Scent Sations Review: Money Making Candle Business Or Pyramid Scheme? Find Out Here

Welcome to my Scent Sations Review.

I’m guessing you landed on this page because someone asked you to join their team or you accidentally stumbled upon this site by accident.

So now you’re wondering if this is a legit company that can help you make some extra money or just a scam.

Well luckily for you I’ll be discussing everything you need to know about this opportunity so by the time you’re done reading you’ll be able to decide if this is something you would or would not like to join.

So with that said, let’s get into it!

Quick Summary Of Scent Sations

Name: Scent Sations


Price: $9.95 plus $14.95 – $100 / month  

Rating: 3 out of 5

What Is Scent Sations?

Scent Sations is an MLM (multi-level-marketing ) company that sells scented candles to make your home smell great.

It was founded back in 2002 by Robert Scocozzo who seems to have put his heart and soul into this company since it began.

Now according to his bio, he first got the idea of selling scented candles when he had to do a fundraiser for his son’s basketball team.

Of course he didn’t realize how big of a hit it would be and thousands of people were telling him how amazing they were and if they could order more.

So from then on he started creating his candle business — and now he claims anyone who joins Scent Sations here can also make a good income online by doing what he did all those years back.

However since you’re here reading this article, you might be wondering if this statement is true or just a hyped up sales pitch to get you to join this opportunity. 

Well I’ll tell you that it is possible to make money with them ( because let’s face it, most women love buying good smelling candles ) — however the chances of you earning a good income don’t look all that great.

And I’ll explain more why this is in a second, but first let me talk a little bit more about how this company operates and what it is selling.

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What Does Scent Sations Sell?

Similar to another MLM company I reviewed a while ago called Scentsy, Scent Sations mainly sells scented candles on their website.

However these aren’t just any ordinary candles.

They use the brand Mia Bella because they say they are made of natural wax, burn longer, and won’t cause any soot damage within your house.

Scent Sations Review - different types of scented candles they sell

Now they have several hundred candles for sale on their site ranging from $10 – $30, with most of them being in 16 oz jars. 

Aside from that, you’ll also find a few other products such as lotions, room sprays, and other things for sale on their website. 

And if you would like to see how all their products ( especially their candles ) are made, you can watch this short 8 minute video here. 


Scent Sations Compensation Plan

One of the things I dread most about MLM companies is having to read their compensation plans. 

This is because they are extremely long, use lots of numbers and graphs, plus use words that I’ve never heard of before in my life.

And after spending about an hour looking over them, I sometimes will get a headache.

So to keep you from going through all this trouble yourself, I will highlight the main parts of this company’s plan so you can understand how you’ll make money if you decide to join.

Affiliate Ranks

There are a total of 15 ranks you can earn within Scent Sations which are as follows…

  1. Gold 
  2. Ruby 
  3. Emerald 
  4. Sapphire 
  5. Diamond 
  6. 2K Diamond 
  7. 5K Diamond 
  8. 10K Diamond 
  9. Double Diamond 
  10. Triple Diamond 
  11. Director 
  12. Senior Director 
  13. Platinum Director 
  14. Senior Platinum Director 
  15. Ambassador Director 

Now as you climb higher in ranks the more money you can potentially make. However the catch is going up in ranks is extremely hard with this company. 

For example to reach rank 2 ( Ruby ), all you have to do is recruit two people into your team. However to reach rank 15 ( Ambassador Director ) — you have to recruit 20 people, and have you and your team make $500,000 worth of sales each month!

Retail Commissions

When I was reading their compensation plan, I couldn’t find any mention on how much you would earn by selling their products directly to people.

But on average, most MLM companies pay around 20% – 30% commissions per item you sell.

Residual Commissions

This company uses a unilevel compensation structure within their plan.

This means that as you recruit people into your team, you will be able to earn a certain percent of all the sales they make. 

Scent Sations Review - Unilevel compensation structure

Now depending on what rank you are will determine how much money you can earn.

For example if you are a Gold rank, you can 9% on anyone you personally recruit — and if you are Ruby rank, you can earn  9% on your first level, and 4% on your 2nd. 


There are also a few different bonuses you can earn with Scent Sations based again on what rank you are or how many items you sell within a certain time frame.

