MarketPeak Review

Welcome to my MarketPeak review.

You’re probably here because someone has approached you claiming you can make a lot of money with this company — and now you want to know if it’s true or not.

Well within my article I’ll be talking about what this company sells, how their compensation plan works, and most importantly if I think it’s worth investing your hard-earned money and time into.

And by the time you finish reading this, you’ll have a clear understanding as to whether or not you want to join them.

Quick Summary Of MarketPeak

Name: MarketPeak


Price: $250 – $7500

Rating: 0 out of 5

What Is MarketPeak?

MarketPeak is an MLM company that is involved with cryptocurrency. 

The CEO is named Sergej Heck, and on their website it claims he is a successful author, global marketing expert, and blockchain entrepreneur. 

MarketPeak Review - the CEO of MarketPeak

However after doing some more digging, I discovered that he has been involved in at least 3 pyramid schemes in his past before deciding to create MarketPeak here.

So of course after reading this I didn’t have a good feeling about this company from the start, and sadly my intuition was correct as you’re about to find out. 

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What Does MarketPeak Sell?

MarketPeak claims to be an investment platform for FinTech projects and other products that will give you PEAK coins ( their own cryptocurrency ) and other rewards for being part of their community. 

chow it works

However, in reality, it has no physical products or training platforms for you to sell — but rather you’ll be making money simply by asking people to buy into their membership and nothing else. 

MarketPeak Compensation Plan 

Even after reviewing nearly a hundred MLM companies in my career, I still have trouble reading their compensation plan — plus I usually walk away afterward with a headache. 

Therefore I’ll try to make this section as simple as possible so the same won’t happen to you.

Affiliate Ranks

Within MarketPeak’s compensation plan, there are 10 affiliate ranks you can aim for.

  • Newbie
  • Rookie
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Professional
  • Leader
  • Top Leader
  • Mentor
  • Star
  • Super Star

And in order to climb to these different ranks, you’ll have to make so many sales per month, plus have a certain amount of active people in your team. 

Referral Commissions

MarketPeak’s compensation structure is a unilevel one. This means that everyone will be placed directly underneath you as you build out your team. 

MarketPeak Review - Unilevel compensation structure

Now the amount you can make is anywhere between 10% – 17.5% depending on how big your team is built.

You can only build your team down to 8 levels max, and as I just said the more levels there are to your team then the higher amount of money you’ll be able to make. 

Residual Commissions

Their residual compensation plan is a binary one, meaning that everyone you recruit will be split into two different sides underneath you.

MarketPeak Review - Binary compensation structure

Now how binary teams usually pay is whichever side of your team makes the least amount of sales is the one that you’ll be getting commissions from. They also call this your weaker side.

Now with MarketPeak you will earn 4% to 8% from your weaker side each day, and depends what rank you are will determine the max amount of money you’ll be able to earn.

Here’s the breakdown of the highest amount of money you can potentially earn based on your rank:

  • Newbies and Rookies can earn up to $560 a day
  • Intermediates can earn up to $1040 a day
  • Advanced can earn up to $1520 a day
  • Professionals can earn up to $2000 a day
  • Experts can earn up to $2560 a day
  • Leaders can earn up to $3040 a day
  • Mentors can earn up to $3520 a day
  • Stars can earn up to $4000 a day
  • Super Stars can earn up to $5040 a day


As with most MLM companies, there are usually a plethora of bonuses you can earn by selling a certain number of products and recruiting a number of people — and MarketPeak here is no different.

So rather than giving you every detail about this, I figured I’d highlight the three different types of bonuses you can get within this company. 

  1. Matching Bonus – You can earn a 5% matching bonus from all the commissions your downline accumulates.
  1. Rank Rewards – Depending on what rank you are, you can earn anywhere between 4% – 20% bonus on a weekly basis.
  1. Ranks Achievement bonus – Whenever you reach a new rank MarketPeak will give you a 1-time payment for this accomplishment. It starts at $100 for a newbie and goes all the way to $1,000,000 for becoming a Super Star! Talk about motivation right?

How Much Does It Cost?

There are 4 different membership packages you can purchase when signing up to MarketPeak.

  1. Affiliate – $250
  2. Marketer – $1000
  3. All-In – $2000
  4. Enterprise – $7500

What I Like About It

  • I could not find anything positive to say about this company

What I Don’t Like About It

  • It deals with cryptocurrency

Many people around the world barley know anything about cryptocurrency, and whenever you ask them about it they usually say it’s a big scam and waste of time. 

And honestly, they might not be too far off.

You see with how it stands right now cryptocurrency is VERY unpredictable and you never know if the prices are going to go up or down. For example, just last night bitcoin shot up to $1,000 within a 24 hour period.

So to be investing and spending money on this is very risky, and you have a good chance of losing a lot if not all your money.

And to make matters worst, MarketPeak pays you with their own crypto coin called a PEAK — which at the end of the day is totally worthless outside their program.

  • The CEO has been involved with MANY Ponzi schemes in the past

As I mentioned earlier in my article, Sergej Heck the CEO of MarketPeak has been apart of some pretty bad companies in the past.

And I don’t know about you but I don’t usually like investing in something or buying anything that has had a bad reputation in the past do you?

  • You will only earn commissions by recruiting people 

The fact that you can only earn money by recruiting people and build large teams is a big warning sign that this is another Ponzi / pyramid scheme.

