

Name: Vorwerk


Price: Depends on which product you are promoting ( $100 – $1,500 )

Rating: 1 out of 5

What Is Vorwerk?

Vorwerk is an MLM ( multilevel marketing ) company that sells a variety of items for your house like carpets, vacuums, and blenders.

It started way back in 1883 by brothers Carl and Adolf Vorwerk, and at the time the only thing the company sold was high quality carpets.

Needless to say, this is the oldest MLM I’ve come across so far in my time, and I’ve reviewed a lot of old MLM’s such as Shaklee here. 

Anyways, fast forward to today this company is still going strong and claims you can make a good amount of money ( full time income ) if you decide to join their company.

Now I want to say that after spending a few hours researching this opportunity, I do believe it’s possible to make some money — however it’s going to be extremely difficult, expensive, and short-lived.

And to prove what I mean, let me show you exactly what this company is selling.

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What Does Vorwerk Sell?

Vorwerk sells a handful of products people can use in their household which are as follows.

Kobold vacuum cleaners ( $1,036.31 )

Is Vorwerk A Scam - Kobold vacuum cleaners

Their brand Kobold sells not only your classic vacuum cleaner, but they also have cordless ones and robot ones that will do all the cleaning for you.

Thermomix ( $1,500 )

Is Vorwerk A Scam - Thermomix

This is probably one of their most popular products right now which is a blender / food processor with 22 different functions.

According to their website it can chop, blend, boil, steam, whisk, and more — making it the only food processor you’ll ever need.

And personally I would it could do everything they said and then some with a price tag of nearly 2k. 

Temial ( $695.00 )

Is Vorwerk A Scam - Temial

This produces hot tea for you at the push of a button.

It also has the technology to recognize just about every tea in the world, which will allow you to customize this machine so you can have the tea made just how you want it.

Vorwerk flooring ( Prices vary, meaning you’ll have to contact them )

Is Vorwerk A Scam - Vorwerk Flooring

This is Vorwerks originally product, which is where they sell high quality carpets, and elastic floor coverings.

From the looks of it, they have a large selection you can choose from, and they all look like they have great designs. 

Jafra Cosmetics ( $20 – $50 )

Is Vorwerk A Scam - Jafra Cosmetics

Then last but not least, this brand sells hundreds of beauty supplies ranging from face creams, perfumes, lipstick, nail polish, shampoo, and more.

Now how good these all these products are I can’t say, but when I look at peopel’s reviews most of them said they loved them. 

And if you want, you can watch this short 3 minute video that goes into more detail on what the Thermoix can do.


Vorwerk Compensation Plan 

The thing I hate most about MLM companies is having to go through their compensation plan. This is because their long, confusing, and use so many numbers it makes me feel like I’m back in Calculus.

And this company is no different.

You see the thing that made Vorwerk so hard to understand is that they don’t have one single compensation plan because each of their products is tied to a different company.

So trying to understand how much you’ll earn is going to be determined on what product you are wanting to promote.

For example, the Thermomix….

For each one you sell you will earn a $220 commission. And I’m sure if you were to sell the Kobold vacuum cleaners or Temial it would be around the same ( 15% – 20% commissions ).

Jafra Cosmetics commissions:

Now in regards to Jafra, they operate like a normal MLM company.

Meaning in order to make a good income with their company you have to build a team. And how they calculate their commission rates is based upon a unilevel structure. 

This means that when you personally recruit someone they will be on your first level. Then when someone on your first level recruits someone they will be on your 2nd level, and so on and so forth.

Is Vorwerk A Scam - Unilevel compensation structure

Now depending on how many people you have in your team and what rank you are within the company, you can earn anywhere between 25% – 50% on all the commissions your team makes. 

If this sounds confusing don’t worry, because like I said these compensation plans are not easy to understand.

But if you would like, you can view Jafra’s entire compensation plan right here to get a better understanding of how it works.

How Much Does It Cost?

To be able to sell the Kobold vacuum cleaners, Thermomix, Temial, or Vorwerk flooring you have to actually buy the product.

This means that you will be spending $500 – $2,000.

Now in regards to the Jafra Cosmetics, you will have to buy one of their kits which cost $50 – $200.

What I Like About It

  • This company has been around for over a century 

With Vorwerk being established in 1883, this makes it 137 years old at the time of writing this review.

So obviously they are selling products people are happy with, and they know what they are doing to stay in business this long.

What makes this even more impressive is that the typical MLM lasts on average for about 7 years!

  • They have a year plus warranty on their products

According to Vorwerk, all their products come with a 5 year warranty.

Is Vorwerk A Scam - Their warranty is over a year long

So that means if the product you buy or sell to your customer breaks within that time, you can get your money back as long as you have the original invoice.

This is good to know because who wants to spend hundreds upon thousands of dollars on something with no guarantee right? 

  • Many people seem to be happy with their products

When I was looking at reviews about this company, it seems many people were pleased with the products Vorwerk sells.

And as I just mentioned, due to them selling high quality products this is probably one of the main reasons this company has been around for so long.

Is Vorwerk A Scam - people like their products

This also makes it easier to sell these items to your future customers, because you can show them how thousands of people have been satisfied with their food processor, vacuum cleaner, or whatever. 

