What Are The Benefits Of Working From Home? Here’s 7 Great Reasons

Many people dream of the day when instead of having to drive to work, they can sit comfortably at home working in their PJ’s and drinking a nice hot cup of coffee.

However there are also people that wonder what are the benefits of working from home, and if it’s really worth pursuing a job that allows such a thing.

While there are obvious benefits like not having to commute and being able wear what you want, I’ve listed a few other reasons that you might not of thought of — and are ones I think you’re going to enjoy very much.

So without any further ado, here’s 7 ways your life could change if you decided to work from the comfort of your home instead of driving to a normal 9-5 job.

1. You Can Work Anywhere You Want

work in a coffee shop

While working at home is definitely the most convent place to work in my opinion, don’t think you have to limit yourself to only working in one of your spare bedrooms or at the kitchen table. With a simple internet connection and a place to plug in your laptop, you could easily take your work wherever you want.

Some days you could work at your local coffee shop in town, and other days you could take a trip to a relaxing place such as a beach — and listen to waves crash along the shore while you work.

Where ever you choose though, I’d imagine you could easily find  a more relaxing and fun place to work instead of being in a boring stuffy office.

2. You Can Work When You Want, And How You Want

One of the greatest advantages of working from home in my opinion, is as long as you get what needs to be done each and every day — you can set your schedule to however you see fit.

So if you’re someone like me who loves to sleep in not hear an annoying alarm clock — you can set your work schedule to later that afternoon and enjoy your mornings however you want.

The great thing about also setting your own work schedule, is you are also able to take breaks whenever you see fit — and not be forced to a 30min – 1 hour fixed lunch schedule.

You could do things like go out to eat with your friends on a Tuesday afternoon, play some video games when you need a small break, and best of all take a quick cat nap if you’re feeling a little bit sleepy.

3. There’s No Boss Breathing Down Your Neck

angry boss

By being able to work when you want in a place far away from your boss or coworkers, you don’t have to worry about having someone come check in on you every 5 minutes to make sure you’re doing your job.

I know personally I’ve had jobs where I’ll be working hard all day long then decide to take a short 10-minute break to catch my breath, only to have my boss or coworker walk by and look at me like I’ve been there for hours.

It’s a great feeling never having to feel guilty, pressured, or rushed to do your job — as it can make your work day much more enjoyable one.

4. Your Productivity Will Increase

While it may take some discipline at first to not watch TV every 5 minutes or scroll through Facebook to read your latest notification, you’ll eventually learn how to not get distracted by these sorts of things.

You’ll find when you create a work routine that best suits your needs, that you can actually get more accomplished than you ever could at a normal job.

If you think about it when working in a building surrounded by people, you’re far more likely to socialize with them to ask them what they did over the weekend.

Also when you are busy working away, you will have those people that come by wanting to ask you questions or favors from you — distracting you from important work that you need to get done.

At home you can literally put your phone on do not disturb, set a timer to work hard for 2-3 hours straight without any breaks, and know that you won’t be interrupted as you’re working.

5. You Can Save Time And Money By Not Having To Commute

You won't have to commute

Besides from having to wake up early and answer to a boss every day, I believe having to commute to work is the next biggest thing people despise.

On average people live 30 plus minutes away from work, which equals out to around 5 hours of your time wasted a week. I’m sure you would rather spend those 5 hours doing something other than driving in bumper to bumper traffic.

Also commuting not only makes your day shorter since you have to drive to and from work, but it also makes you spend more money on gas each and every week.

Assuming you spend on average $30.00 a week on gas, that equals out to be around $1,560 dollars o year. That could easily pay for your house mortgage one month, or be money spent to take you and your family on a nice vacation getaway.

On top of all that, let’s not forget about the crazy and rude drivers that you have to deal with when driving to work.

While I don’t see myself as someone who gets mad too often, my wife will tell you that I hate people who pull out in front of me — and it makes me want to pull out my hair every single time someone does it.

6. You Can Wear What You Want

No longer will you have to wear suits, dresses, ties, or work shoes ever again. You can literally wake up in your PJ’s and stay in them all day long as you do your work throughout the day.

While this is very exciting at first, I also wouldn’t’t recommend you do this every single day — as it can lead you to feeling more lazy and being less productive.

Therefore I’d recommend you dress up in your normal every day clothes, that way when you’re done working you can immediately go out and enjoy the rest of your day or run any sort of errands you need without having to change and get ready.

7. You Can Spend More Time With Your Family

You can spend more time with your family

Last but not least one of the greatest benefits in my opinion of working from home, is being able to be with your loved ones more often.

