Reward Dollars Review: Is It A Scam Or $1,000 Day Online Opportunity? Find Out The Truth Here

Welcome to my Reward Dollars review. 

You’re probably here because someone you know sent you a link to this site or you stumbled upon it yourself and now want to know more about it.

And I can’t blame you, because the claims Reward Dollar makes sound almost too good to be true.

So within my article I will be discussing everything you need to know about this such as how it works, some major red flags I discovered, and most importantly if it’s a scam.

That way you can know by the time you’re done reading if this is really something you to try out or not.

So with that said, let’s just right into things here and see what this site is all about!

Quick Summary Of Reward Dollars

Name: Reward Dollars 


Price: Free to join

Rating: 0 out of 5

What Is Reward Dollars?

Reward Dollars claims they are the #1 social media network in the world with over 300 members and having paid out over 60 million dollars to all of them.

In fact this website says they’re so great that they will give anyone who signs up to it $25 — and once you become a member you’ll be able to make $500 – $1,000 a day. 

But I’m sure you’re probably wondering is this really true, or just another pipe dream you’ll be chasing?

Well if you think about it, if this company were as popular and generous as they claim to be wouldn’t practically anyone with an internet connection be living the life of their dreams?

I know I would.

But of course this isn’t the case, and I’m sorry to inform you that Reward Dollars is indeed a scam you do not want to be involved with.

And to prove my point, I will show you 9 major red flags I found out while researching this company. 

However before I do, let me explain more about how this site works and to further prove why you should stay far away from it. 

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How Does Reward Dollars Work?

According to Reward Dollars website, you only have to follow a simple 3 step process to start earning a 6 figure yearly income.

Reward Dollars Review - how they say their site works

  1. Create an account by giving your name, email address, password, and other basic information while at the same time collecting your $25 bonus
  1. Share your referral link on social media networks and earn $2 for every click and $20 for everyone that signs up through you. 
  1. Then simply cash out the huge earnings you made through PayPal or some other payment method.

Now again this would be amazing if it actually worked this way, and trust me I really wish it did. However making money online is not easy, and simply spamming an affiliate link WILL NEVER earn you a good income.

So here’s how Reward Dollars really works, and why they created this site in the first place. 

Now you see these kinds of sites want you to sign up to their site not because they want to help you make a lot of money online — but rather because they are after one thing and one thing only…

Your personal information.

What they will do is take the information you gave them when you were signing up ( like your name, email address, and password ) then sell it to on the black market to scammers.

Because it has been proven that the majority of people will use the same password and email for a variety of things ( and I’ll tell you I’m guilty of this too ).

So this site will simply take the information you gave them, plug it into some kind of software and have it scan thousands of accounts to see if anything matches.

This means they can then possibly spend you spam to your email address, hack your personal account, and in some cases maybe even get access to some of your other personal accounts like your bank account or credit card.

This is why I highly urge you not to join this site or anything similar to it because nothing good will come from it what so ever. 

So How Much Can You Make?

Again according to Reward Dollars here they claim you can make up to $1,000 dollars a day simply by…

  • Signing up to their site which = $25 
  • Referring people to this site with your affiliate link which = $20 per person
  • Getting people to click your affiliate link which = $2 per click
  • And by doing the surveys within the platform which on average = $30 dollars per task

However as I mentioned earlier within my article already, you will not earn a single penny from this site.

Sure they make it look like you are earning real cash by putting numbers into your account, but it’s really all for show.

Because when it comes time to cash out, they will give every excuse as to why you cannot get it such as they suspect fraudulent activity on your account, you need to use a different affiliate link, you need more money, and so on and so forth.

However what you’ll realize is days, weeks, and even months will go by and you’ll still never get paid.

In fact you can watch this short 4 minute video where this person shows how they tried to cash out from Reward Dollars but it wouldn’t let them.


And if that’s not enough proof there, check out some of these other major warning signs I found while researching this site.

