What Is Fusion Cash About

When looking for ways to earn some extra cash online, you’ll soon realize that with so many options to choose from it’s hard to decide what to do.

One option that you’ve probably come across already is paid surveys — which is why you are here now wondering what is Fusion Cash about.

Well within my review today I’ll be sharing with you what this site is, what you’ll be doing once inside, how much money you can expect to make, and more.

So with that said, let’s jump into.

Quick Summary Of Fusion Cash

Name:  Fusion Cash

Website: Fusioncash.net

Price: Free to join

Rating: 1 out of 5

What Is Fusion Cash?

Fusion Cash is an online platform where you can do a variety of small tasks to earn money. 

It launched back in 2005 and is still operating 15 years later — so I guess enough people are enjoying it for it to stay running this long.

However is it a site that will work for you, or better yet is it a site you should be spending your time on?

Well I’ll let you make that decision after I’ve told you a little more about this program.

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How Does Fusion Cash Work?

The way this platform works is that advertisers and other providers pay Fusion Cash to send them potential customers and future survey takers.

So Fusion Cash lets you sign up to their platform ( for free ), and then you choose from a variety of tasks that will help these companies promote their products while at the same letting you earn money.

To help explain this better, I’ll go through the 6 different ways you can go about making money with their platform.

1. Paid To Sign Up

What Is Fusion Cash About - paid to sign up

This is probably one of their most popular ways of going about making money, simply because it will pay the most.

What you’ll do here is basically sign up to different companies and test their services or product out for a limited amount of time.

The only drawback to this is they will ask you to give them your credit card information — so obviously if you don’t cancel your free trial within so many days you’ll get charged the full amount.

2. Videos

What Is Fusion Cash About - no videos

This is where you’ll be able to watch movies and get paid doing so. However the downside is that each video only pays you a few cents and they last about 2 – 3 minutes.

Another downside I experienced with this section was there were no videos for me to watch at the current time of writing this blog post which was a bummer.  

3. Paid To Click

What Is Fusion Cash About - paid to click

Here you’ll be asked to click on a certain number of ads per page to make money.

However what ended up happening for me is that most of the links don’t work, and even if they did I personally would end up getting very bored doing this all day long. 

4. Task

Here you’ll complete other small tasks in exchange for some money ( usually $0.50 or less ). Again though there were no tasks for me to complete so I can’t elaborate more on this section.

5. Mobile / Tablet

What Is Fusion Cash About - mobile or tablet

In this section you’ll be asked to use your smartphone or tablet to download, install, and use a certain app every day. Then after you have had this app on your phone for a certain period of time, or used it for so many hours you’ll be rewarded with a small amount of money.

Now I don’t know about you, but my phone already seems to be getting slower by the day plus the battery seems to die within about an hour or two. So I don’t want more apps on it just to make it worse.

6. Refer Friends

As with all paid surveys, this section is where the real money is made ONLY if you know how to recruit people into the program.

Because if you can refer enough people, it’s not uncommon to make several hundred dollars a month on passive income.

Of course the main problem is HOW are you going to recruit people because simply spamming your affiliate link everywhere not only is ineffective but will usually get your account banned for doing so.

So unless you already have a huge audience you can market too, or you know how to build a website or YouTube channel to attract thousands of people — it’s going to be hard to profit from

How Much Can You Make?

As I mentioned above, whatever method you choose you’re looking at best to earn maybe a few dollars a day.

However if in regards to recruiting people to the platform, you’ll make $1 for each person you refer, $2 when they complete a paid to sign up offer, and $5 EVERY TIME they are able to cash out.

Now when you reach a minimum of $25, you cash out using three different methods:

  1. A check
  2. Direct deposit to your bank
  3. Or a Paypal account

Now a check is going to take the longest amount of time to get to you, but if you choose direct deposit or your Paypal account you’re looking at waiting 1 – 5 business days. 

Fusion Cash Red Flags

There Weren’t Enough Offers

The first major problem I had with this site was there simply wasn’t enough task for me to do. 

And with this platform’s activities paying so little and the cashout being so high, I don’t want to wait around until they find something I can do. 

People Can’t Cash Out

While I was looking around this website doing my research, I decided to go and see what other people had to say about this program who had been members of it in the past.

