Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review – My Most Favorite Keyword Tool On The Market

Quick Summary Of Jaaxy

Name: Jaaxy

Price: Free – $49.00/month

Rating: 5/5

What Is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is an amazing keyword tool that will allow internet marketers to find low competitive keywords that they can then try and rank for.

Through time and consistent work, you’ll find that many of these keywords that you were trying to rank for will eventually end up on the first page of Google and other search engines — which in return will bring you a lot of traffic.

Not only will you be able to find thousands of keywords easily, but within this Jaaxy keyword research tool review I’ll be showing you all the other amazing features this tool has to offer.

So getting right into things here, let me show you exactly how Jaaxy works and why I think you’re going to love using it as much as I do!

How Does Jaaxy Work?

As I said earlier, what you’ll be doing 90% of the time through Jaaxy is finding low competitive keywords that you will then be able to rank for within the Search engines.

To do this, you’ll go to the tab that says “keywords”, which will bring you to Jaaxy’s main screen where you’ll be doing your keyword research.

Jaaxy's main screen

Next you’ll type in a phrase or word related to your website / business. Jaaxy will then do all the hard work as it searches through thousands of keywords for you to use.

Jaaxy finds thousands of keywords easily

From here you’ll simply sort the keywords by how many searches they get or how competitive they are until you find ones that fit your criteria. Don’t worry if this sounds confusing, as I’ll be showing you exactly how to do this in a second.

Besides just looking up keywords though, Jaaxy gives a wide variety of other features to further help you out.

The Different Features Of Jaaxy

While Jaaxy’s main feature is helping you find great keywords through its search function, It also offers a ton of other things to help you create amazing content that will rank easily within Google.

So starting from the very beginning with keywords, let me walk through each one is show you exactly what they do, and even more importantly how they can help you.

Keywords Tab

First off we have the keywords tab, which is the main feature of Jaaxy. Here you can type in a word or phrase, and get a list of several related keywords from which you can choose from.

Now if you look at the top, you’ll notice 7 different columns giving you all sorts of data about the keywords you just found.

Keyword data

By understanding what these metrics mean, you can quickly and easily sort your keywords out in seconds to find the best ones to use.

Let me go through each one and show you what they mean.

1. Keyword

After you type in your main keyword, this shows you a list of several related keywords that people are searching for online. You’ll notice some of the words that appear will have they keyword you’re looking for, while other’s won’t.

This is one excellent way to get new ideas and topics for your website that you may not of thought about on your own. Also at any time if you find a keyword that you like, you can click on it and “dig deeper” giving you a whole new list of keywords related to the one you just clicked.

2. Avg

This will show you the average number of searches a keyword will get a month. While higher is always going to be better, you’ll also want to look at the other metrics like QSR to see if it’s still worth pursuing.

Whenever I’m doing my keyword research, I always try to make sure the keyword I’m going after gets at least 100 monthly searches.

3. Traffic

This column will show you the number of visits your website would get if you got to page 1 of Google with that particular keyword.

Again like average column, the higher the number the better — but we still will need to see how competitive the keyword is before we pick it. Which brings me to the next column QSR.

4. QSR

The QSR column, which stands for “Quoted Search Results” — shows the number of competing websites ranked in Google for that particular keyword.

This column I would say if the most important one, and is what I always look at first when doing my keyword research. You see the lower the number in this column means the easier it’ll be for you to rank for that keyword within Google.

As I said earlier, even if a particular keyword is getting thousands of searches a month — if the QSR is too high then the chances of you getting on page 1 of Google is slim to none.

So when doing your keyword research, try to find keywords that are under 100 QSR for the best results.

5. KQI

The keyword quality Indicator column is an easy and fast way to see if a keyword is worth pursuing. If the color is green it means it’s a great keyword, if the color is orange it means it’s an OK keyword, and if the color is red it means it’s a bad keyword.

While I still think looking at the QSR is far better indicator as to whether or not you should go after a particular keyword, the KQI column does makes it easy to quickly determine what keywords are bad and which ones are good.

6. SEO

This is a score calculated by the keywords traffic and competition to determine how likely you’ll be able to rank that keyword on page 1 of Google. The scale goes from 1-100, where the higher the number the better they keyword is.

7. Domains

This lets you know if any domains are available for that certain keyword. While having a domain name with a specific keyword isn’t really all that important, it’s still useful if you find a great keyword that you can then use as a .com domain.