For example their Rank Achievement Bonus gives you a one time payment for reaching a new rank.

So starting at 2k Diamond, here’s how much you can earn with this bonus…

  • 2K Diamond = $50
  • 5K Diamond = $100
  • 10K Diamond = $200
  • Double Diamond = $300
  • Triple Diamond = $400
  • Director = $500
  • Director = $700
  • Platinum Director = $800
  • Ambassador Director = $5,000

Now if you are still confused on how the entire thing works, you can view their entire compensation plan right here.

But if you don’t feel like doing that either, just know that the only 2 ways you can make money with this company is to either sell their candles directly to people or by building a team.

Of course the big bucks are made by building teams, but also it’s the hardest thing to do. 

How Much Does It Cost?

There are two different options you can choose from when joining this company — plan A, or plan B.

  1. Plan A ( Distributor Program ) costs $9.95 but also gives you the option to pay $39.95 / month or $100 / month for a website and points toward buying products.
  1. Plan B ( Associated Program ) also costs $9.95 with a monthly payment of $14.95 for maintaining the website they give you.

Scent Sations Review - how much it cost to join

What I Like About It

  • This company is great for anyone that wants to do Fundraising

Going back to its roots, it seems the CEO has made it a priority to help people who want to do a fundraising. 

What they will do is customize their candles and other products toward a specific business or organization. 

Scent Sations Review - Fundraising with Scent Sations

So if you are needing to do it for sports, your school, your church, or whatever — they can help create a unique and great design for you. 

  • They sell a high quality candles

Even though their candles are on the more expensive side ( around $20 a jar ) they are much better than the average candle you’ll get at Walmart or wherever. 

This is because they use green technology waxes that are soot free, burn longer, and have a stronger and more pleasant smell.

Now for me personally I would buy these candles mainly because they don’t produce any soot because there are smudges in my home from all the candles my wife has burnt. 

So it would be nice to have one of their candles so I wouldn’t have to worry about that anymore.

What I Don’t Like About It

  • You have to pay a monthly fee to join their company

One of the main things I don’t like about this company is the fact that you are required to pay a monthly fee to join them. 

Scent Sations Review - you're required to buy products each month

So what ends up happening is you have to buy $40 – $100 worth of candles each month — meaning they can quickly accumulate in your home and put you into debt if you don’t sell them.

And this is one of the main reasons why… 

  • You have a very slim chance of earning a good income within this company

Whether you are trying to sell these products yourself or trying to build a team, stats have proven that 99% of everyone who joins an MLM business ends up failing.

This is because they make you keep buying their products ( as I just mentioned ) plus the fact that it’s extremely hard to build a team.

So what ends up happening is people either make very little or go into debt because they end up spending more money than they make. 

  • You’ll be bothering your friends and family 

Then last but not least, this company will tell you to market their company by talking to people closest in your life

This means your family, friends, co workers, and so on.

Now the problem with this is that you run a very high chance of getting on these people’s nerves, and ruining your relationship with them.

And trust me I know, because this has happened to me several times in my life — and it’s not a pleasant experience. 

Is Scent Sations A Scam?

The good news is that Scent Sations is not a scam.

The CEO seems to be honest and has created what looks like a great candle that people will love to put in their homes.

The main problem though is that you simply won’t make a lot of money with this company if you decide to join them.

So why the choice is completely up to you, I wouldn’t recommend you join this opportunity because I know for a fact there are better ways of generating an income online. 

Is Scent Sations A Pyramid Scheme?

I also want to make it clear that Scent Sations is not a Pyramid Scheme either.

Now you might hear some people call this company that, but by definition this company is not one. 

This is because in order for an MLM business to be labeled a Pyramid Scheme, its members will only be able to make money by recruiting people rather than selling an actual product / service.

So what ends up happening is once recruitment slows down or stops, the company can’t pay all its members and it simply goes bankrupt.

Of course this is not the case with Scent Sataions here since they have a high quality product you can buy / sell.

But to help explain in more detail why this company is not a Pyramid Scheme, you can watch this short 2 minute video here.


My Final Thoughts

Scent Sations is a legit MLM business that seems to be operated by an honest CEO — which also offers high quality candles for you to buy or sell.

