Is YTA Method A Scam? Don’t Buy Before Reading This Review!

Is YTA Method a scam?

This is the first question that popped into my head after I watched an ad for this product, and I’m sure is what you’re wondering as well.

Because this opportunity claims you make a lot of money from YouTube without ever having to create a video, show your face, or even use paid advertising.

But is this really true, or will you just be wasting your time and money on this new product?

Well after doing several hours of research and watching a long webinar about it, I found several red flags with this — which is why I would not recommend you buy this product.

What are these major concerns though you ask?

Well let’s dive right into things here so I can explain them to you.

Quick Summary Of YTA Method

Name: YTA Method


Price: $997 one time or 2 payments of $597 

Rating: 2 out of 5

What Is The YTA Method?

The YTA Method ( YouTube Automation Method ) is a new product that is supposed to help you create a growing passive income online through YouTube.

It claims within their 8 week course that you will learn how to find popular niches, outsource content, monetize your channel, and more — and the best part is you won’t ever have to get in front of the camera.

Now the person behind this product is named Caleb Maddix, and he has quite a few achievements under his belt at such a young age such as…

  • Being an 8 figure entrepreneur 
  • Co foundering a 15 – 30 millions dollar business ( Apex 4 Kids )
  • Written 9 books
  • Given several speeches in front of thousands of people 
  • And more

So I have to hand it to him and say that he has quite an amazing track record and seems to be a great marketer too since I clearly got sucked into his ad about this product here.

The question though is can the YTA method really help you become financially independent — or is it just another pipe dream that will disappoint you in the end?

Well let’s just say I think you can make money from his program here, but it’s not going to be easy, fast, or help you earn the kind of income he is promising you.

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How Does The YTA Method Work?

So how exactly does this product work?

Well he says all you’ll have to do is follow a simple 4 step formula to start making thousands of dollars a month which is as followed:

  1. You’ll find faceless YouTube channels that are getting thousands of views and clicks on them each and every day
  1. Next you’ll create your own YouTube channel in the exact same niche you found these popular videos in
  1. After that, you’ll hire a virtual team and have them make very similar videos to the ones that are getting thousands of hits — that way you’ll start getting a lot of traffic from these popular trends.
  1. Then last but not least, you’ll create your own “YouTube empire” by scaling this entire process of finding more popular videos and hiring more people to create videos very similar to them. 

And he says you’ll also get lots of training such as how to train your team to create high quality videos, how to monetize your videos, how to find popular niches, how to invest your earnings back into your business, and more.

Is YTA Method A Scam - what you'll get

So by now you’re probably thinking that this method is so simple and amazing that it has to work right?

Well I wouldn’t say that.

And the reason for this is that there are some major flaws with this strategy — which I think will change your mind about this program completely. 

YTA Method Red Flags

You’re Not Learning Any Important Skills

You see with this method you are putting your entire faith into a team of people that may or may not create high quality videos for YouTube.

Because even though Caleb says you should not copy other people’s content exactly — what’s to say that your team won’t do this?

And even YouTube clearly states that anyone that uses other people’s content without adding value or adding originality to it will get penalized.

Is YTA Method A Scam - reused content won't get monetized

So even though you may tell your team not to do this — some of them may decide to get lazy and use shortcuts that can get you in trouble later on.

This is why I personally think you’re better off learning how to create your own YouTube channel or website — and making money off your own efforts.

Then when you know what you are doing is working, THEN and only then is it wise to hire a team and expand your businesses from there.

This Method Will Cost You A Lot Of Money

While Caleb goes on and on about how much money you can potentially make through his method, what he fails to mention is how much you’ll have to spend to make it happen.

Because if you’re looking to hire a high quality virtual assistant to make your videos ( which I’m sure you are ) — then you’ll have to pay someone $50 – $100 / hour to do this which you can see here.

Is YTA Method A Scam - not cheap to find YouTube video creator

And since this method recommends you to upload daily videos to your channel, you’re looking at spending easily $1,500 – $3,000 a month!

And this problem only gets worse since…

This Method Requires A Lot Of Work And Time To Become Successful

Again even though he mentioned that this method is not a get rich quick scheme — I don’t think he really helps you grasp just HOW long it will really take.

Because the hard truth is you’re looking at a MINIMUM of 7 months before you start to see your YouTube channel really start to make progress.

To give you a clear understanding of what I mean, here is a picture of a YouTuber who published content DAILY to his channel — and as you can see it took him about a year and a half to start getting visitors and earning decent money. 

Is YTA Method A Scam - takes a long time to make money

So again while this method can make you money — just be ready to spend a lot of money and wait a long time before you see any kind of results.

Finding A Faithful Virtual Assistant Could Be Challenging

Assume you find an amazing assistant who does a terrific job at creating videos for you. Then on top of that lets even say you start to generate you a good income thanks to them.

My question to you is what is stopping your assistant from creating their own YouTube channel and making thousands of dollars a month in passive income?

Because I don’t know about you, but if someone were paying me around $1,500 a month to basically run their entire business which makes them 10s of thousands of dollars a month — I don’t think I would feel very motivated to keep going.

And since you’re never taught the skills on how to create high quality videos yourself, you’re left at the mercy of relying on other people which could very well backfire on you. 