And after scrolling through just a few comments, I saw that almost ALL of them were complaining about not being able to cash out. 

What Is Fusion Cash About - can't get money

And for them to even reach $25 on this site to begin with I thought was impressive, so I can imagine how angry they must have been when they couldn’t get their money. 

Accounts Are Getting Locked / Banned

Besides people not being able to redeem their points, another issue that I kept seeing pop up over and over again were people saying their accounts were getting locked out for no reason.

What Is Fusion Cash About - account locked out

So basically you could spend weeks if not months accumulating money, and when you finally have enough to cash out your site gets frozen and there’s nothing you can do about it.

It Has Poor Support

Then last but not least it seems with FusionCash their support is nowhere to be found no matter how urgent your problem may be.

If you looked in one of the photos above, you can see where a person sent 6 tickets and had been waiting 2 months with no response!

I don’t know why that person was waiting around that long, because personally I would have left after about 2 weeks of trying.

But again if you decide to try this site out, just don’t expect to get a lot of help if you run into some kind of trouble 

Is Fusion Cash A Scam?

I would not call Fusion Cash a scam, because you can earn money from doing a variety of tasks on their website like they claim you can.

However with all the complaints I came across, the fact that it seems there’s almost nothing to do on this site, and the amount of time and energy you would have to spend to just cash out $25 doesn’t seem worth it.

Now you can try this out if you want, and maybe you’ll get far better results then I did — but just from what I came across while reviewing this platform and my own experience using it I would not recommend it.

Now if you are bummed out about this answer and were hoping for a different response, you may like Swagbucks more instead.

Unlike Fusion Cash here, it gives you endless things to do all day long to achieve points and earn cash.

Again however it won’t make you rich, but at least it can keep you entertained which is a lot more than I can say for this site here. 

What I Like About It

  • It’s free to join
  • There’s multiple ways for you to earn money

What I Don’t Like About It

  • It doesn’t have a lot of tasks to do on their site
  • People have been getting their accounts banned, plus not being able to cash out
  • Their support team seems to be nonexistent 

My Final Thoughts

Fusion Cash is a legit program where you can do different kinds of small tasks in exchange for money.

However the problem is that the amount of money you’ll be earning is so small that it won’t even help you pay for your groceries each month.

Not to mention that I think these types of sites are just boring, but that might just be me.

Now if you are looking for a way to generate some money that can help you maybe go on vacation, pay some your bills, or even quit your job — I would suggest you try affiliate marketing out.

Unlike this here, you can create multiple income streams by talking about what you want and also selling anything you want.

And thanks to my #1 rated program online, millions of people have used a simple 4 step formula to change their financial lives for the better.  

So if you’d like to do the same, click the link below to learn more about this opportunity.

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I hope you enjoyed this review about Fusion Cash, but if you have any other questions you’d like to ask leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out. 🙂

Fusion Cash

Free to join

Overall Rating



  • It’s free to join
  • There’s multiple ways for you to earn money


  • It doesn't have a lot of tasks to do on their site
  • People have been getting their accounts banned, plus not being able to cash out
  • Their support team seems to be nonexistent 
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4 thoughts on “What Is Fusion Cash About”

  1. Nice review thanks. There are so many of these websites out there that claim to give you easy money from home when in fact all you get is pennies for what can easily turn into hours of work. These tend to be really unrewarding AND the fact that you can’t cash out on this one is a HUGE red flag!

    • Ya this is one of the biggest reasons I don’t do online surveys, simply because of the amount of money I get in return for my work in almost nonexistent.

      Affilaite marketing on the other hand is something that has not only paid me a lot better but at the same time is something I enjoy doing.

  2. I had heard about Fusion Cash from a few friends and I was hoping to try my hand at it myself. And I am glad I came across this review because now I know what to expect from this website. 

    You mentioned all the actual facts about this website, and thanks to your honest review it has helped me to make my decision that I do not want to invest so much time and energy for such a small amount of cash. 

     A big thank you again for writing such an awesome review!

    • I’m glad you found my review helpful.

      Also I think you made a very wise choice in not joining this program, because like you said the amount of time / energy you put into it is not worth it.

      Not to mention several people who have up in the work are still not getting paid.



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