However with that said, the main problem with this company is that it uses an MLM business model to market its company.

This means that anyone who joins this opportunity has to build a team to try and make a good income.

But the hard fact is that 99% of everyone fails with this business model — not to mention it’s just embarrassing having to go to your friends and family asking them to buy whatever you’re selling.  

This is why I prefer affiliate marketing to generate an income online.

There’s no recruiting whatsoever, you can sell whatever products you want, and you don’t have to spend a dime on advertising.

You simply create helpful content that points people towards products they’re already looking for  — then you get paid a commission each time they buy something.  

So if this sounds like something you might be interested in, check out my #1 recommended training online.

It gives you step by step training, 24/7 support, all the tools you’ll need to be successful, and best of all it’s 100% free to join. 

Check Out My #1 Recommended Product Here

I hope you enjoyed my review about Scent Sations, and now can determine if this is something you want to pursue or not.

Of course if you have any questions about this company or making money online in general, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer them.

Scent Sations

$9.95 plus $14.95 - $100 / month

Overall Rating



  • This company is great for anyone that wants to do Fundraising
  • They sell a high quality candles


  • You have to pay a monthly fee to join their company
  • You have a very slim chance of earning a good income within this company
  • You’ll be bothering your friends and family 
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6 thoughts on “Scent Sations Review: Money Making Candle Business Or Pyramid Scheme? Find Out Here”

  1. Thanks for your insightful look into the MLM Scent Sations candle making and selling opportunity. These sound like quality candles and would make a great fund-raiser. But trying to make an income from it may be difficult. As with many MLM business opportunities, it seems like it is difficult to make much money unless you climb higher in their ranks.

    So while I think I would love to be a paying customer of this company, I don’t think it’s in my best interest to join it to try and make money.  

    Also thank you for sharing your insights into affiliate marketing or more precisely Wealthy Affiliate. It looks like a much easier way to make an income online.

    • I’m glad to see you enjoyed my review Carolyn, and I think you made a wise choice in not joining Scent Sations.

      Because frankly, I think the MLM business model is very flawed and only caters toward very specific people who have an outgoing personality, a large following, or both.

      But all these companies brag about how much you can earn, making it seem like the average person can build a 6 figure business with ease — which simply isn’t true.

      Now on the flipside, affiliate marketing is the exact opposite — as thousands upon thousands of people with no experience are making a lot of money thanks to this business model.

      And of course while you’re still not guaranteed to become successful — thanks to my #1 rated program ( Wealthy Affiliate ) I’ve seen far more people make money than fail thanks to their excellent training.

      So if you are really looking for a legit way to earn money online, I’d recommend you check them out.

  2. Having an MLM the builds a website for their promoters is a good one. And the cost of both the MLM and the website is reasonable. 

    Now even though I think this looks like a good company, I don’t want to join it due to the fact I am not interested in selling candles. 

    I was attracted to your number one recommendation called Wealthy Affiliate, because from what I read you can create a business around anything you want.

    Is this true?

    Thanks again for this great review.


    • Thanks for your comment Ayodeji, and you are correct.

      Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to create a business around anything your passionate about be it dating online, sports, gaming, etc etc. 

      I think this is one of the biggest perks to affiliate marketing because you are free to promote anything and everything you want — while with an MLM business you are restricted to only what they are selling. 

  3. Hey, 

    Thank you for reviewing Scent Sations. It is an interesting business and I agree with you it cannot be a scam because it has a solid product. The business part looks complicated though with so many ranks. Maybe like you I just don’t like studying the compensation plans. 

    I guess only those with passion and good marketing skills can make it with this company.

    • Lol don’t worry, I still get confused reading MLM compensation plans and I’ve been doing it for a long time now.

      It’s true that you’ll need a strong passion about the MLM company you part of and their products — but what makes people successful or not is based on if they know how to recruit hundreds of people each month.

      Which sadly many people don’t, and is why 99% of people fail in this industry.

      This is why I recommend people to try affiliate marketing out, or at the very least learn the skills on how to get traffic online — which both are taught within my #1 recommended product Wealthy Affiliate.

      Otherwise you’ll simply keep asking your friends and family to join your team which will never work or make you rich. 


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