VIC Cosmetics Review: Do Not Join This Inactive MLM Opportunity

Welcome to my VIC Cosmetics review. 

 I’m guessing you’re here either because someone you know mentioned this company, they tried to get you to join their team, or you simply stumbled upon it by accident.

 So now you’re wondering if this opportunity is a scam or a legit business that can help you make money online.

Well within my article I’ll be covering things such as what this company is selling, how much it cost to join, how you make money with them, and more.

That way by the time you’re done reading you’ll be able to determine if this is something you would like to pursue or not.

So with that said, let’s get into it!

Quick Summary Of VIC Cosmetics

Name: VIC Cosmetics


Price: $129

Rating: 1 out of 5

What Is VIC Cosmetics?

VIC Cosmetics is an MLM company that’s within the beauty / makeup niche.

Now how the story about this company goes, is the founders Edward and Jessica Le started a small eyelash extension company called Lash Studio.

Eventually it grew to over 200 locations worldwide, which is when they decided to sell it and create VIC Cosmetics in 2018 — which is described within this article right here. 

So they say their mission now is to create high quality products with competitive prices so that women can create their own success story by selling these products to other people.

Now you might be wondering what are the chances that this will actually happen right?

Well to be quite frank with you, I think you would have better luck winning the lottery than building a full time income with VIC Cosmetics.

And I’ll show you exactly why this is in a second, but first let me explain a little bit more about what this company is selling. 

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What Does VIC Cosmetics Sell?

As I mentioned earlier, VIC Cosmetics is a company that sells products to make women feel and look beautiful.

VIC Cosmetics Review - VIC lipsticks and other products

On their website their products are separated into 5 different categories as shown here: 

  • Lips – There are 4 different types of lip gloss, lip balm, and a beauty sleep mask for your lips. 
  • Face – There’s make removing cleansing oil, facial toner, cheek palette’s, and a few other items.
  • Eyes – They sell  Super Drama Queen Mascara and a few different eye shadow palettes.
  • Brows – They sell 1 Brow Palette with 3 different colors on it.
  • Body Care – They sell a makeup remover cloth, and toner and cleansing oil combo. 

So all in all it looks like they sell around 20 items on their site, and the prices range from $15 – $45 dollars.

Now since I’m a guy I really don’t know much about makeup. However after reviewing literally hundreds of MLM companies in my career, I’d say these products look like every other company that sells cosmetics. 

VIC Cosmetics Compensation Plan 

The thing I really don’t look forward to when reviewing MLM companies is having to read their compensation plan.

This is because they are usually long, boring, and use so many graphs that I feel like I’m back in Algebra class. 

Luckily though VIC Cosmetics plan is pretty short and simple, so it wasn’t all that hard to understand.

So I will quickly go over how it works so that you can see how you would make money if you decided to join this opportunity. 

Affiliate Ranks

There are 6 ranks you can obtain within this company which are as follows…

  1. Beauty Consultant
  2. Senior Beauty Consultant
  3. Director
  4. Senior Director
  5. Executive Director
  6. Senior Executive Director

Now like every other MLM company on the planet, trying to climb to the other ranks is actually extremely difficult.

So difficult in fact that hardly anyone ever makes it past rank 3 — and people still struggle just to get that far. 

Retail Commissions

You can earn anywhere between 25% – 40% in commissions depending on how many sales you make a month.

Here are the stats to show you what you’ll make based on how the amount of sales you made:

VIC Cosmetics Review - retail commissions

  • $0 – $999 = 25%
  • $1,000 – $1,999 = 30%
  • $2,000 – $2,999 = 35%
  • $3,000 + = 40%

Residual Commissions

VIC Cosmetics uses what is called a unilevel structure within their plan.

This means that everyone you personally recruit will be on the first level of your team, then when someone on your first level recruits someone they will then be on your second level, and so on and so forth.

VIC Cosmetics Review - Unilevel compensation structure

Now this company here only goes 4 levels deep, and the higher the rank you are the more you can make off your team.

So here are the stats of how much you’ll earn based on what rank you are.  

VIC Cosmetics Review - residual income

  • Senior Beauty Consultant = 4%
  • Director = 6%
  • Senior Director = 7%
  • Executive Director = 9%
  • Senior Executive Director = 10%


This company also offers a one time rank bonus, which means they will pay you money when you reach a new rank for the first time.

Here’s how much you make based on the different ranks…

  • Senior Beauty Consultant = $100
  • Director =$500
  • Senior Director = $1,000
  • Executive Director = $2,500
  • Senior Executive Director = $5,000

Now if you’re still a little confused about how you’ll be making money with this company then just remember you either need to sell these products directly to people or build a team.

And to help you out, you can watch this short 2 minute video that goes over this plan for you.


How Much Does It Cost?

To become a member of VIC Cosmetics, you need to buy their product pack which costs $129. 

This will more than likely come with a few products so that you can either sell them or entice people to join your team.

What I Like About It

  • The founders seem to genuinely want to help people

More times than not, when reviewing an MLM company I’ll find out that their CEO has usually had a shady past — or worst they seem to only find ways to make themselves richer.

However Edward and Jessica Le here seem to really care about the people who join this company and I think they are truly trying to create products that are high in quality.

So it’s good to see that if you do decide to join this opportunity that the owners will do their best to help you succeed.

What I Don’t Like About It

  • They don’t have a lot of products for sale

One of the main things I don’t like about this company is the lack of products they have for sale. Because at the time of writing this review, they have about a total of 20 beauty supplies on their website.

And other MLM companies like Mary Kay or Tori Belle Cosmetics have literally hundreds if not thousands of items for sale.

