Is Younique A Pyramid Scheme

Hey how you doing?

I’m assuming you’re here either because you came across this program online or someone has asked you to join their team.

So now you’re wondering is Younique a Pyramid Scheme, or a legit business opportunity that can help you earn a good income online?

Well before I divulge this information, I first want to congratulate you for actually taking time out of your day to do some research before jumping headfirst into this company — because that’s how people get scammed on the internet each and every day.

Therefore to keep that from happening with you, I will be going over everything you need to know about this company such as what it sells, how their compensation plan is set up, and whether or not I think it’s a scam — that way you can decide if this opportunity is right for you.

So with that said, let’s jump right into things here!

Quick Summary Of Younique

Name: Younique 


Price: $99

Rating: 2 out of 5

What Is Younique?

Younique is an MLM ( multi-level-marketing ) company within the beauty niche.

Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft ( who are brother and sister ) started this company back in 2012 to help women all across the world feel beautiful.

Since that time, Younique has grown to become a popular and recognized company across the internet.

Now they say their mission is to create high quality products to again make women feel beautiful — but more importantly it was created to help them build a profitable business online. 

But can this company that’s been around for almost 8 years really deliver on this promise — or will this just be a waste of time and money for anyone that decides to join it?

Well I’ll just say that yes it’s very possible to make a good income through this company, however it’s probably going to be a lot more difficult than you may realize — and I’ll explain why this is in just a minute.  

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What Does Younique Sell?

As I mentioned earlier, Younique’s products are made to help women feel and look their greatest — and they have a pretty big collection in order to make this happen. 

They break down their products into 2 different categories on their website which are …


  • Eyes – lashes, brow, eyeliner, eyeshadow, eye primer, fillable palettes, eye brushes, lash sets, eye sets
  • Lips – lipstick, lip gloss, lip care, lip liner, lip stain, lip brushes, lip sets
  • Face – foundation, bb cream, highlight and contour, face primer, bronzer and blusher, setting, concealer, face brushes, face sets

Skin Care:

  • Cleansers
  • Masks
  • Moisturizers
  • Toners
  • Serums
  • And more

Now their award winning product that they heavily promote is called  MOODSTRUCK EPIC lash primer. 

Is Younique A Pyramid Scheme - Moodstruck Epic

They claim this mascara not only conditions your eyelashes with beneficial vitamins — but it also delivers an even coat to every single lash.

Now honestly since I’m a guy I really don’t know if this product does what it claims, or even if that is what you girls want your mascara to actually do. 

And this goes for every other product they are selling as well. 

However I can tell you that if you’re looking to sell these products for a profit, then you’re going to be in for a rocky ride.

And to explain more what I mean, let me go over how their compensation plan works.

Younique Compensation Plan 

Younique’s compensation plan ( as with almost every MLM company out there ) can be very difficult to read.

This is because they use terminology that you probably never heard of before, they have long PDF’s explaining all the bonuses you can earn, and all the numbers thrown your way make you feel like you’re back in Calculus. 

Therefore I’ll just touch on what I believe are the main parts you need to be aware of.

Affiliate Ranks

There are a total of 8 ranks within their program that you can earn.

  1. White
  2. Yellow
  3. Pink
  4. Blue
  5. Green
  6. Orange
  7. Purple
  8. Black

To reach higher in the ranks you’ll have to sell so many items per month plus recruit a certain number of people into your team — as you can see within the pic here.

Is Younique A Pyramid Scheme - Rank requirements

Retail Commissions

Depending on what rank you are, you can earn anywhere between 20% – 30% commissions on all products you directly sell. 

Residual Commissions

Younique uses what is called a unilevel structure within their plan.

This means that when you recruit someone to join your team they will be on your first level. Then if someone on your first level recruits someone, they will now be on your 2nd level — and so on and so forth to an infinite number of levels.

Is Younique A Pyramid Scheme - Unilevel compensation structure

This also means that if anyone within your team earns money, you’ll be getting a percentage of their commissions.

Now how Youqiue works directly, is you can start earning money from your team when you reach Green level through what is called generations.

A generation is basically when you find someone in one of your legs at Green Level or higher. Then when you find the next Green level in your leg that’s your 2nd generation — all the way up to 3 generations max.

Here’s how much you’ll earn based on what rank you are:

  • Green = 3%
  • Orange = 7%
  • Purple = 7%
  • Black = 9%

Is Younique A Pyramid Scheme - Amount of money you'll make off your down line


This company also gives bonuses to people who meet certain requirements within a month’s time.

For example they what is called the Car Bonus, which will earn you an extra $250 dollars a month if you can sell over $3,000 worth of products — which again is no easy task.

And there are a few other bonuses you can earn as well, but instead of listing them all here you can instead watch this 11 minute video which will tell you more about it.


How Much Does It Cost?

To join Younique, you’ll need to buy their kit which costs $99, which comes with several different products for you to sell such as MOODSTRUCK EPIC Mascara and MOODSTRUCK OPULENCE lipstick.

Now if you don’t sell at least $125 dollars within 3 months, your account will go inactive. Once this happens you then have 1 month to meet that $125 requirement or your account will be deleted. 

Of course you can reapply and join the company again, but you will have lost your entire team and will have to start back from ground 0. 

What I Like About It

  • They have been around for quite a while

Most MLM’s will come and go like the wind, and if they are lucky they may last around 4 years max before just disappearing. 

So whenever I see an MLM that’s been around for a while, I know that they at least have to be doing something correctly to not fall into this typical statistic. 

And this is exactly what Younique here has done.

They’ve been in business for nearly a decade, and seem to still be going strong. So if you do decide to try this opportunity out, you can have pretty good assurance that it’s not going anywhere right this second.  

