What Is Clickbetter About? Is It A Scam, Or Can You Make Good Money Through Them?

Quick Summary Of Clickbetter

Name: Clickbetter

Price: Free to join

Rating: 2 out of 5 rating

What Is Clickbetter?

Clickbetter is a marketplace that allows Product creators (or vendors) to sell their digital products, and also allows affiliate marketers to find a wide range of products to promote.

So basically it works very similar to Clickbank, JVZoo, and all the other affiliate networks out there — as it easily allows product creators and affiliate marketers to connect.

You might be wondering though what is clickbetter about? And by that I mean are they a trustworthy site to join, and more importantly can they help you make money whether you’re selling a product or promoting one from there?

Well after reviewing this network, I’d like to give you my own reasons as to why I would not use them, and provide you with my own method for finding legitimate products to promote.

How Does Clickbetter Work?

Clickbetter works in a pretty simple manner in that all you need to do is sign up, find a product you want to promote, then grab the affiliate link and share it online to make money.

They even claim that everything’s better all the way to providing the highest commissions, conversions, and lowest fees.

Claim they have the highest commissions

Now on one part I can agree that offering affiliates up to 80% in commissions is extremely nice, but on the other hand I don’t think you’re going to get too many conversions / sales due to the type of products they carry.

What Kind Of Products Can You Expect To Find Inside?

When I entered Clickbetter’s dashboard and clicked on their marketplace, the first thing I noticed was that they only had 444 products in total. And I would say 60% of these products are border line scams telling people how to make money online.

They only have 444 products

Now over 400 products may seem like a lot, but compared to other well establish networks like Clickbank they have about 500 products alone in just 1 category!

Clickbank has more products

Also if you scroll through Clickbetter’s categories, you’ll find out that the majority of them have nothing inside. Some of the ones I checked were cooking, music, strength training, crafts and hobbies, and interior design

Nothing about cooking

So again as you can see even some very popular categories within this marketplace are left empty — meaning if you did promote something within here, you’d probably be left with a shady make money online program.

A Couple Other Problems I Noticed About Clickbetter

Now besides Clickbetter having a very small product list to choose from, there were a couple other things I noticed once inside that I found quite disturbing.

1) They Don’t Have a Good Screening Process For People Looking To Sell Products

While you may think it’s a good to allow just about anyone to promote their product within Clickbetter — I believe this is actually one of the worst things they could have done.

You see many people aren’t making products to actually help people with a particular problem, but in fact create basically pure garbage and try to sell it to gullible / unsuspecting people just to make a quick buck. And I know that may sound harsh, but look at just some of the products within Clickbetter…

First bad product

Second bad product

As you can see these products have hyped up sales pages and made up income claims to try and make you spend your money on them.

And since many of these vendors couldn’t sell their products in other places that actually screen people — they come to places like Clickbetter that accepts anyone and everyone .

2) They Offer You Upsells When Signing Up

Now if I were reviewing a regular digital product online, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see a few upsells thrown my way. But as someone else mentioned earlier that I read, this is the first time I’ve seen a market place try and make you buy something before you even enter their platform.

It has upsells

Now some might argue that Clickbetter is doing this to help vendors sell their products more effectively. However I think the case is actually much simpler, and that there aren’t many people buying products from them due to how low quality and limited selection there are.

Again I’m not sure which one is true, but I would guess Clickbetter is doing this ONLY to earn some extra money by offering this upsell to people that sign up.

What I Like About It

Now while there’re many things I don’t like about this marketplace, not everything is totally bad about them. Some of the things I liked were…

  • It’s free and easy to join for (for affiliates)
  • If an affiliate can find a good product to promote, they can earn up to 80% in commissions
  • They accept a wide range of payment options like PayPal, bitcoins, and credit cards
  • You can contact them either through email or by phone

What I Don’t Like About It

Again some of the major concerns and dislikes I had about Clickbetter were…

  • They accept basically any seller into their program, thus allowing terrible products to be sold
  • They pitch you an upsell before you even have a chance to sign up
  • Again by letting anyone join, many of their products are very low quality
  • Most their products deal with making money online, and don’t cover a wide range of topics

Who Is Clickbetter For?