You’ll Only Be Making Money From Adsense 

While making money through Youtube Adsense is definitely a great way to make money, and you can easily make a full time income with this — it’s not wise to “put all your eggs into one basket” for 2 main reasons.

1) What if your videos never rank because YouTube thinks you don’t have original content, offer good value, or for a number of other reasons.

You’ll never make money, which is really bad since you probably just spent thousands of dollars hiring virtual assistants. 

2) Then secondly, you’re leaving A TON of money on the table by not creating an email list or promoting other products within your YouTube channel. 

Because by simply becoming an affiliate and offering products and services on your channel — you can easily double or triple your income.

Now I could list several other reasons why I don’t think this product is worth your money or time — but if you want you can watch this 11 minute video where this guy goes into more detail as to why you should not buy this program.


How Much Does It Cost?

The YTA Method will cost you either a one time payment of $997, or 2 payments of $597.

Then on top of that you’re going to have the huge investment of having to hire virtual assistants to create your videos which will cost you several thousand dollars more before you start to earn a profit. 

What I Like About It

  • There seems to be a lot of in depth training on how to make this method work
  • If you have enough patience and money, then it’s possible you can make money through this strategy

What I Don’t Like About It

  • This product and hiring assistants will cost you thousands of dollars
  • You will have to wait a long before you earn any kind of profits
  • Finding a high quality and long term virtual assistant is not easy
  • The webinar hypes up this program making it seem like it’s easy and quick to make money with this method– when it really isn’t 
  • There’s a very good possibility YouTube could shut down your channel or not rank your videos

Is YTA Method A Scam?

I don’t think that the YTA Method is a scam, because if you had enough money and enough patience I believe this strategy could work.

However with that said, I don’t think it’s as easy as Caleb makes it out to be where all you have to do is hire a $5 / hour virtual assistant from Fiverr or wherever — then expect to suddenly make a full time income within a relatively short time frame.

Because at the end of the day I’ve realized that almost anyone who is looking for a shortcut to make money online always ends up failing — which is basically what this program claims to be.

And usually the type of people who are attracted to these opportunities want quick results — but also don’t want to put in the work to make anything happen.

So if you ask me personally, I would not recommend you buy this program, but of course it’s still your decision and if you do decide to try this program out I hope it works out for you. 

My Final Thoughts

While I think Caleb is a great marketer, and also that YTA Method here is not a scam — I simply don’t think you should waste your time on it.

This is because at the end of the day this program is trying to teach you how to make money online without having to learn any type of skills, and more importantly actually having to do any kind of real work.

And I can tell you that EVERY single person I’ve come across who is making thousands of dollars a month online or more works hard, continues to learn and develop skills to become better marketers, and don’t rely on one single source of income.

Which basically goes against everything the YTA Method here teaches.

So if you’d like to try out a program that’ll teach you how to grow a real business online, I’d suggest you check out Wealthy Affiliate. 

It shows you how to generate an income online simply by creating helpful content ( be it through a website or YouTube ) that will point people towards products that they already are looking for  — then you’ll get paid a commission each time they buy something.  

And it gives you step by step training, 24/7 support, all the tools you’ll need to be successful, and best of all it’s 100% free to join. 

So if this sounds like something you might be interested in, click the button below to read my full review about it.

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I hope by now you have a better understanding of what the YTA Method is, and more importantly can now decide if it’s something you want to try or not.

However if you have any questions you’d like to ask me, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out. 🙂

YTA Method

$997 one time or 2 payments of $597 

Overall Rating



  • There seems to be a lot of in depth training on how to make this method work
  • If you have enough patience and money, then it’s possible you can make money through this strategy


  • This product and hiring assistants will cost you thousands of dollars
  • You will have to wait a long before you earn any kind of profits
  • There’s a very good possibility YouTube could shut down your channel or not rank your videos
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2 thoughts on “Is YTA Method A Scam? Don’t Buy Before Reading This Review!”

  1. I had not heard of the YTA Method until reading your review and all I can say is a great big “yikes”. Like you, I don’t inherently think that this is a scam but it is most certainly not meant for people who are just starting out at all. 

    For one thing the training courses are already very expensive and secondly, as you mentioned, virtual assistants are also quite costly. If you are just starting out making money online, it is very reasonable to assume that you do not have the money to invest in this program or the services it requires you to purchase either. 

    While it seems that the creator, Caleb, has his heart in the right place and truly believes that it works, and maybe it has for him and some others, I believe that there are too many risks involved to truly put all of your faith on this method alone to make online income.

    • Thanks for your comment Rachel and you bring up a great point. 

      Because as I said within my review, these types of programs that claim there are shortcuts to making a lot of money online attract people who are either don’t want to work hard, don’t want to spend money, or both.

      And while you do not technically have to work hard with this program, you will have to spend thousands of dollars — which many people aren’t willing to do or simply can’t.

      This is why when anyone I come across asks me how to make money online I point them toward my favorite program Wealthy Affiliate.

      It has in-depth over the shoulder training teaching you how to build an online business, it cost about a dollar a day to become a member, and best of all is it’s free to join.

      So again while the YTA method here could work for people who aren’t afraid to spend thousands a dollars a month — I just don’t think it’s suitable for people starting out online. 


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