My Ecom Cash Crusher Review: Is It A Scam Or Legit Way To Make Money Online?

Welcome to my Ecom Cash Crusher Review.

This is a product that recently came out on Clickbank that claims you can be earning up to $2,000 a day — and you don’t need any particular skills to get started.

Sounds pretty amazing, but is is true?

Well within my post I’ll be going over what this is, how it works, and ultimately show you why this I think this product is not worth your time or money.

So with that said, let’s jump right into there.

Quick Summary Of Ecom Cash Crusher

Name: Ecom Cash Crusher


Price: $37 dollars

Rating: 2 out of 5 rating

What Is Ecom Cash Crusher?

Ecom Cash Crusher logo

Ecom Cash Crusher is supposedly a system that will show a complete beginner how to set up a Shopify store and make money through drop shipping.

The “creator” David gives a long sob story of how he went from being broke to suddenly making thousands of dollars a day from implementing some secret techniques he learned from a lady named Scarlet.

So after making over a million dollars in the course of 2 years, he decided to create Ecom Cash Crusher to help ordinary people make thousands of dollars online.

And he says that this system is so easy to use, that all you have to do is spend 20 minutes setting it up then you’ll be making $40 grand a month like other ordinary people have done in the past.

over exaggerated income claim

Now I’ll admit that you can make very good money with an E commerce store, and I’m sure there’s several people out there making $40,000 a month and more but….

I can guarantee you that they did not buy a $37 dollar product, spend 20 minutes setting it up, then have money come pouring into their bank accounts.

If that were the case, then wouldn’t everyone buy this system and be living the life of their dreams? Of course so.

But this program is just spewing out lies and false accusations to lure you into buying a program that will not work the way you think it will.

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How Does Ecom Cash Crusher Work?

Ecom Cash Crusher wants to make you think that after buying their software, that it will automatically pump money into your bank account through a business model called drop shipping.

But what you’re really getting is basic information how to set up a Shopify store, add products to it, and get traffic.

And not only is it going to take you longer than 20 minutes to go through this training, but you’ll have to spend a considerable amount of time and money learning how to buy traffic for your site.

So can you make money with this system? yes.

But it’s going to take a lot of work, patience, and money to make it happen — rather than just a few minutes like it makes you believe.

Other Red Flags Associated With It

Now besides this program claiming you can make a lot of money very quickly ( which simply isn’t true ) — here’s a few other issues I found while reviewing this program.

1) Fake Testimonials

Like many other programs I’ve reviewed in the past such as…

Ecom Cash Crusher likes to use testimonials within their sales video to convince you that their system is helping people making large sums of money online.

fake testimonials

The blond hair girl claims she’s making over $2,000 dollars after 2 days using this system — and the guy says he has made over 100k in profit after just 2 short months.

However all these claims are complete lies as they are simply paid actors from a site called Fiverr — and they will say whatever you want them too for about $5 bucks.

Fiverr actors

So the question is if this system is as good as they claim — why does it have to use fake people instead of real members within their program?

Simply because their system doesn’t work like they claim it does, and the only purpose of it is to try and make you buy their system — even if they have to make up lies to do it.

2) There’s Hidden Cost Involved

Even though this system makes you think you’ll only have to pay $37 dollars to buy a revolutionary system that will change your life forever — there’s some other cost associated with this that you may not know.

First there’s one upsell within the program that will build your entire Shopify store for you ( even though that’s what you think will already happen ) — then there’s also the cost of buying traffic.

And as I mentioned earlier, it can cost you easily 10k or more creating ads, testing them, and trying to get them to convert — and you’re still not guaranteed to make a profit after it’s all said and done.

So it’s kind of funny that they fail to mention this within their sales video — because they know if they did that no one would want to buy it.

3) There’s No Information About The Creator

Another issue I have is that your given zero information about David the “creator” of this program.

And regardless if you’re buying something worth $1,000 dollars or just $40 — I have a hard time trusting something when I can’t even get a simple picture as to who the creator is.

And I’ll bet money that whoever really did make this program wants to remain anonymous because he doesn’t want people sending him hate messages after buying this program and finding out that it doesn’t work like he said it will.

Is Ecom Cash Crusher A Scam?

I would not consider Ecom Cash Crusher a scam because you do get training on how to do drop shipping and set up a Shopify store — and theoretically you could make money with it.

However the entire sales page is very misleading and with all the other red flags that I just showed you — I would not recommend this as a product worth buying.