What I Don’t Like About It

  • It cost a lot to join 

With just about every item Vorwerk is selling, you have to spend nearly a thousand dollars to join the opportunity.

Is Vorwerk A Scam - expensive products

This is because you have to actually buy the product first before you can start making money.

This is even true with Jafra, because even though it may not cost a lot to join immediately — you’ll have to continue buying their cosmetics supplies to sell to people which will eventually add up to be thousands upon thousands of dollars.

  • People say their customer service is terrible

Basically 99% of the reviews I saw on Trustpilot were people complaining about Vorwerk’s customer service. 

Is Vorwerk A Scam - terrible customer service

It seems there’s no way you can get a hold of them whether you call them, email them, or whatever. And even if you do, they don’t seem to help you with the problem you’re having.

So I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I would want to join a company that basically has this type of support do you? 

  • You’ll have to bother your family, friends, and close ones in your life

One of the main problems with this company is that you have to physically go to people’s houses to demonstrate and sell your products.

This means knocking on your friends and family’s doors day in and day out. And even if each person you went to bought a product, eventually you will run out of people to go to.

So I don’t see this being a very viable or long term strategy to earning a good income.

  • Chances of you becoming successful are slim to none

Kind of piggybacking off what I just said, making a good income by going to people’s houses is not a good strategy at all.

But even if you were to join Jafra and sell their cosmetics ( which is very similar to another company I reviewed called VIC Cosmetics ) — you would still have to beg your friends and family members to join your team and buy your products.

And it’s been proven that 99% of everyone who tries to recruit people and build teams end up failing.

So you’re more than welcome to join Vorwerk here and try to make a good income, but you’ll be fighting an uphill battle the moment you do.

Is Vorwerk A Scam?

I think with the company being around for about 140 years is all the proof you need to know that Vorwerk is not a scam.

They sell what seems to be high quality products that everyone likes, and they have a generous 5 year warranty on them.

However with that said, I don’t think you want to go around house to house selling these items like a car salesman do you?

Because even if you did, the chances of your earning a good income are almost nonexistent.

So for this reason and a few others, I would not recommend you join this opportunity. 

Is Vorwerk A Pyramid Scheme?

Vorwerk is also not a Pyramid Scheme.

This is due to the sole fact that for a company to technically be one the members have to make all their income by recruiting people rather than selling products or services.

And the reason this is illegal in just about every country of the world is the only people who make money in these schemes are the ones who join it early — leaving everyone who joins later on to make nothing.

Then when recruitment starts to slow down or stop altogether, the whole company comes crashing down and disappears.

So again I’m very glad to say that Vorwerk is a legit company and not a Pyramid Scheme.

And to further prove my point, you can watch this short 2 minute video that explains it in more detail. 


My Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed reviewing Vorwerk and I’m happy to say that they are indeed a legit MLM company with some good products.

However the main issue I have with them is that if you decide to join them you basically are guaranteed to not make a lot of money.

Because selling door to door is not a long term plan that will pay your bills for years to come, plus this is the year 2020!

You literally have billions of people you can connect with at the tips of your fingertips thanks to the internet.

And this is why I prefer affiliate marketing to generate an income online.

There’s no recruiting whatsoever, you don’t have to go door to door selling items, and you can promote any product or service you want without spending a dime.

All you do is simply create helpful content that points people towards products they’re already looking for  — then you get paid a commission each time they buy something.  

So if this sounds like something you might be interested in, check out my #1 recommended training online.

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I hope you enjoyed my review about Vorwerk, and now understand what this company is all about.

However if you have any questions about them you’d like me to answer, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out. 🙂


Depends on which product you are promoting ( $100 - $1,500 )

Overall Rating



  • This company has been around for over a century
  • They have a year plus warranty on their products
  • Many people seem to be happy with their products


  • Chances of you becoming successful are slim to none
  • People say their customer service is terrible
  • It cost a lot to join 
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  1. Thanks for sharing this information, it is very true that a company might have been around for a long time but I don’t think that guarantees how good it is. Vorwerk would’ve been a very great opportunity without turning their whole company into an MLM business. 

    Because while they sell pretty nice products, I would not want to join this opportunity since I have to go door to door selling the. 

    • Like you Bruce, I would love to try out Vorwerk’s products because they seem like they are very good. 

      However on the business side of things, I would feel terribly embarrassed basically begging my family and friends to buy these items so I can make money.

      This is the main reason I love affiliate marketing. 

      You simply create a website and talk about subjects you like ( such as sports, video games, food, or whatever ) — then point people toward products or services that you think they will like or help them.

      Then when they buy something you earn money.

      And while you can learn how to do affiliate marketing / creating websites on your own, my top rated program called Wealthy Affiliate can speed up your process tremendously — and has helped thousands of people earn money online and quit their jobs.

      So if you are really looking for a way to generate some extra cash from the internet, I would give them a shot. 

  2. Thank you for your honest review and overview about Vorwex.

    In all honesty, this is one of the best reviews I’ve seen bout this company. Thank you so much for all that you have shared here. I will definitely share this article on my social media accounts so people can understand what this company is all about.


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