Also I really like this feature as it saves you a ton of time if you do want to look for keyword specific domains. All you have to do is click search under the domain column — then Jaaxy will let you know if the.com,.org, or.net is available or not.

How I Do My Keyword Research

As you can see Jaaxy gives you a lot of useful information when you conduct keyword research on it. In fact it offers so much that it can kinda get overwhelming to people that just start out.

So to make things more simple, I’m going to show you a quick overview on how I do all my keyword research using Jaaxy.

If you want a more detailed explanation on how to do proper keyword research step by step, you can read this post here.

Now a rule I like to go by when doing keyword research is something called the 100/100 rule. This basically means I’m looking for any keyword under 100 QSR, and has over 100 Avg searches a month.

With that in mind, here’s the steps I follow when using Jaaxy:

Step1: First I type in a phrase into Jaaxy so I can find related keywords to rank for. In this example I’m going to type in “how to make money online”.

Searching for keywords

Step2: Next I’ll click “Get QSR” so I can see how competitive each keyword is. If you have the Enterprise version of Jaaxy, this will automatically populate for you.

Now once all the QSR’s are showing, I’ll click the column at the top so I can sort the keywords from least to greatest in terms of competition — as I view this as the most important aspect when determining if a keyword is worth using or not.

Sorting keywords

step3: After I find a few keywords that are under 100 QSR, I’ll then check to see if they are getting over 100 searches a month (which again is under then Avg column).

Step4: Last but not least, I’ll check to make sure the keyword makes grammatical sense.

You have to remember that actual people are typing these keywords into Google, so if you find a keyword with thousands of searches a month but doesn’t make sense — the amount of traffic you’ll get even if you rank on page 1 is very little.

So to repeat how I get keywords in Jaaxy, I check the following 3 things:

  1. Is the keyword competition under 100 QSR?
  2. Does it get over 100 searches a month?
  3. Does it make grammatical sense?

And again with Jaaxy letting you quickly sort columns and providing you with several related keywords to look for, it’s very easy to find hundreds of very good keywords in a day with this program.

Alphabet Soup Tab

Jaaxy’s Alphabet Soup Tab is an awesome feature that quickly allows you to find thousands of keywords by throwing in every alphabet letter into your search term.

For example if I were to type in “how to make money online”, the Alphabet Soup would then find phrases that started with a after my search term. Then it would move to b, then c, and so on.

Alphabet soup with the letter b

Again this is a great way to instantly find thousands of ideas / keywords to write about — and is what I personally use all the time to help build out my websites with keyword rich post.

Saved List Tab

Instead of having to save your keywords to a notepad or excel spreadsheet, you can now keep all your keyword organized in one easy to find spot.
Saved list tab

At first they may not seem like such a big deal, but overtime as you find literally hundreds of keywords’ you’ll be very glad jaaxy offers this feature.

What also makes it nice is say you have multiple websites you’re working on, but you don’t want to put all your keywords together in one list. Well jaaxy lets you create several different list so that way you won’t have to deal with just 1 large keyword list.

Also here’s another quick feature about saved list I like:

Something I’ve found very useful when using jaaxy is when you’re doing keyword research and you come across a keyword you’ve already saved, it will have a small letter “l” next to it indicating that you have already saved that one.

a saved keyword

Again I know it’s nothing huge, but it does help you from accidentally reusing the same keyword twice.

Search History Tab

This is also another very useful feature within jaaxy. If at anytime as you are doing keyword research and you forgot some keywords you typed in, you can simply look back into your search history and find them.

I will admit this has saved me numerous times as well as help me collect a lot of great keywords that I searched but simply forgot to save to my list.

Search Analysis Tab

The search analysis tab allows you to see who is ranking on page 1 of Google for the particular keyword you just typed in. This can come in very handy, as Jaaxy gives you lots of stats about these top websites like:

  • Word count
  • Links on the site
  • Backlinks
  • Alexa rank
  • If they are using Adsense to monetize their site

Search analysis tab

Now the reason these stats are so helpful, is it can quickly allow you to see if the websites you are competing against are huge authority sites with thousands of back links and words — or if there smaller ones like yours and mine that are easier to outrank.

So for example if you saw your keyword was being used by a major authority site with 5,000 back links with a word count of 8,000 — you probably would want to find a different keyword. However if he majority of the sites on page one are smaller ones, you can see how many words they have and aim to write a post longer and better than theirs to outrank them.