What I Like About It

  • There’s a 60-day money back guarantee since it’s a Clickbank product
  • Complete beginners will get some information as to how drop shipping works

What I Don’t Like About It

  • They have over exaggerated income claims
  • It uses fake testimonials within their sales page
  • There’s no information about the creator David
  • There’s a ton of extra cost you’ll have to pay if you buy this system
  • Claims you can get rich quickly with little to no work

My Final Rating

2 out of 5 ( Not Recommended )

Even though Ecom Cash Crusher is promoting a legitimate method to make money online — it goes about it all the wrong way.

It claims you can make a lot of money very quickly ( a lie ), it uses fake testimonials to convince you it works, and the training within the program itself is average at best.

And what they also fail to tell you is that drop shipping takes a lot of work because you have to deal with customer support, returned items, and also spend a lot of money and time testing out ads to get traffic to your site.

So for these reasons and more I would urge you to steer clear of this program and find a better way to earn an income online.

Here’s What I Recommend You Do

While there’s several ways one can go about making money online, the top business model that I prefer is affiliate marketing.

It cost very little to get started, you can earn a passive income over time, there’s no customer support you have to deal with, and you can make money around any topic you can think of.

And out of all the program I’ve come across online, this one here remains my #1 most recommended because it provides quality step by step training, 24/7 technical support, and all the tools you need to create a successful business online.

Also you’re able to “test drive” it completely for free with no strings attached.

So if this sounds like something you want to learn more about, click the pic below to read my full review about this program.

My favorite program online

I hope you enjoyed my review about Ecom Cash Crusher, and have a better understanding as to why I don’t think it’s worth pursuing.

However if you have any other questions or concerns you’d like to ask me about it, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “My Ecom Cash Crusher Review: Is It A Scam Or Legit Way To Make Money Online?”

  1. Hi,

    When I saw that banner, with that claim that you can earn 2000 dollars per day, the first scam red flag was already raised. It is, of course, possible to make that money in one day, but if you have experience with an online business, I suppose. Promising such earnings to anyone just screams scam to me. 

    I agree that you can use eCommerce and Shopify to earn money, but you can do that without getting the Ecom Cash Crusher. In your review, you stated that this company provides you with a guide on how to set up a Shopify store, but I am pretty sure that you can find that same info on the Shopify site.

    I hate it that such scams use paid actors from Fiver to present fake testimonials. I wish Fiver would ban the practice of making such videos on their site, but I know that that will be hard to do.

    Although technically the Ecom Cash Crusher is not a scam, it is  – as you said – very misleading, which to me is close to a scam. 

    Thank you for this review and for warning us about this.

    • Thank you for your thoughts about Ecom Cash Crusher Christine.

      It’s true that even though this is not really a scam, all the information they provide can be found for free online or within the actual platforms themselves.

      Which makes one question what’s the points of even joining it right?

  2. Thank you for your honest review of Ecom Cash Crusher.  As soon as I heard, 37 dollars, my SCAM radar also went off.  

    I am looking for a product that teaches the ins and outs of drop shipping, but I bet I could find a free YouTube video explaining it to me.  I also know that it costs 30 dollars a month to have a Shopify store.  Would this be included in that 37 dollars or not?  

    Just curious as to whether they are only profiting 7 dollars per sign up or not.  If so, I bet a lot of people fall for their BS.  Thank you again for a great warning!

    • The $37 dollars is just the amount it will cost you to buy their product.  This does not take into account setting up your Shopify store, spending money on ads, and other tools you may need.

      This is how programs trick you by thinking you only have to spend a few bucks in order to make thousands if not more online.

      However as I think you are well aware this is never the case.

      Now if you want to try out a program that is upfront on how much you’ll have to spend, provides you with all the tools and training you’ll need at no extra cost, and teaches a proven method that has helped millions of people earn money online — I would suggest you give my top-rated product a view. 

      Best of all is you can try it out for free with no strings attached. 🙂

  3. It’s amazing just how many of these sites there are that promise a ton of money in a short amount of time with minimal work. Is there really anything in this world that is both easy and lucrative? 

    What bothers me most about offers like this is the creator refusing to stand behind his/her own product while hiring actors to do it instead. Why on earth would I trust a company that openly lies to me? 

    Thanks for writing this up and helping us avoid this exact type of “business” offer. 

    • No problem Steve, I’m glad you found my review helpful.

      And like you, I see no reason to join a company where the owner never presents himself and has to result to using fake testimonials to “trick” people into joining.

      However they know they have to do this otherwise people would see what a poor product it is and never want to join in the first place. 


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