What Is A Niche In Internet Marketing – It’s Basically A Group Of People

Many people when starting out online (including myself), all wonder what is a niche in internet marketing — and for good reason.

Everywhere you look people are telling you in order to become successful online you first have to find a profitable niche. Many people get frustrated and confused though because they don’t understand the concept of what a niche is.

Well today I want to clear up any confusion or questions you may have regarding a niche, talk about a common problem I see many people face when trying to find one, and tell you the best way you should go about choosing one.

So without any further ado, let me jump right into things here.

What Is A Niche?

A niche is simply a group of people who all have the same interest in a particular subject. You’ll soon discover that there are literally millions of niches in the world, with new ones popping up every single day.

Here are just a few examples of some common niches:

  • how to play baseball
  • how to lost belly fat
  • pottery
  • learning how to care for your pets
  • how to earn extra money with crypto currency.

So basically just about anything and everything out there is a niche. However what you may not of known is there are two types of niches…

There are broad niches, then there are very specific niches.

While this may not seem like a big deal to most people, understanding the difference between them both is crucial to creating a successful business online — which brings me to my next topic.

A Common Problem People Have When Finding A Niche

When many people first try to find a niche, most of the time they will think of a very broad term, like “how to play baseball.” The thing with this term though is that it’s WAY TO BROAD.

The goal of your site is to help a group of people with a certain problem, and the more focused your niche / site is the better you’ll be able to connect with your readers and convert them into buying customers.

For example a broad niche would be “how to play sports better”. If you were to go into Dick’s sporting good and ask this question, it’s very unlikely anyone will be able to help you.

Let’s now narrow this niche down even more into “how to play baseball”. While this is a lot better — personally I think this is still too broad of a niche to go after.

Now going with this same example, here’s how you can narrow down this niche to better help people in the baseball niche. You can target things like:

  • How to become a better hitter
  • How to become a better Pitcher
  • How to run faster
  • What’s the best type of baseball equipment
  • How to throw a baseball further

Are you starting to get the picture now? People aren’t interested in how to play baseball in general, they are looking for more specific ways to improve their game.

Personally growing up my dad would spend hundreds of dollars giving me and my brother private hitting lessons so that we could learn how to hit a baseball better.

As you can see, the niche “how to become a better hitter”, can easily be a successful online business — and this is just one example on how to break down a broad niche into a much more specific one.

Again you can break down any niche out there into smaller sub niches, letting you target a much more specific group of people.

Now while having a very specific niche is important, another common problem I see many people do is pick topics they have no interest in.

Why You Should Always Choose A Niche Your Passionate About

You’ll hear that any niche out there can be profitable, yet you’ll see some people making thousands from their websites — while others are struggling to even earn a dollar.

Why is this?

Basically the people who are making thousands of dollars, are also the ones passionate and eager to learn more about their niche. If you were to go up and ask them any question, more than likely they could talk to you for days about the subject.

When you are excited and willing to learn more about your niche, your readers will be able to tell this by the way you write, the way you create videos, and overall just how you build your website.

This naturally will lead to more sales because your readers will emotionally connect with you.

Also since you are so involved within your niche, you’ll be able to understand what kind of problems they may be facing — giving you a great opportunity to be the one to help them out.

Are There Certain Niches That Are Too Competitive To Pursue?

Absolutely not!

If there’s a niche you want to go after, then by all means do so. While some niches out there have more competition than others, it only means it will take you a little longer to see good results.

For example a niche with very little competition may start to earn you money within 1-3 months, while a more competitive one can take anywhere between 6 months to a year.

To help further prove my point that no niche is too competitive, I’ll give you a quick overview about the city I live in.

I live in a fairly small city with around 35,000 people. Now along a short 1-mile road, there are 5 different pizza places you can choose from.

Pizza Hut

Crazy right?

You’re probably wondering how can all 5 of these restaurants coexist so close to each other without running out of business. Well the answer is quite simple.

