My Lottery Store Review

You might have been looking for some ways to earn some extra cash online and came across this opportunity wondering what it was all about.

Well within My Lottery Store Review I’ll be telling you how this works, how much money you could potentially make, and last but not least tell you if I think if it’s a scam.

So with that said, let me show you what this website is all about.

Quick Summary Of My Lottery Store

Name: My Lottery Store


Price: Free to join, and each ticket cost $2 dollars

Rating: 1 out of 5

What Is My Lottery Store?

My Lottery Store is an MLM business that is in the gaming niche or more specifically gambling

Ms. Michelle Lilly-Hester ( who is the CEO of this company ) said she wanted to provide a simple and safe way for people to play the lottery while also being able to grow a full-time business online at the same time — so she created My Lottery Store.

She said she wanted people to be able to play the lottery digitally in a way that they felt secure about it — so she decided to use blockchain security and make it to where people had to pay in cryptocurrency in order to participate. 

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What Does My Lottery Store Sell?

Naturally My Lottery Store sells lottery tickets to people.

Now according to their website, they are not associated with US Powerball which you’ll see all over their homepage — but rather they only use their numbers and dates so that they can’t secretly help their friends and family with these jackpots.

My Lottery Store Review - their games

They also say that they are funding every one of these “jackpots”  — so if you are a winner they will reach out to you directly and tell you how you can claim your money.

My Lottery Store Compensation Plan 

My Lottery Store has one of the easiest compensation plans I’ve seen in a long time, which I found to be quite a relief.

Basically they have a unilevel structure that goes down two levels.

The first level you’ll earn $0.50 for every ticket you sell, and on the second level you’ll earn $0.25 for every tick that is sold.

How Much Does It Cost?

To join My Lottery Store is completely free. However you have to be at least 18 years or older and not be living in the United States to participate.

Now if you want to join the lottery each ticket you buy will cost you $2.00 — and the only way you can buy them is to use cryptocurrency.

What I Like About It

  • It’s free to join

It’s nice to see an MLM company that doesn’t cost an arm and leg to join.

  • The tickets only cost 2 dollars

If you just want to play the lottery, each ticket only cost 2 dollars which isn’t much

What I Don’t Like About It

  • They don’t disclose how they are funding this website for you to earn millions

The major problem I have with this whole company is they never disclose how they are funding all these jackpots.

For example on their homepage right now they have three games one going for $190 million, one going for $8 million, and one going for $4million.

My Lottery Store Review - jackpots might be fake

And since Powerball is not associated with them, I’m scratching my head here wondering where all this money is coming from.

My only guess is that when you win their lottery you aren’t actually winning the amount shown — but rather whatever people have put into the “pot”. Which if you ask me is VERY misleading.

  • You won’t make a good income with this company

Now coming at this from a business angle, there’s just no way possible I can see anyone earning a good income with this company.

I mean $0.50 – $0.25 per sale! 

This would mean you would have to at least sell at least 2,000 tickets each month just to make $1,000 bucks — which I honestly I don’t see happening ( especially with this company ). 

  • You have to pay in cryptocurrency 

Then last but not least in order to play this lottery you can only pay with cryptocurrency.

My Lottery Store Review - you have to use cryptocurrency

Now I know they say they do this to make it more “secure”, however with the prices of bitcoin and the other coins jumping around from time to time, and the fact that not many people use cryptocurrency — I find it hard that people would want to buy tickets from here. 

Is My Lottery Store A Scam?

Honestly I can’t say for certain that My Lottery Store is a scam because when you join you are actually selling digital tickets to people or building a team in order to make money.

However as I mentioned earlier, what really worries me about this whole company is if there is any jackpot to win at all.

Because I know for certain there’s no way they are paying the winners millions of dollars. 

And let’s face it if you have no clue what you are winning in the first place, why would you even spend money on it to begin with right?

So all in all this site seems very fishy to me and is why I do not recommend you join it or play their lottery. 

My Final Rating

At the end of the day, My Lottery Store is a very basic MLM company that pays you very little to sell digital lottery tickets to people online.