Reward Dollars Red Flags

They Lie about being the #1 social media network in the world

One of the very first things Reward Dollars claims on their site is that they are the #1 social media network in the entire world. 

However according to Wikipedia, the true top social media networks as of right now are Facebook YouTube, Twitter, Tick Tock, and many other ones that I’m sure you’ve heard of before. 

Reward Dollars Review - Wikipedia list of top social media networks

But in regards to this site, I doubt you or anyone you know has ever heard of this site before right?

So how can they possibly make the bold claim of being the most popular social media network in the world?

In fact they aren’t even really considered a “social network” because once inside all you can do is answer surveys and share your referral link — so there’s no social interaction whatsoever. 

And when you click on their social icons at the bottom for Facebook or Twitter, you simply get redirected back to their site and not their social media page.

So I think it’s safe to say that this is definitely not a top tier social media platform in any way, shape, or form.  

Their sales page is nothing but a hyped up message 

Another thing you’ll notice right away when you land on their site is they tell you that you can easily make up to $1,000 dollars a day simply by sharing your referral link and answering surveys.

Reward Dollars Review - hyped up income claim of making $1,000 a day

However you can’t make this much from the most well known social media platforms like Facebook.

And if you really stop and think about this logiallcaly, where are they getting all their money from? Especially when they are offering no product or service to people.

Because if thousands of people are signing up to this platform daily ( like they claim they are ) — they would be giving out millions of dollars.

But again the math behind this just doesn’t make sense.

How can this site or any business give out this kind of money and still make a profit if they aren’t selling anything?

I’ll tell you… they aren’t. 

So what Reward Dollars is doing is basically dangling all this big money in front of your face so that you will sign up — then after you do that, they can then use your personal information to try and hack your personal accounts.

They lie about when they first started 

According to Reward Dollars about me page, they say they’ve been in business since the year 2000.

Reward Dollars Review - they lie about when they were founded

However when I searched online to see how old their website was, it told me that it was created this year in March 2020.

Reward Dollars Review - it was created on March of 2020

Now why they want to lie about how long they’ve been around I’m not entirely sure. But I would guess it’s because they want to gain your trust so that you will more then likely want to sign up to them.

There’s no information as to who owns this business

When you click where it says contact on this website, all you’re given is some generic email address and a random address.

But you would think that if this company was literally helping thousands of people become financially free that the owner would want to tell everyone who they are so that they can get credit for it right?

I mean why keep your identity a secret if you’re helping people make a lot of money on the internet easily and quickly?

Well I’ll tell you why.

It’s because whoever owns this site is not helping anyone but rather scamming them and trying to hack their accounts.

So of course they don’t want people to know who they are because they know what they are doing is illegal and wrong. 

It uses fake payment proofs on their 

If you click at the top of their website where it says payment proofs, you’ll then be presented with several screenshots of people supposedly making thousand of dollars a day.

However if you take a closer look at some of these pictures you’ll see they are dated from last year in 2019.

Reward Dollars Review - fake payment proof

But as I just proved to you, this site wasn’t even created until March of 2020. So obviously these screenshots are nothing but fakes.

It also uses fake testimonials on their site

To try and convince you even further that their site is “legit” if you scroll down to the bottom of Reward Dollars site you’ll see some testimonials of people claiming to make alot of money. 

Reward Dollars Review - fake testimonials

Again though these are nothing but fakes.

Because when I did a simple reverse image on these pictures, I found out that the people in them are nothing but stock photos that anyone can download and use.

Reward Dollars Review - stock photo

So my question is if this site is so good and has helped so many people, why did they create these fake testimonials?

It’s because this site doesn’t work, and not one single person who has joined has even earned a penny from it.  

They are not recognized by major companies

Again Reward Dollars tries to prove once more that you can trust them by saying they are recognized by award winning companies such as Forbes, Mashable, and Bustle. 

In fact they even go as far to say that they have an A+ rating with the BBB ( Better Business Bureau ).