So I believe there’s going to be a very high chance that your future customers may not find something they like with VIC Cosmetics — and will go to a company that has more items they can choose from. 

  • You’ll have to annoy your friends and family to market this company

Since this is an MLM company, this means that in order to make a good income you need to build a large team.

And how these companies tell you to market their company is for you to talk to your friends, family, and other people that are close in your life — which is what they call your warm market.

Now besides this being a terrible marketing strategy for several reasons, I think the main disadvantage of doing this is you run a high risk of causing hurt feelings with these people in your life.

Because let’s face it, do you really like being pushed to buy something much less join an opportunity you know nothing about?

Ya I didn’t think so.

  • People are not interested in this company anymore

When I went to Google trends to see how popular this company was, I was shown that literally zero people are showing any interest in VIC Cosmetics here.

VIC Cosmetics Review - No one is interested in it

As you can see in that picture, the only time this company actually ever had people interested in it was when it launched back in 2018.

Since then it’s basically been crickets.

So I wouldn’t be too surprised if this company suddenly disappeared later this year or in the next year of 2021.

  • Chances of you earning a good income are extremely low

Then last but not least, it’s been proven that 99% of anyone who joins an MLM company ( no matter how popular it is ) ends up failing.

VIC Cosmetics Review - FTC claims less than 1% of all people succeed in an MLM business

This is primarily due to the fact that recruiting people and building large teams is very difficult — especially when all they tell you to do is sell their products to your friends and family.

Is VIC Cosmetics A Scam?

I do think VIC Cosmetics is a scam. 

The CEO’s of the company seems to be very very ethical and hard working, plus they are selling what seems to be pretty decent products.

However at the end of the day, I don’t think you want to join a company because one it doesn’t get any attention, and two it gives you a 1% chance ( or less ) of earning a good income. 

So why the choice is completely up to you as to what you do, I highly recommend you don’t join this opportunity because I know for a fact there are far better ways of making money online.

Is VIC Cosmetics A Pyramid Scheme?

VIC Cosmetics is also not a Pyramid Scheme. 

Because for a company to be one, it’s members have to make money by only recruiting people and not selling any sort of product or service.

However as you saw within their compensation plan, you can make up to 40% commissions on every item you directly sell to a customer — so this obviously is not one.

And if you would like a better explanation of how Pyramid Schemes work and why this company is not one, you can watch this 2 minute video here.


My Final Thoughts

VIC Cosmetics looks to be like a legit company with respectable CEO’s and products that look pretty good.

However the main two problems I have with this opportunity is first of all no one is really interested in it — and secondly, this company is using an MLM business model.

This means that the only way to earn a good income ( 5 – 6 figures a month ) is by building a team.

So in order for you to be successful, your team members have to recruit hundreds of people and sell thousands of products.

And I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the idea of having my entire income be determined on other people’s skills and motivation to succeed.

This is why I prefer affiliate marketing to generate an income online.

There’s no recruiting whatsoever, you can sell whatever products you want, and you don’t have to spend a dime on advertising.

You simply create helpful content that points people towards products they’re already looking for  — then you get paid a commission each time they buy something.  

So if this sounds like something you might be interested in, check out my #1 recommended training online.

It gives you step by step training, 24/7 support, all the tools you’ll need to be successful, and best of all it’s 100% free to join. 

Check Out My #1 Recommended Product Here

I hope you found my review here interesting and helpful.

But if you have any questions about this company or making money online in general, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer them.

VIC Cosmetics


Overall Rating



  • The founders seem to genuinely want to help people


  • They don’t have a lot of products for sale
  • People are not interested in this company anymore
  • Chances of you earning a good income are extremely low
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4 thoughts on “VIC Cosmetics Review: Do Not Join This Inactive MLM Opportunity”

  1. Hello Michael, 

    I feel good reading reviews like yours here that show that a business is a scam or that it’s one we should simply stay away from. 

    This is because reading reviews have been really helpful to me because I can learn if it’s the right thing to join or not without having to spend money on it.

    And after looking at this MLM company and other ones in general, I have to say that they are a huge turn off for me. 

    • I don’t blame you Justin. Like you when I learned how the MLM business model works ( which is to build large teams by asking your friends and family ) — I immediately got turned off too.

      This is because at the end of the day I know I would feel terrible with myself promoting something that I knew the person would almost guarantee to fail at.

      Since then I learned about affiliate marketing and believe it’s one of the easiest and best ways of generating an income online because not have I seen thousands of people succeed with this business model but I personally have made money with it.

      This is why when anyone asks me how they can make money online I always point them toward my favorite program online called Wealthy Affiliate.

      Because they are free to join, their training has been proven to work over and over again, and you can promote anything and everything you want.

  2. MLM is a very bad business model and everyone should run from it in my opinion. I don’t encourage it because it is not a good source of making money online and it favors only the people at the top. 

    Thanks for sharing this and for warning against it, it’ll save a lot of people money.

    • Thanks for the comment Bruce, but I want to make one thing clear that you said.

      You said that only people at the top make all the money, but this simply isn’t the case unless the company is indeed a Pyramid Scheme — which I do not believe VIC Cosmetics is.

      However with that said, the majority of people fail to generate a good income with this business model simply because you not only have to recruit hundreds upon thousands of people a month into your team — but you have to teach these same people how to become successful marketers.

      So basically you have to be an excellent team manager knowing how to inspire, support, and lead your team to success. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t really have that kind of qualifications.

      This is why I find affiliate marketing such a great business model instead. 

      You don’t have to build large teams, motivate people, or sell products you don’t want too. You simply create websites and videos about subjects your passionate about and point people toward things they are already interested in.


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