Affiliate Programs Tab

This feature will help you find affiliate programs related to a specific keyword. Mainly Jaaxy will only search major affiliate networks like Clickbank and commission junction when finding programs for you.

Now for someone who doesn’t know how or want to spend the time finding affiliate programs in Google this feature will really help them out.

However I think to get the best of both worlds, you could use this feature plus manually try to look for programs in Google at the same time. This will allow you to find affiliate programs both from large networks and smaller ones — then you can simply compare each one to find the one you like the most.

Brainstorm Tab

This feature lets you see what topics are the most popular across major platforms like Google, Alexa, Amazon, and Twitter. While you may or may not see a topic related to your website when you come across it, it’s still a good idea to check in every so often to see if there’s a hot topic within your niche trending.

If so this can be a great opportunity to create an article based around the current keyword / topic, that way you can get lots of free traffic fairly fast.

Also you could easily use this to “brainstorm” other niches that you may want to try and pursue in the future.

Site Rank Tab

Site Rank is an awesome new feature that was recently added to Jaaxy that shows you where your ranked in Google for a specific keyword.

To do this you’ll simply enter a keyword plus your domain name, then Jaaxy will let you know exactly where your ranked.

Page 1 of Google

This not only is an easy and extremely fast way to find out where your keywords are ranked, but it also helps you see what kind of keywords and post are ranking on your website.

For example you may do a lot of review post within your website. Some of them might be under 1,000 words and others over 1,000 words.

With site rank you might find that reviews with 1,000 plus words are ranking higher — which will then let you know that every review you do from here on out needs to be that length in order to rank well.

Also another very useful feature if you upgrade to pro or Enterprise version, is Jaaxy will let you automatically track your keywords either daily, twice a week, Weekly, twice a month, or monthly.

Site rank auto scan

So instead of manually typing in each keyword every time you want to track it, Jaaxy will do this on auto pilot allowing you to see how well your keywords and website overall is doing throughout the year.

How Much Does Jaaxy Cost?

Jaaxy offers you 4 different pricing plans from which you can choose from. You have your free starter account, Jaaxy Lite, Jaaxy Pro, and Jaaxy Enterprise.

Jaaxy's Price

Quick Note: The prices you see above are assuming that you are a part of Wealthy Affiliate, which is an online training program that has Jaaxy fully integrated into their system. The program goes into great detail teaching you how to use each and every feature of Jaaxy.

If however you are not a part of Wealthy Affiliate, the following prices will be as followed:

Jaaxy Pro= $49.00 / month.

Jaaxy Enterprise= $99.00 / month

Jaaxy with and without Wealthy Affiliate

Now like I said if you are a part of WA, here’s what the following plans for Jaaxy will cost you.

1. Free starter account ($0.00/month): Jaaxy’s starter trial allows you to try it out completely free of charge, so you can get a feel for what it’s like. You’ll be very limited to what you can do, but you’ll be able to search up to 30 keywords, get 20 search results, and have 30 siterank analysis scans.

Try Jaaxy for free

2. Jaaxy Lite ($0.00/month with WA membership): Jaaxy Lite in my opinion is the best option for people just starting out, and is for people that want to learn how to use Jaaxy to its fullest potential. I am currently using this option right now, and am very happy as it provides me with everything I need to do proper keyword research.

You’ll be able to do things such as:

  • Have unlimited keyword searches
  • Sort keyword data
  • Save up to 25 keyword list
  • Use the Affiliate Program Search
  • Have Unlimited Site Rank Scans
  • Have 10 letter Alphabet Soup Results

Now as mentioned earlier, Jaaxy Lite is a completely free service to anyone that signs up and becomes a member of Wealthy Affiliate. Not only will you get access to Jaaxy for free, but WA will teach you all the necessary skills on how to build an online business and do proper keyword research using Jaaxy.

If you want free access to Jaaxy with unlimited amount of keyword searches, while at the same time have access to the best online program in the world — then sign up here:

Get a free Jaaxy account

Also as just of a reminder, when you become a member of WA the prices for Jaaxy Pro and Enterprise will drop down dramatically. Jaaxy Pro will go from $49.00/month to $19, and Jaaxy Enterprise will go from $99.00/month to $49.00/month.

3. Jaaxy Pro ($19.00/month): Jaaxy pro is the most popular plan for people that want to use Jaaxy. At only 19 dollars a month, you’ll be able to get unlimited keyword searches, have unlimited amount of keyword list, and have access to the brainstorm platform.