Each place has their own unique way in how the make pizza. Personally I’m more of a Pizza Hut person, but you may enjoy Papa Johns more. You see people are going to choose what they like, regardless if it cost them a little bit extra, or if it’s out of their way.

Again these pizza places are all in somewhat of a small city.

Let’s now compare this to creating a business online.

You not only have access to people within your city limits, but you have the opportunity to market to the entire world! That’s billions of people who can be your potential customer.

So much like how each of those pizza joints have their own unique way in creating pizza, your website will also be unique due to how you write and present information.

While there may be thousands of people all in the same niche as you, the way you create your website might connect with certain people better.

If your older you can relate to retirees better, if you’re in college you can relate to other students better, and if your a mom you can relate with other moms better.

So no matter how competitive your niche may be, try to find a different approach in how to present your information — and you’ll be surprised at just how easy it is to connect with people.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, understanding what a niche is really isn’t all that complicated. In the most simple terms, it’s just a group of people that all have the same interest about something.

Remember though when deciding what niche you want to pursue, to try make it as specific as you can, make sure it’s something you’re passionate about, and lastly realize that no niche is too competitive to go after.

Once you have your niche, then the fun can really begin. You can now create a website, get people coming to your site engaging with it, and eventually start making money off them as well.

If you want a place where you can get even more help finding your niche, learning how to build a business around this niche, then lastly learning how to convert visitors into buying customers — I highly urge you to check out Wealthy Affiliate.

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Do you have any other questions you’d like to ask me regarding niches, if so leave a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “What Is A Niche In Internet Marketing – It’s Basically A Group Of People”

  1. Hey Michael,

    I always got confused as to what a niche was, but after reading your article I have a much better understanding now.

    I’m glad to know that I can also choose whatever niche I want, because I thought some were already taken and would be pointless to pursue.

    • Hi Ken, I’m glad I could help you better understand as to what a niche is. Also like I said in my post, you’re correct that you can choose whatever niche you want as none are too competitive to go after.

      If in fact you want to go into a niche that is competitive, it just means that there is a high demand in that area which also means there’s lots of money to be made. So if you do pursue a niche that is very saturated like how to make money online or how to lose belly fat — just know that it’s still doable but that it will take you a lot longer time to see results.

  2. Hey i really liked your article, i had the same problem when i was deciding what niche to go with. 

    My first one was way to broad so i had to redo my whole site with something different. Then i ended up making a second site in the money making niche to try and help people. You made a lot of good points, i will make sure to give it more thought before i make my 3rd site in the future!

    • Hi Justin I’m glad I could help you out. I agree that finding a niche can be difficult at first, and can take several attempts until you find one you enjoy. 

      Just know that all it takes is one site to become VERY successful online and can easily make you a full time income. So when you do find a niche you’re passionate about, stick with it and don’t get side tracked on other websites or shiny object out there.

  3. Hello Michael,

    Thanks for that insightful article. I really like the way you explain yourself as I’ve been looking for a way to make money online so little by little I get to understand the requirements. 

    One question I have is the niche I’m pursuing is quite complicated and it’s very hard to sell anything. For example I love astronomy. 

    • I think astronomy might be too broad of a niche, so you would want to dig deeper and go for a smaller sub niche. This could be something like..

      – astronomy telescopes
      – astronomy equipment
      – astronomy binoculars 
      – how to teach anstronomy

      All of those are some quick examples I put together in a few short minutes. I’m sure if you spent a little more time you could also find lots of sub niches in astronomy to go after.

      As far as what to sell, in the astronomy telescopes niche you have hundreds of items for you to choose from. Or if you niche really is hard to find a product to sell, you can always put ads on it and make money that way too.

      I hope this helps you out. 🙂

  4. Hey. Until now, I did not know exactly what a niche was, but you explained it so well that now I know what niche to choose. 

    I did not realize that all the things we do are related to a given niche. The nice thing is that you can write about something in which you are good and help others in this way. Thanks for this post.

    • Exactly. Anything and everything out there is a niche to a certain group of people. 

      The key is to find something YOU are passionate about, that way you can relate more to these people when you start writing post and recommending products to them.


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