You see when you have a program that only pays you based on membership alone, the people who join early make the big bucks while everyone else that joins after them makes close to nothing at all. 

Then when the people at the bottom start quitting due to not making any money, the whole thing starts to crumble to the ground.  

  • You won’t generate a good income online with this company

Then last but not least, this company as you are well aware of by now is using an MLM business model to make money online.

And stats have shown that 99% of people who join an MLM company end up making nothing due to having to pay thousands of dollars on products/services — and not having a strong team underneath them to help them generate a solid income online.

Is MarketPeak A Scam?

Whenever I write reviews I really try to give a fair review so that you the readers can make up your own mind about whether or not you want to join them.

However, in this case, I can easily say that yes MarketPeak is a scam mainly due to 2 reasons.

First of all, this is not like some previous MLM companies I’ve reviewed in the past that have REAL products you can sell to make a commission — but rather you are only generating an income based on how many people you can recruit to buy a membership.

Secondly, if you decide to invest in this system you will only be rewarded with their own unique PEAK coins — which have absolutely no value outside of this website.

It’s kind of like going to Dave and Buster’s and spending real money on games and getting tickets in exchange.

So I would highly urge you to avoid this company at all costs if possible.

My Final Thoughts

At the end of the day when you boil it down, MarketPeak is nothing but a simple Ponzi scheme through and through.

The CEO has been known to be apart of several different scams already, this company has no real product for you to sell, and you are rewarded with PEAK tokens which might as well be monopoly money.

And even if this was a legit company with an amazing product for sale, they still use an MLM business model to promote their company.

This means the amount of money you can make is ENTIRELY based on how many people you can recruit and whether or not your team is willing to work hard.

And I don’t know about you but I don’t like having my income at the mercy of other people. 

This is why I prefer affiliate marketing to generate income online.

There’s no recruiting whatsoever, meaning the amount of work and dedication you put forth will determine how much money you can make and nothing else.

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I hope you enjoyed this review, now understand why I don’t recommend you join MarketPeak.

But if you have any questions you’d like to ask, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out.


$250 - $7500

Overall Rating



  • I could not find anything positive to say about this company


  • You won’t generate a good income online with this company
  • The CEO has been involved with MANY Ponzi schemes in the past
  • It deals with cryptocurrency
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12 thoughts on “MarketPeak Review”

  1. This is a great review of the Marketpeak. 

    I definitely had some reservations and I’m glad to find your well researched and thoughtful review.  It helped me pass on this one, and I also learned quite a bit about how to look at other pyramid schemes as well from the report.

  2. Thanks for sharing this review, as I believe it will help save people from unforeseen or pending danger.

    My view is not far from yours too because a man can not give what he does not have. The CEO has been part of Ponzi schemes in the past which means he is likely to offer Ponzi services through his cryptocurrency coin.

    So I wouldn’t advise anyone to partner with this company.

    • I agree that the fact they reward their members with basically a useless crypto coin is more than enough reason for me not to want to join them.

  3. Hello there!

    This is an amazing review you have got here on MarketPeak. If I hadn’t seen your review before seeing the platform, I would have immediately signed up for it as the claims and commission offered there is very intriguing.

    Thank you very much, I will share with my friends who I think needs it.

    • I’m glad to hear that you found my review helpful, and even happier that you have not decided not to join this scam.

  4. Hello there.

    Thanks for this very detailed and very informative review on Market peak. Someone recommended this to me as a good investment platform some days back and I decided to do some research on it before investing my money.

    From this review I have answers already to the many questions that have been in my head concerning this platform and also this has helped my investment decision. 

    • I’m glad I was able to help answer your questions as to whether or not this platform was the right choice for you. 🙂

  5. Awesome review you have here on Marketpeak.

    I must tell you that I really admire your courage in making out time to research on this platform and sharing your candid findings with us here. Considering the high rate of scam out there it will be very necessary to carry out a tentative research on any platform to be sure they are safe to work with.

    I really fo fine your tips here very useful and I need to share it too. Thanks for the review

    • I’m glad you enjoyed my review Evans, and it’s true that if you don’t do your own research before joining an opportunity you might be throwing a lot of money away.

      It seems though you’re very careful as to what you will and will not join, and I think your friends will appreciate you showing them how MarketPeak here is a scam.

  6. Hello Micheal! Thank you for sharing your honest view of this scam platform, I wonder how many people will be become a victim of this company if they don’t read your article. 

    I would rather invest in affiliate marketing than waste time and resources on sites like this. I have saved this post already so I can share it with my colleagues

    • I’m hoping most people will research about this company as you did before joining so that they don’t fall into this companies scam.

      I also appreciate you sharing my article, and hopefully it will help a lot of people in the process.

      I believe as well that you’ll find affiliate marketing not only an easier way to go about making money online but that it’s extremely easy to do and hardly costs a thing.

      Of course you’ll need to learn properly how to do it ( which is not throwing random links everywhere ) — and through my top rated program online you’ll learn how to do just this.

      They teach you step by step what to do, give you all the tools you’ll need in order to be successful, and you’ll have access to thousands of successful entrepreneurs that can help you out.

      Again there are many different ways to go about making money online, but if your wanting to do it as an affiliate marketer than my program is by far the best out their hands down. 


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