Profit Genesis Reloaded Review – Can You Really Make 5k A Week? Find Out Here.

Welcome to my Profit Genesis Reloaded Review.

This is a program that claims ordinary people can make $5,000 dollars every single week with the help of their automated system.

Now I’ve reviewed hundreds of similar products in my online career, but this one here has to be one of the most outrageous claims I’ve seen in quite a some time.

Because while making money online is very possible ( even as much as they are saying here ) — it takes a lot of hard work and time to get to that point.

So within this review I’ll be going over some of the red flags I found within this product, and show you ultimately why this program is not going to deliver you the kind of results you may be looking for.

Quick Summary Of Profit Genesis Reloaded

Name: Profit Genesis Reloaded


Price: $37 dollars

Rating: 1 out of 5 rating

What Is Profit Genesis Reloaded?

Profit Genesis Reloaded logo

Profit Genesis claims that it uses a secret system to allow people to tap into a little known loophole to legally and ethically start generating thousands of dollars a week.

In fact the spokesperson David Miller says that this system is so powerful that he was able to generate over 2 million dollars in his first year using this system — and that many of his students were making over $1,000 dollars within their first 5 days.

Now David here will claim this is all possible because he invested $170,000 dollars testing, tweaking, and refining this system to create Profit Genesis 2.0 or what other people call Profit Genesis Reloaded.

But what’s funny is within the sales video they never explain how this system works or what you’ll be doing — but rather claims by only spending 15 minutes a day you can basically become a millionaire online.

However as I mentioned earlier, making money online doesn’t happen that easily.

To generate even $1,000 dollars a month it takes a lot of hard work and time — which on average means spending 3 – 4 hours a day on your computer and waiting 6 months to a year to see this type of income

So I hate to burst your bubble, but what Profit Genesis is telling you is nothing but a lie — and I’m going to be proving this to you more in just a second.

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How Does Profit Genesis Reloaded Work?

Profit Genesis says that when you buy their program, you will then have access to an automated system that will do all the hard work for you.

The only thing that you have to do is spend 15 minutes a day on your computer and follow 3 simple steps which are…

1. Watch videos

2. Follow simple instructions

3. Then generate cash

Sounds almost too good to be true right? Well unfortunately that’s because it is.

Because if this program were as good as they make it out to be, then don’t you think everyone would have bought it by now and be living the life of their dreams?

Of course so.

But again in the real world making money online doesn’t happen like this, and they only said these things to tug at your heart strings so that you would spend money on it.

I’ve seen these over the top claims made time and time again in some previous products I’ve reviewed like

So when I landed on this product basically saying I could get rich fast online, I knew right away that I was dealing with a mediocre product.

Because one of main problems I had while watching this sales video is that it never tells you exactly what you’ll be doing, how you’ll be making money, or why you’re able to make so much money by basically doing nothing online.

Instead they just throw out a bunch of screen shots of how David made millions of dollars online, and that you could follow in his footsteps in do the same.

But besides this not explaining how their product works, here are a few other issues I found that basically let me know that this product was not worth buying.

The Red Flags

1) Fake Testimonials

The first problem I had with this product was from the very get go it showed several people who were supposedly making very good money with this system.

For example a guy named Trevor says he made $1,250 dollars while taking his dog for a 20-minute walk, and a girl named Amy says she makes over $1,000 dollars every single day by just spending a few minutes every morning on her laptop.

Fake Profit Genesis member #1

Fake Profit Genesis member #2

However what you may not know, is that these “members” are actually paid spokespeople from a site called Fiverr as you can see here.

Fiver spokesperson 1

Fiver spokesperson 2

So the only conclusion I can come up with is that this system does not work as good as they make it out to be — otherwise they would have REAL testimonials instead of these people that are paid $5 dollars to read a script.

2) Over Exaggerated Income Claims

Next what made me very skeptical about this system was it outrageous claims of how much money you could make in such as short period of time.

For example, it says that someone with zero experience and no prior skills, can simply watch a few videos and spend 15 minutes a day on their computer to start bringing in as much as $5k their first week!

make thousands of dollars your first week

Now I’ll admit I’ve seen some programs make some bold claims, but this one definitely has to be one of the worst.

To put it into perspective, it’s like saying a person who’s sat on a couch for a year eating nothing but potato chips is all of a sudden next week going to run a marathon in record-breaking time!

It simply isn’t logically possible, the same way on how this product is saying you’ll make money.

3) Says Your Specially Chosen To Watch Their Video

At the start of the sales video, they try to make a point that you’ve been “specially” chosen to watch their video and that you’re about to discover an amazing loophole to generate a ton of cash online.

specially chosen

Of course this is just another ploy to get you all emotionally excited, and make you believe you’ve stumbled onto something that no one else has heard of before or implemented.

However this is another lie, because if you go over to Clickbank you can easily find this product and buy it at any time you want.