However what bothers me most about this company is they don’t tell you where all their money is coming from  — which makes me think the whole jackpot is fake or you’ll be earning just a few bucks. 

So whether a person is wanting to play this lottery or you’re trying to recruit them into your team, I can’t find one good reason why the should.

Therefore instead of wasting your time on this which obviously is not going to earn you anything — why not have a look at my #1 recommended product online?

It gives you all the tools and training on how to build a successful online business around any subject you want, there’s a large community you can ask for help from, and best of all is it’s free to join.

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I hope you found this review helpful, and now understand why I advise you not to join My Lottery Store.

However if you have any other questions you’d like to ask, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out. 🙂

My Lottery Store

Free to join

Overall Rating



  • It’s nice to see an MLM company that doesn’t cost an arm and leg to join.


  • They don’t disclose how they are funding this website for you to earn millions
  • You have to pay in cryptocurrency 
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8 thoughts on “My Lottery Store Review”

  1. This place just seems like a scam. After reading this review, I doubt their lottery tickets are even real. Also tough to sell, as many people I know don’t have easy access to cryptocurrency. I definitely want to check out your top recommendation after reading this. Some of these business models are only out to help themselves.

    • Ya I really wouldn’t be surprised that if you actually won one of these jackpots on their site that they would end up not giving you any money at all.

      Now if you are interested in learning how to make an extra income online, I would most definitely urge you to check out my favorite program online.

      It basically teaches you how to build a website around any subject matter — then you can promote all kinds of products on it and get paid for doing so.

      So there’s no luck involved or hoping things might work out for you ( like gambling ) — but rather you’re building a real online business that can generate you an online income for years down the road. 

  2. Hi there, 

    I Just ready your review about My Lottery Store and it definitely raised my eyebrows a bit. With so much stuff out there, it has me wondering what can and cannot be trusted. 

    I mean what if you win big on this site? How do they pay you, and where is all that money coming from?

    • My thoughts exactly.

      As I said within my article here, my biggest concern with this overall program is where is all the money coming from — and is there even a jackpot to begin with?

      Also I can guarantee you that you won’t be earning the same amount ( if there is a jackpot ) as you would playing the normal Powerball. 

      So why would anyone want to spend money on this shady program that doesn’t even tell you how much you’ll be winning — rather than going down to their local gas station and playing the REAL lottery.

      Funny thing is I think they have a better chance of winning the Powerball lottery than they do with this site — which is quite sad. 

  3. The probability of winning the lottery is probably 1 out of a billion, and why anyone would then mandate that the tickets be purchased using cryptocurrency is another wild guess. Nevertheless, thanks Michael for a well laid out analysis of this product. 

    And I believe if people decided to put effort into learning how making money online really works rather than buying questionable products like this, they’d definitely have much better chances.

    • I believe they said they wanted to use cryptocurrency to help keep the tickets bought more secured — however as I said within my article there’s a lot of problems that come with doing this like not many people use it to begin with.

      I also whole hearty agree that going out and buying one product after another is nothing but a recipe for a disaster.

      And the funny thing is that generating an income online isn’t all that complicated or even hard. It just takes learning a few simple skills and following a proven method to become successful.

      Luckily this program here teaches you how to do all of that for less than a dollar a day! They also give you all the tools and training you need to creates full-time income online — so you don’t have to go looking elsewhere to put all the pieces together. 🙂

  4. Hi Michael – I enjoyed this article.  It’s an interesting concept but the issues you pointed out leaves more to be desired.  For example, the bitcoin aspect makes it extremely limited and the limited yield makes it difficult to make decent money.  The nondisclosure of the jackpot source is really scary.  No wonder it isn’t available in the US.  The governments would tear it apart!

    Thanks for this opportunity!

    • Thanks for the comment Nathaniel.

      I agree that with so many red flags associated with this program, it makes it hard to believe that anyone in their right mind would want to play this lottery let alone sign up to and try to get other people to do the same.


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