What I also like about this option, is you will also have the ability to track your keywords over time.

This feature alone can help you get faster and better rankings due to the fact that you can see which of your older post are ranking well, then all you have to do is simply repeat what you did with them to keep producing well ranked post.

4. Jaaxy Enterprise ($49.00/month): Jaaxy Enterprise will give you the most value as this option is for people that plan on doing a lot of keyword research, and want to do it extremely fast.

With this plan, you’ll have instant QSR competition (meaning you wont have to click the QSR for each keyword), you’ll get 50 letter alphabet soup results, unlimited keyword searches, 35 keyword results, and 5x Multi-tabbed KQ Search.

Again you can try out Jaaxy completely free of charge with the starter account, however if you want to become a pro at using Jaaxy and know how to do keyword research the right way — then in my opinion Jaaxy Lite would be your best option.

What I Like About Jaaxy

  • It’s so simple that beginners can learn how to use it without much trouble
  • It’s very efficient in helping you find millions of great keywords in a short amount of time
  • You can try it out for free without the need of a credit card
  • It has tons of additional features to further help you find and organize amazing keywords
  • The amount you pay if you decide to upgrade is very affordable, especially when you compare it to some other keyword programs out there
  • It has helped millions of people build full time businesses by providing profitable keywords for them to use on their websites

What I Don’t Like About Jaaxy

  • To be honest I can’t find anything I don’t like about this program — it’s simply just an awesome keyword tool that I love using every day.

Who Is Jaaxy For?

Jaaxy is for anyone that owns a website and wants to get thousands of free visitors to their site by finding millions of low competitive keywords.

In an online business everyone knows without traffic you won’t be able to make money — and with Jaaxy you can rest assure that it will help you quickly find more than enough keywords to drive thousands upon thousands of visitors to your site.

For example all it takes is just one keyword with decent traffic to get to page 1 of Google to let you start earning hundreds of extra dollars a month. And when you start to get multiple keywords on the first page of Google, then you can easily have a full time business producing you thousands if not millions of dollars a year.

My Final Rating – Is Jaaxy Worth Using?

5 out of 5 (My Favorite Keyword Tool Online)

I would say without a doubt that Jaaxy is definitely worth using. It’s easy to use, has multiple features to help you come up with amazing keywords, and can easily help you increase your websites rank within Google and other search engines.

I personally would say this is one of the most important tools I use for my business every day, and is something I wound’t know how to live without.

So Are You Ready To Try Out Jaaxy For Free?

Are you ready to try out Jaaxy and get 30 free keyword searches without having to pay even a single dime? If so, type a keyword in the search box below and see how many amazing keywords you can find.

After you’ve test driven Jaaxy and you feel this is something you want to continue using, why not become a member of Wealthy Affiliate and learn how to use this to its fullest extent as well as get unlimited amount of keyword searches.

Get a free Jaaxy account

So what do you think about Jaaxy? Do you feel this can help your website rankings, and help improve your SEO overall? Are you currently using another keyword tool, and if so how would you compare it to Jaaxy?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Also if you have any further questions or concerns — feel free to ask me and I’ll be happy to help you out any way I can. 🙂

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  1. Hey this was a very good and informative article. I love Jaaxy and i try to use good key words that i have the possibility to rank on the first page. It can be hard to find those good key words sometimes but i keep trying to add in new words to get a good ranking one. Anyone that does blogging online can benefit from jaaxy!

    • I can totally relate, as I too had a hard time finding keywords when I first started out. However just by using Jaaxy’s Alphabet soup technique, it’s very easy to find unlimited amount of great keywords for your blog.

  2. I was searching for a good keyword research tool and I’m glad that I’ve found this tool. Jaaxy is really a good keyword tool in the market and your detailed review shows all positive sides about this quality tool. I’ve started to use this tool and I’m totally happy with the result! )

  3. I like how qsr works but I wonder something about it. Let’s say that a high authority website has an article on the first page with a keyword having a qsr of 30. Now lets say there was a non authority website with an article on the first page of Google — would the qsr be lower than 30?

    • The qsr is the number of competing websites ranked in Google for that specific keyword. 

      So to answer your question, the lower the qsr — the less websites that are ranked within Google. This generally means it will be easier to rank for, and a high qsr word means it will be harder to rank for since there are more websites to compete against.

      I hope this clarifys things up for you. 🙂


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