Also from what I’ve learned, what this product is teaching is the basics on how to drop shipping — which is not something new and quite frankly the training they give is not even all that great.

4) Says You’re Buying An Auto Pilot System

Then last but not least, one of the major flaws I saw while reviewing this product is it says that it will make you money completely on autopilot 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

buying a complete autopilot system

And I know what you’re thinking, how can this be a problem?

Well first off there’s no such system that will do this, and anyone that says otherwise is either misinformed or straight out trying to scam you.

Secondly whenever you buy a system that says they will do the majority of the work for you — it means you don’t really have control over your website / business.

Therefore whoever created it can do whatever they like with your website and income and there’s nothing you can do about it.

That’s why I always urge people to build their OWN website from scratch, that way they will have 100% ownership of it and won’t have to worry about losing any income that it may be generating them.

And while there’s a lot of places you can go to buy a website and learn how to make money from it — I’ve found that this program not only offers the best prices, but it also offers the best training in terms on how to generate a website that will produce you an income that will last for years to come.

So Is Profit Genesis Reloaded A Scam?

Depending on whether or not Profit Genesis is a scam, I guess depends on how you want to look at the product.

On one hand you will get some training in return for $37 dollars, so it’s not like they are totally ripping you off and giving you absolutely nothing.

However on the other hand, you WILL NOT be making the kind of money the sales page says you will — and in fact I’d be surprised if you even made $1 dollar from this system even if you went through the training a 100 times.

So since I don’t think this will help you make a decent income online, I do not recommend you buy Profit Genesis Reloaded.

What I Like About It

  • There’s a 60-day money back guarantee

What I Don’t Like About It

  • The sales page is too hyped up
  • It uses fake testimonials within it’s sales video
  • There’s no information as to who the owner actually is
  • It gives zero information as to what you’ll be doing or buying
  • Claims unrealistic expectation that for $37 dollars and 15 minutes of your time a day you can make a full time income online

My Final Rating

1 out of 5 ( Not Recommended )

At the end of the day, Profit Genesis Reloaded is just another hyped up get rich program that won’t help you get any closer to earning an income online.

The training it provides is so basic, that you could find better information for free within Google and YouTube — plus the sales page tells so many lies just so you’ll spend money on it.

Now your more than welcome to buy this and try it out yourself, but just know that you’ll more then likely be asking for a refund when you don’t get the results you were hoping for.

So Here’s What I Recommend Instead

Rather than chasing products that claim you can get rich online easily and quickly — why not try to make money online through a business model such as affiliate marketing?

That way you can sell just about any product online, and help people with specific problems they are searching for online.

And with help of my #1 recommended product online, you can get step by step training in video and written format, all the tools you’ll need to succeed, and most I importantly access to a huge community that can help you whenever you have a question.

You can learn more about this product and how to do affiliate marketing by clicking the picture below.

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I hope you enjoyed my review about Profit Genesis Reloaded, and can now see why I would not recommend this as a product worth buying.

But if you have any questions you’d like to ask me, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out.

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4 thoughts on “Profit Genesis Reloaded Review – Can You Really Make 5k A Week? Find Out Here.”

  1. Hi Michael, thanks for trying to keep the internet honest. There are as many scams out there as there are financially desperate people or just people who aren’t willing to put the time in. Amazing that you were able to expose those ‘real-life success stories’ as Fiverr brand spokesmen. You really can get anything on Fiverr.

    So, what is your ultimate online money-making system?

    • Ya when a site has to use fake testimonials to prove their program works it’s never a good sign lol.

      My top rated program basically teaches people how to make money through affiliate marketing. You’ll first pick a topic you want to write about, write content about the topic that people will need / enjoy, then promote products to get paid.

      And unlike this product here, my program has thousands of real testimonials of people making money ( with new ones happening every day ).

      Now it’s not a get rich scheme or something that will even make you earn a penny a month from now — but it is a platform that millions of people have used to change their financial life for the better.

      Also you can sign up and try it out for free, just to see if it’s something you may enjoy before spending money on it. 

  2. I got caught in something similar some years ago and since then I check out all these reviews so I know which ones to stay away from and why. Those claims are over the top and I have found that anytime you are promised those huge sums, and said to be on autopilot, you know it cannot be true. 

    Thanks for the details and I notice, as you said, that the video doesn’t really describe a process or a model. I am just hearing and learning about affiliate marketing and after visiting your link, I know I am going to step into this form of online business. Thank you for the review

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and I’m glad to hear that you are being more cautious and doing your research before jumping into any opportunity. 

      I always tell people to do their own research before making a final decision ( even with products I am promoting ) — that way they can decide if its something that will really help them or not.

      I think though you made a wise choice in choose affiliate marketing as your first route to get started, as it doesn’t cost a lot of money to get into, and it’s the easiest way in my opinion to make money online.

      Now there are a lot of ways you can make money with this method, and there is a lot of program teaching how to do it — but this program here has remained my top choice for years and still is.


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