While you may find a few good products to promote within Clickbetter, the majority of them I think you’ll see aren’t that good. Therefore I’d recommend affiliates stay away from this, unless they want to spend awhile searching for something.

With that said, I also feel that if you are a product creator and want a place that can help you sell your products — Clickbetter would be a good choice due to their very lenient guide lines.

My Final Rating

2 out of 5 rating

Overall I think Clickbetter while they claim are the best, still have a lot of work to do in order to get “better”.

Again they let just about anyone join this market and sell whatever they want to unsuspecting people — thus making the majority of their products very shady and some downright scams in my opinion.

And the last thing you want to do is start recommending services and products to your customers that don’t quite add up their expectations and help them solve a problem.

So unless your a brand new product creator looking for a place to sell your product, I’d recommend you find a more established company like Clickbank.

Personally Though This Is How I Would Go About Finding Products To Promote Online

While market places like these can come in handy since they have so many in one place for you to choose from, often times you have to spend awhile to find something legitimate to promote.

Therefore I don’t really like them, so I simply go to Google and manually find products. For example if I wanted to promote exercise equipment, I would type in “exercise equipment + affiliate programs” — then have thousands of choices to choose from.

Then from there, I would simply look at products that have a good rating, offer good support, give a good percentage of income to their affiliates, and so on…

And by doing exactly this, I found Wealthy Affiliate which I believe to be the best program online in helping people make money online.

So again I think Clickbetter while not downright terrible, is not the best place to go searching for products as of right now. But who knows maybe In the near future it will become a better place.

What are your thought about Clickbetter? Do you have an experience in using them? Let me know in the comment section below, and also feel free to ask any other questions or concerns you may have. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “What Is Clickbetter About? Is It A Scam, Or Can You Make Good Money Through Them?”

  1. I’ve never heard of this Clickbetter place and I think this place is relatively new and trying (The wrong way) to get customers. I believe this will backfire because they will end up with a bad rep.

    You mentioned they have categories with no content. If I was looking at the possibility of signing up, this would turn me away. Add that to get rich quick schemes and i’m gone.

    The up selling I really agree with you also. Getting extra cash to keep going.

    I can agree with you entirely here and say that the way they are going now is only going to sink them in the future. I’m going to guess that getting into that market is tough.

    • Thanks for you comment Stew. 

      You’re right that since Clickbetter is a relatively new site, that they might just be trying to build up their rep by not having too strict of guidelines and offering affiliate very high commissions. However I think if they continue on this path, they indeed will be hurting themselves more then actually helping.

      And I’m guessing it is probably tough to create a market place online and try to compete against other well known companies like Clickbank — however I think if they simply started screening vendors more closely their platform would be a much better place to visit. 

  2. I haven’t heard of Clickbetter until now. They might be fairly new. Do you know when they started?

    Also who Who are the owners? I think they should be transparent as well.

    If I’m a new product owner I might consider using this, but as you said it’s better to look for something which has been tried and tested.

    I couldn’t agree more.


    • The company started back in 2013. As far as the actual owners go, I’m not really certain. However you can call, fax, or even mail a letter to them if you want.

      There physical address is Forsyth House Cromac Sq., Belfast, BT2 8LA, UK.

  3. I don’t know if JVZoo and Clickbank screen sellers, but they also seem to have a lot of low quality products to sift through as well.

    It’s too bad so many product producers/sellers crank out a bunch of junk instead of taking their time to offer something of high quality.

    Because it can make for a very poor user experience and also has the potential to blow up an affiliates business if they make one mis-step and promote a bad product.

    Thank you for warning me away from Clickbetter – maybe they will wise up and get ‘better.’

    • It’s true that JVZoo and Clickbank have a lot of low quality products, but at the same time they also have a lot of high quality products you can promote too.

      With Clickbetter, all I saw was one bad product after another — and they were all in the MMO (make money online) niche.

      Now again this may be due because they are still a fairly new site and it might take some time to get more people to join — but in my opinion if they don’t start screening these people more rigorously then all that’s going to happens is they’ll have just more bad products within their database then they already do. 

      Lets cross our fingers though and hope for the best with this marketplace. 🙂


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