What Is Easy 1 Up About? A Way To Make A Few Quick Dollars And Nothing Else

If you’ve been searching for a way to make an extra income online and have come here wondering what is Easy 1 up about, then you’re in luck.

Within my review I’m going to be discussing all the details about this program like what it is, how it works, and most importantly if I think it will benefit you or not.

Now before I get started, I want to clarify one thing which is I DO NOT think that Easy 1 Up is a scam due to the fact that you can make money with them and that they are providing you with some sort of training.

However with that said, I would not recommend this as an excellent way to build a long-lasting income online due to the reasons I’m about to discuss below.

Quick Summary Of Easy 1 Up

Name: Easy 1 Up

Website: easy1up.com

Price: $25 – $1,000 + $100 admin fee

Rating: 1 out of 5 rating

What Is Easy 1 Up?

Easy 1 Up is a multi level marketing company in where you’ll be recruiting people into this program by reselling different courses that you can purchase once you become a member yourself.

Now what’s unique about Easy 1 Up is that every sale you make will go directly into your bank account, because there’s no real product within this system — meaning you’ll earn 100% on all commissions you make.

So in short you’ll buy one of their packages, recruit people by reselling the same package you just bought, then teach them how to do what you just did in order to make money.

And I don’t know about you, but to me this sounds a lot like cash gifting.

Now many people might call MLM businesses or cash gifting a scam, due to the fact all your learning is how to do is market the exact same program you just joined.

Personally though I would not call this business model a scam, but in the same token it’s not one I recommend you try due to it having a very low success rate.

Either way, now that you know what Easy 1 Up is — let me explain more on how it work.

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How Does Easy 1 Up Work?

Easy 1 Up says it’s a simple system that does all the selling, telling, and explaining for you — which isn’t too far from the truth.

You see within their program, you have 5 different courses from which you can choose called Elevation, Elevation Elite, Vertex, Vertex Elite, and Vertex Pro — ranging from $25 dollars all the way up to $1,000 dollars.

Below you can see for yourself what each package comes with, along with how much they cost.

And as I mentioned earlier, each course comes with training teaching you how to resell the program to other people online.

Also I want to add that you are free to buy which ever course you want — but if you have the money it’s best to purchase the highest package (Vertex Pro) for 2 reasons…

1) First It will save you money.

By investing into the highest course you will only have to pay $1,000 dollars and that’s it.

However if you first start off by investing in the $25 dollar course or say the $500 dollar one and decide you want to upgrade later — you still have to pay the full amount to get it.

So now instead of just spending 1k, you now will be spending close to $1,700 dollars when you add everything up.

2) Secondly, you’ll get more commissions.

After you buy the Vertex Pro, you will then be able to earn commissions from your referrals regardless of which course they buy.

However if you buy a lower course like Elevation and one of your referrals buys a course that’s more expensive then the one you got — you won’t make that commission but rather someone above will get it because they have already bought a higher priced course.

If this sounds confusing don’t worry, as I’m about to explain how their compensation plan works so you can get a better grasp as to how you’ll get paid with this product.

Their Compensation Plan

For simplicity, let’s assume you bought the Vertex Pro plan at $1,000 dollars when you joined Easy 1 Up.

Now when you recruit someone into the program, you will earn 100% commission on whatever course they just bought.

However the second sale you make is going to pass up to your sponsor, then every other sale from there on out will be yours — hence why this program is called Easy 1 Up.

As you can see it’s a fairly simple process to understand, but I have just one major issue with it.

You see after you help the person you referred get their second sale (which passes up to you) — there’s literally no reason for you to help that person any longer.

So I can see very quickly people joining this program with the expectation of getting help from their sponsor like you see in most MLM programs — but again after they get their second sale they will be left in the wind to figure out how to keep making money.

Is Easy 1 Up A Scam?

I would not call Easy 1 Up a scam because you are getting training on how to earn money by reselling the exact same course you bought.

And yes I do think you can earn money with this system, especially if you have a large email list or audience you can tap into.

But, again I DO NOT think that this is a good method to use, simply because at the end of the day you aren’t really building an online business — but simply spamming your affiliate link anywhere and everywhere online or spending your hard-earned money for ads.

And I know for many people online they will see this as unethical and call it either a pyramid scheme, scam, or cash gifting scheme out to steal your money.

But whatever people call it, I want you to sit back and consider what if Easy 1 Up were to close down tomorrow? What would you do?

Most likely you’d be left with zero income and zero knowledge on how to go out and make more money online.

So for this main reason and a few others, I would consider this a very risky program to get involved with and is why I can not recommend this product to you.