For people that are just having a baby they won’t ever have to worry about missing their children’s first steps or speak their first words — since they won’t have to send them to daycare.

Or for people that have wives or husbands stay at home to take care of the kids, you can now spend more time with them eating family meals and helping them take care of every day household chores.

Overall it’s a great feeling knowing that at any given moment you can easily get up and say hi to your family whenever you want.

Just be sure that with the extra time you now have with your loved ones, that you don’t neglect to do your work and complete task that need to get done.

As easy way to do this, is to tell your family that between a certain time of the day ( say 8-12pm) that you are not to be disturbed — this way you can get things done without any interruptions.

Then once your work is all done, you can literally spend the rest of the day being with them.

Final Thoughts

Working from home takes a lot of self-discipline and hard work to make it happen, but also comes with many benefits if you choose to do so.

You can do things like work in your PJ’s, sleep in every morning, and even work at your closest Starbucks in you want to.

Best of all is you get to save more time and money by not having to commute — which frees up more of your day to spend it how you want.

Having a job that lets you stay at home is a great opportunity, but what I find even better is creating an online business that allows you to be truly be independent and work anywhere in the world you want.

Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate I have found a way to do such at thing. It has shows me how to create a business that in return can let me work when I want, how I want, and dictate how much money I want to make.

If you’re someone who loves their job then I am very glad for you, but if you want some who’s looking to quit their job and work from home — I highly urge you read my #1 recommend product showing how anyone to create a profitable online business.

I would like to know though are you someone who already works from home, or are you someone who is looking for a way to make it happen?

Also what benefits do you find most appealing by being able to work from home? It is spending more time with your family, not having to answer to a boss, or maybe it’s something else?

Let me know in the comment section below your favorite reason for wanting to have a job that allows you to work from home.

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8 thoughts on “What Are The Benefits Of Working From Home? Here’s 7 Great Reasons”

  1. I think if you asked most people what their dream was, they would say it would be to stop working for someone else.  What people do not realize is that to get to that position a lot of hard work is involved.

    Do you have any suggestions on how to do this?

    • I believe the easiest way to become your own boss is by creating an online business. It doesn’t cost much to get started, you can turn a profit relatively fast (around 6 months – a year), and you can work anywhere in the world you want.

      After looking over hundreds of programs online, Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best training course out there I think. It’s free to get started, gives you easy step by step instructions to create a business, and you’ll have access to thousands of other successful online marketers to help you out.

      Like you said though, even though WA will give you the tools and knowledge on how to build a business — it’s up to you to put in the work to become successful.

    • Working from home is becoming a lot more common as many jobs are allowing their employees do all their business with just a phone and a laptop.

      Also creating an online business is also become much easier as technology and training is getting better too. While their are many scams out there that you do need to be careful of, Wealthy Affiliate is in my opinion a very legitimate program that teaches even beginners how to do this without a big budget or any previous experience.

  2. I think you’ve just sold me on the benefits of working from home!! 🙂

    With so many awesome reasons by having a job or or even running a business from home, I can see why more and more people are choosing to do it.

    Folks are tired of communicating to and from a job they hate, being dictated to by a boss, and especially having very little free time to themselves.

    Personally, I would LOVE to spend every day working on my laptop in a nice chilled coffee shop with a stress-free environment.

    I can understand that it takes discipline, especially building an online business – but the rewards and a life of freedom would be so WORTH it!


    • That’s the main beauty I see in creating an online business compared to an offline one. You can work in any kind of environment you want — which can reduce your stress levels, increasing your productivity, and just overall enjoy life.

      I know that with hard work, patience, and following a proven method that works you can easily achieve your dreams Neil. 🙂

  3. Hi Michael, I’ve read your post and enjoyed it very much.Depending on where you are living, commuting could be your worst nightmare ever.

    One of the best things about working from home is having a peaceful mind. You won’t have to worry about getting hit by drunk driver, or taking your children to daycare.

    Also you are your own boss. You determine when to work, when to relax, and when to spend time with your family.

    So basically you can live each day doing what you want, and when you want.

    You can make a spread sheet to math out your time, how you want your day to be, and every thing is fortified. While you work a reasonable day.


    • I agree Dorcas that one of the best things about working from home is having a lot more time to yourself. By not having to commute to work — you save a ton of time each week allowing you to do more things you want.

      While working at home doesn’t necessarily mean your own boss (as their are several jobs out there that let you work from home) — the opportunity to create an online business has never been better.

      Through Wealthy Affiliate I’ve learned all the necessary skills on how to create a business from scratch that can let me work when I want, how I want, and just have a lot more freedom in my life.


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