Reward Dollars Review - lie about being accredited with the Better Business Bureau

However I’ve never once heard of any of these companies mention Reward Dollars anywhere online or in the news. And when I went to the Better Business Bureau’s website, I coudn’t find them anywhere listed. 

So again this company is spewing out nothing but lies to try and deceive you in hopes you’ll sign up to them.   

They are lying about having sponsors 

At the bottom of their website, Reward Dollars say they want to acknowledge the generosity of their sponsors that help them out so much.

And these sponsors aren’t just some small companies, but rather major corporations like Epic Games, EA Sports, Apple, and Google.

Reward Dollars Review - Fake sponsors

Again though I’ve never heard of Apple, Google, or any of them teaming up with Reward Dollars here and saying they support and sponsor what they do.

And why would they? 

Remember this site is not selling anything or offering any kind of service to people. They simply say sign up and well pay you thousands of dollars.

So it doesn’t make sense why anyone would want to sponsor a company or program that’s not selling anything.

And again also shows you that Reward Dollars is simply lying to you again. 

It uses fake stats

Now right below these fake sponsors, they show you some stats to try and prove again that they are legit and want to help people out. 

They say that they…

  • Have 321,543 members
  • Made 959,948 payments
  • And paid their members $6,748,953 dollars

Reward Dollars Review - Fake stats

However if you come back next tweek, next month, or next year ( if this site is still around) these stats do not change!

In fact I would bet the second this site launched back in March that these same stats were already on the website. 

So again this is just another sleazy tactic to try and convince you that this site is legitimate, when in fact it’s nothing of the sort. 

Is Reward Dollars A Scam?

Reward Dollars is definitely a scam no questions asked.

It’s very similar to other sites I’ve reviewed in the past such as WiredBucks in that their payment proofs are fake, their testimonials are fake, they lie about how long they’ve been in business, they lie about people sponsoring them, and so on and so forth.

In fact, their entire site is riddled with so many lies that I could write an entirely new article only on this topic.

Plus there’s zero evidence that anyone has earned a mere penny from this site — let alone thousands of dollars a day like they claim you can. 

So I urge you to not sign up to this site and use it — because nothing good will come from it. 

Now if you want a legit site where you can do surveys and other similar task to earn real money, I suggest you check out Swagbucks.

It won’t make you rich, and it probably won’t even pay some of your major bills each month — but over time it can give you a good amount of extra cash you can use to go out to eat with or whatever.

Which again is a lot more then what this site can do for you.

What I Like About It

  • There was not one thing I could find positive to say about this scam

What I Don’t Like About It

  • Their sales page is very misleading 
  • Their site is nothing but one lie after another 
  • You will not earn any money from this site
  • You run the risk of getting your personal information stolen if you sign up to it

My Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, Reward dollars is simply a scam out to steal your personal information so that they can try and hack you.

And I know you really wanted this site to be legit so that it could help you make money ( in fact I did too ) — because who wouldn’t want to earn thousands of dollars a day basically doing nothing right?

But making money online is not something that can be done quickly and easily — otherwise we’d all be rich and no one would have to work for a living.

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And that would be by starting an online business.

Now there are several ways you can go about doing this, but my preferred method is by doing affiliate marketing.

This is because you can sell whatever products you want, it costs very little to get started with, and you can make a passive and growing income with this model.  

You see all you do is simply create helpful content that points people towards products they’re already looking for  — then get paid a commission each time they buy something.  

And the cool thing is you can create your business around any topic you want such as sports, traveling, computers, or whatever.

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It gives you step by step training, 24/7 support, all the tools you’ll need to be successful, and best of all it’s 100% free to join. 

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Now I really hoped you enjoyed reading my review, and more importantly I hope I have shown you why that this site cannot be trusted.

But if you need more reasons or simply want to ask me a question, leave a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Reward Dollars

Free to join

Overall Rating



  • There was not one thing I could find positive to say about this scam


  • Their site is nothing but one lie after another 
  • You will not earn any money from this site
  • You run the risk of getting your personal information stolen if you sign up to it
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