Okaizo Review

You’ve probably been looking for ways to earn some extra money or maybe had someone come up to you about this business and ask you to join their team.

So now you’re probably wondering what this company is all about, and more importantly is it a scam?

Well within my Okaizo review I’ll be going over what this company is, what it sells, how their compensation plan works, and give you my opinion as to whether or not I think you should join them.

So without keeping you waiting any longer, let’s jump into it

Quick Summary Of Okaizo

Name: Okaizo

Website: Okaizo.com

Price: €247.11 EUR ( $271.22 Dollars ) – €1156.20 EUR ( 1053.42  Dollars ) 

Rating: 0 out of 5

What Is Okaizo?

Okazizo is an MLM company within the health and wealth niche. 

They say that they are giving you an opportunity to discover how amazing hemp-based products are, and in the process help you build a full time business by selling them.

Within their site their favorite quote even says, “ Hemp will one day be seen as a wonder drug, as was penicillin in the 1940’s”.

Now as I continued to browse their website, I couldn’t find out who created this company — so after doing some more digging I eventually discovered the CEO was named Bing Voorham by looking on Linkedin.

Okaizo Review - Bing Voorham

Now why they don’t give any information about him on their site I can’t say, but from what I’ve discovered he has been known to promote some Ponzi Scheme business in the past.

So after reading this, I already didn’t have a good feeling about this company.

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What Does Okaizo Sell?

Funny enough even though Okaizo boasts about how their hemp products will one day change the world, they actually don’t sell any physical products on their site whatsoever.

The only way I was able to see what they “might” have in stock was by going to their Facebook page where it showed a picture of some CBD oils, powders, food supplements, and more.

Okaizo Review - Their CBD products

Again though there’s nowhere on their main website that you can buy any of these products, which leads me to believe you can only make money by recruiting people and making them buy the membership.

Okaizo Compensation Plan 

I’m not sure if because Okaizo is a new company or what, but it took digging into Youtube to find out exactly how their compensation plan worked.

Now I’ll admit if you watch the video the whole thing can seem very confusing to interpret — therefore I will try to simplify it by breaking it down into different categories for you.

Affiliate Ranks

Within Okaizo, there seems to be three different ranks which you’ll get based on which package you buy.

Bronze – €247.11 EUR ( $271.22 Dollars ) 

Silver – €619 EUR ( $563.97 Dollars )

Gold – €1156.20 EUR ( 1053.42  Dollars )

Referral Commissions

The amount of money you’ll make when recruiting someone is based on which membership they choose when they sign up.

If you recruit a Bronze affiliate you’ll earn €20 EUR ( $ 21.95 dollars )

If you recruit a Silver affiliate you’ll earn €60 EUR ( $ 65.86 dollars )

If you recruit a Gold affiliate you’ll earn €100 EUR ( $109.78 dollars )

Residual Commissions

Their compensation structure is a binary one, meaning that with you at the top you’ll have two teams split beneath you — one of the left and one of the right.

Okaizo Review - Binary compensation structure

Now as you build out your team, each member you recruit will give a certain number of points based on what package they bought.

A bronze package gives you 200 points

A silver package gives you 600 points

And a gold package gives you 1,100 points

At the end of the month your sales volume is calculated up on both sides, and you’ll end up earning 15% of all sales with the side that has the least amount of points ( or the weaker side ). 

There is a cap to how much you can make based on which package you bought…

If you bought the bronze package you can earn up to €500 EUR ( $540.50 dollars ) a week

If you bought the silver package you can earn up to €1000 EUR ( $1081.00 dollars ) a week

If you bought the gold package you can earn up to €3000 EUR ( $3243.00 dollars ) a week


As with most MLM companies, they usually tried to throw several bonuses into their compensation plan to motivate you to work harder. 

And with Okaizo here, there are 3 different types of bonuses you can try and aim for.

Match Bonus

Their matching bonus is based on a unilevel compensation structure, meaning that everyone you recruit will be directly beneath you.

Okaizo Review - matching bonus

Now Okaizo’s plan only goes two levels deep where on level one you earn a 15% bonus, and on level two you earn a 10% bonus. 

Active bonus

Okaizo pays an Active Bonus if an affiliate earns €200 EUR  ( $219.55 Dollars ) or more in weekly residual recruitment commissions.

If you bought a bronze package you’ll earn a 7.5% active bonus

If you bought a silver or gold package you’ll earn a 15% active bonus

4 person bonus

If you have 4 customers who spend more than 50 volume points on Okaizo’s products you’ll earn €20 EUR ( $21.95 Dollars ).

Again I know this can be a lot to take in, so if you want a more detailed overview of how you’ll be making money with this company you can watch the video below.


How Much Does It Cost?

By now you can probably tell that there are only 3 packages you can buy when signing up to Okaizo. 