What I Like About It

  • It’s fairly cheap since you only have to pay a one time fee to join
  • If you know how to generate leads or have a large audience, you can make a lot of money with this

What I Don’t Like About It

  • This is a done for you system that at then end of the day doesn’t provide you with the proper skills you need to make money online
  • There’s no refund available since this is basically a cash gifting system
  • This will not make you money for years to come, since all you’re doing is spamming your affiliate link
  • There’s no way to make a passive income with this system, meaning you ALWAYS have to work if you want to make money

My Final Rating

1 out of 5 ( Not recommended )

Overall I do not think Easy 1 Up is a business you should get involved with. I mean sure you can make money with them, but at then end of the day you’re not really providing your customers with any real value.

You’ve simply joined an MLM company, that has no real product, and are just spamming your link all over the internet in hopes people will click on it and earn you money.

Therefore instead of trying to make some quick cash with them, why not learn how to build a real business online by selling real products to people that need / want them?

With the training and tools given within my most recommend program online — thousands of people have gone off to earn a regular and growing income online by talking about subjects they love.

Again you can do whatever you want, but out of all the programs I’ve come across online — this one here has helped more people than I can count earn a regular income online.

So if this sounds like something you might be interested in, click the pic below to learn more about this opportunity.

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I hope you found this review helpful and more importantly can now make a better decision as to whether or not you want to buy this product.

However if you have any other questions, concerns, or would like me to clarify something better for you — leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out. 🙂

All the best,


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8 thoughts on “What Is Easy 1 Up About? A Way To Make A Few Quick Dollars And Nothing Else”

  1. Thanks for sharing this information. I have never heard of easy 1 up before until I read this article, and reading this has really triggered my interest for it because the features are really convincing. But the fact that the program does not equip one on how to build an online business is the major disadvantage it has, but it really has good features.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Lok on what you think about this product. And I can relate that earning $1,000 bucks in one sale seems amazing and all — but I want to reiterate that this is a VERY risky program in my opinion.

      Because if this were to shut down tomorrow you’d be left with zero way to earn an income online, plus spamming affiliate links simply isn’t a viable way to get traffic to sites anymore.

      That’s why I recommend people learn how to build a business from scratch that they 100% own and also so they know how to legitimately get people to their site and convert them into buyers.

      You can learn exactly how to do this with my favorite program online — and also get expert help who are doing this full time online.

  2. Personally I have not heard about this before, maybe because it consists of a high amount of money to start operations, but at the same time as I have gone through this post I find it quite appealing due to that the moment you make a purchase especially in the pro level you don’t have to have any other expenses. 

    Your role is simply to make sales, and I believe it can work out with great revenue in return if you have enough people to share your link with. 

    So even though I find it tricky to start, I like the idea that it brings back some revenue from every person that buys from you.

    Thank you for the well informative post with well detailed information that is self explanatory.

    from Joy.

    • Thanks for the comment Joy and sharing what you thought about this. 

      Again yes this can make you money ( if you know how to get traffic ) — but just remember that this is not a true business that you can count on for years to come.

      Your simply spamming your affiliate link anywhere and everywhere hoping people will buy whatever package your selling — and that’s not the way to earn a consistent income online.

      In my opinion your much better off building a website and growing an audience that will come to know, like, and trust you — then over time it’s not hard to be earning a 4 figure income each and every month.

      And the best part is you’ll be selling products these people want / need, and not some package that you are trying to push onto them like a car salesman.

  3. As for me I don’t like programs like Easy 1 and I don’t recommend such programs because the success rate can be too low.  Recruiting people and selling that same product hmm to me it doesn’t make sense at all. 

    If there is no one to recruit that means you wouldn’t make money. It’s almost the same like pyramid schemes but not actually the same.

    • Exactly Kenechi! Unless you have a way to get people to your product, then your not going to make any money.

      However what my #1 recommended product teaches is how to build a website and have people come to you rather than you go out and finding them.

      Big difference!

      And best of all is your selling products that they are already looking to buy — so it makes it so much easier to make a commission rather than doing it through a product like Easy 1 Up here.

  4. Thanks for saving me the time in looking into this outfit as I’m not so keen on MLM, but this doesn’t sound like it is in the strictest sense because you just pass one sale on to your sponsor and that’s it. 

    I generally stay clear of things like this because they don’t teach you the skills to do anything other than market their own product, so you can independently market and sell whatever unlike other reputable organisations that teach you the skills.

    Do you recommend any MLM outfit as an option?

    • Personally I’m not a fan of any MLM what so ever due to many reasons which you can read about here. 

      But 2 of the main reasons as to why I do not like MLM businesses is that…

      1) Your success is solely dependent on the people you recruit. So if you spend a lot of time getting lazy people into a program, your not going to make much money — unlike with affiliate marketing you can make a lot of money based off of your own efforts.

      2) And also with MLM businesses you always have to go out and find people to join — and this usually means having to spend a lot of money on ads or begging your friends and family members to join the program.

      Affiliate marketing on the other hand is about people coming to you, because your selling something that they already want / need.

      And for these reasons and many more I believe that’s why people who do affiliate marketing have a much higher success rate than people who join MLM companies.

      I hope this helps answer your question. 🙂


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