  • They have a good BBB rating

One way I like to determine if a company is legit or not is by going to the BBB ( Better Business Bureau ) website and looking to see if they are listed there.

And even though Younique has some negative reviews about them on this site — they still gave this company an A + rating.

So it’s good to know that there are people out there who are enjoying this company and the products they are selling. 

  • You’ll sell your products through a website

If you’ve ever been a part of an MLM before, then you know that more times than not that they will tell you to recruit people into your team by having people come over to your house.

Which means you’ll have to beg your friends, family, and co workers into doing this — which to me seems like a terrible marketing strategy.

Luckily though Younique does not do this.

Yep, instead of doing things the traditional way — they instead give you training and marketing tools to sell all your items through social media and the website they give you.

Therefore whenever someone lands on your site and buys makeup, you’ll earn a commission. This is pretty cool since this can happen whether you’re sleeping, eating, on vacation, or whatever.

So I really like this aspect, as I think this gives you a MUCH better chance of earning money rather than simply inviting people you know over to your house.

What I Don’t Like About It

  • Their products are not high quality

According to several people at consumer affairs, many of them said Younqiues products were poorly made. 

For example this girl said that their foundation made her skin turn grey and it exaggerated every single line and pore on her body.

Is Younique A Pyramid Scheme - bad products

And with other people saying that their products smelled horrible and even burned their skin — I definitely would question as to whether or not these products are worth the money.

Of course I will let you decide this for yourself, but if I were you I’d at least buy whatever you’re wanting to sell and test it out on yourself that way you can know for sure if it’s good or not. 

  • This company heavily focuses on you to build a team

When you look at Younique’s compensation plan, you’ll see that the main way you earn money through this company is by building a team.

And this usually means that people within the company will usually get very aggressive and rude in making you recruit people even if you don’t want to. 

For example In this video at around the 8:40 mark, this girl explains how her sponsor told her to quit posting pictures of her own kids on Facebook so that she could invite complete strangers to her page and get more sales.


Now I don’t know about you, but if I’m ever part of a company that tells me to put them before my family I would quit in a heartbeat — which is exactly what this girl did later on.

Now again I don’t know if everyone is like that within this company — but more than likely this is the kind of people you could be dealing with if you try this opportunity out. 

  • The chances of you earning a good income with this company are low

Then last but not least, the chances of you making what most people would say is a good income are extremely low.

Now Younique doesn’t have an income disclosure ( which I find quite fishy ) — but if they did I can guarantee you that about 98% of their members are making around $1,000 or less a month.

And whether you’re looking at this company here or another cosmetic MLM company like Bellame — these stats are usually always the same.

This is because as I mentioned before, building and coaching a team on how to sell products successfully is very hard.

Is Younique A Pyramid Scheme?

I do not believe Younique is a Pyramid Scheme simply due to the fact that you can make money by selling their products directly to customers.

However I think instead of asking this question, you should rather be asking yourself is this company worth joining.

Because as I’ve shown you just now, many ex members of this company have complained about this company’s products being of low quality, that they didn’t make a lot of money, and that they were harassed into building a team at whatever the cost.

So I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t sound like an opportunity I would want to be spending my hard earned money and time into.

But of course the final decision is always up to you, and if you decide to try this company out I hope everything will work for you.

My Final Thoughts

I think Younique is a legit MLM company, but the main problem I have with it is how are you going to sell their products other than hitting up every single person on your social media accounts to check it out?

You see in order to be successful in any kind of business you need to learn how to drive high quality traffic to your offer — and honestly I don’t think Younique will give you this kind of training. 

And I don’t know about you but I also don’t like the idea of my income being solely determined by the people in my team and not based on my own hard work. 

This is why I prefer affiliate marketing to generate an income online.

There’s no recruiting whatsoever, you can sell whatever products you want, and you don’t have to spend a dime on advertising.

You simply create helpful content that points people towards products they’re already looking for  — then you get paid a commission each time they buy something.  

So if this sounds like something you might be interested in, check out my #1 recommended training online.

It gives you step by step training, 24/7 support, all the tools you’ll need to be successful, and best of all it’s 100% free to join. 

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I hope you enjoyed my review about Younique and more importantly can now decide if you want to join them or not.

If you have any questions though about this company or how I make money online — leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer them. 🙂



Overall Rating



  • They have been around for quite a while
  • They have a good BBB rating
  • You’ll sell your products through a website


  • Their products are not high quality
  • This company heavily focuses on you to build a team
  • The chances of you earning a good income with this company are low
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2 thoughts on “Is Younique A Pyramid Scheme”

  1. Great overview of the company Younique. My wife used to be apart of their organization, but like most MLMs, it just never jived with her or our morals and ethical conduct. The products were good for the most part, though a bit pricier. The whole upline part of MLMs though and having to “badger” your friends and family just never sat well.

    While others can do it, it just wasn’t for us. Thank you for breaking it down so well!

    • Thanks for your insight into this company Matt — and like you I’ve always found the MLM business model of recruiting people a terrible strategy.

      Because as you said you have to bother people that you know to buy your products or join your team — and to make matter’s worst is you usually have to be untruthful and tell them that they can make a lot of money ( and easily ) by doing the same thing.

      This is why I love affiliate marketing because you don’t actually sell items or even recruit people — but you simply write content that people are already searching for online then provide them with the products or answers they are looking for.

      And if done correctly, you can make a lot of money and know deep down that you’ve actually helped someone out.

      Now I’m not saying affiliate marketing is super easy or that you’re even guaranteed to succeed with it — but this program here has helped more people generate a full time income online doing it than any other one I’ve seen online.

      So if you’re still looking for a way to make some money online, I’d recommend you reading my review about it. 🙂


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