Okaizo Review - Different packages

Bronze – €247.11 EUR ( $271.22 dollars ) 

Silver – €619 EUR ( $563.97 dollars )

Gold – €1156.20 EUR ( 1053.42 dollars ) 

And of course the only difference between these packages is the amount of money you can potentially make.

What I Like About It

  • I could not find anything I liked about this company sadly

What I Don’t Like About It

  • You only make money by recruiting people into this business

Even though Okaizo shows several products on their Facebook page, and they boast about how awesome their hemp products are — you can only make money by asking people to buy the membership packages for this company.

This right here is a telltale sign of a pyramid scheme — but again I can’t say for sure if this is one or not.

  • The owner’s past company went under and was called a Ponzi Scheme

The fact that Bing Voorham has been involved with a number of shady companies in the past already makes Okaizo here not that appealing to join.

Now I could be wrong and he might have changed his ways, but people like this usually are out to make as much money for themselves rather than to help people build a profitable business online. 

  • You won’t make a good income with this company

Due to the fact that this company is using an MLM business model already sets you up for failure.

Over 99% of people who join an MLM company make close to nothing, to be successful you have to rely on your downline to do well, and you have to throw parties to invite people to join your team. 

Is Okaizo A Scam?

While I can’t 100% say that Okaizo here is a scam, things clearly are not looking too good for them.

The fact that they don’t have any products to buy on their website, and that you’ll be making all your income based on which package someone buys screams to me that this could definitely be a pyramid scheme. 

You see the reasons pyramid schemes are doom to fail is all the commissions favor the people at the top of the “pyramid” leaving the people who join much later zero chance of achieving success. 

So eventually there’s not enough people to support the upper level, which is when everything starts to come crumbling down.

Therefore I would not recommend you join this company simply because I don’t think you’ll earn any real money with them, plus they will probably be gone within a year or two.

My Final Thoughts

At the end of the day whether you think Okaizo is a scam or not, the facts that are presented say a whole lot about this company.

They have no products on their website for sale, you make all your commissions based off of membership packages, and the CEO has been known to promote shady programs in the past. 

And even with all that said,  even if they were a legit company at the end of the day they are still using an MLM business model to promote their company.

This means in order to be successful you have to recruit hundreds of people into your team and hope they will work hard so you can make a decent income.

And I don’t know about you but I don’t like having my income level determined by other people. 

This is why I prefer affiliate marketing to generate income online.

There’s no recruiting whatsoever, you can sell whatever products you want, and best of all is you don’t have to spend a dime on advertising ( unlike MLM’s where you’ll usually spend thousands ).

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I hope you found this review about Okaizo useful, and understand why I don’t think you should join it.

However if you have any questions you’d like to ask me, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help answer them.  

Okaizo Review

€247.11 EUR ( $271.22 Dollars ) - €1156.20 EUR ( 1053.42  Dollars ) 

Overall Rating



  • I could not find anything


  • The owner’s past company went under and was called a Ponzi Scheme
  • You only make money by recruiting people into this business
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6 thoughts on “Okaizo Review”

  1. Thank you so much for your review of Okaizo. These past couple of years CBD market is really taking off. 

    So, we all have to make sure that we promote the right program and a good product so we do not waste our investment. I do not like this MLM structure either, it is not fair that you can only make money by recruiting people to join. Also, the owner’s credibility is a little bit questionable to me. I have to just pass on this program. 

    • Like you said, while I’m pretty certain you can make good money selling CBD products, this company here is definitely not one you want to join due to he simple fact that they have NO products.

      So I’m glad you hear you’re not joining this opportunity.  🙂

  2. Hello there, thank you so much for this very detailed review of Okaizo.

    I heard about this company from a friend and decided to visit their website but I was more confused as I could not find any of their products plus there were no details given about the founder him on their website.

    This review here has helped me with all the information I needed to know about Okaizo, and I have made my final decision to not join them and decide to give your number recommendation a try instead. 

    Can you tell me more about it?

    • Sure I’d be glad to.

      My #1 rated program is called Wealthy Affiliate, and it basically teaches you how to make money online as an affiliate marketer.

      Simply put you promote other people’s products online, and when someone comes along and buy’s them you earn a portion of the commission.

      My program teaches you how to do this by building a website, creating helpful content that people want / need, then finding products to help people solve a particular problem.

      They also have weekly live webinars so you’re up to date on what is and is not working, all the tools you’ll need to be successful ( like a keyword finder ), and a huge community of entrepreneurs that you can get help from when you have a question.

      Also best of all is it’s completely free to join — and you don’t even need to use your credit card.

      You can read my full review about them here, plus if you have any questions or concerns about them you can leave a comment here or message me within the program itself.

      I hope this has helped answer your question. 🙂

  3. Hello, you have a nice review here about Okaizo. 

    A friend of mine actually asked me to help her make some research on the Okaizo platform, and your article will help provide all the answers to her questions. 

    I must say that your site is nice I will surely visit some other time. Well done.


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