What Is Global Moneyline About? Here’s The Real Truth About This Program

Quick Summary Of Global Moneyline

Name: Global Moneyline

Price: Free to join, with several up sells once inside

Rating: 1 out of 5

What Is Global Moneyline?

If you’ve been searching for ways to make money online, you’re probably wondering what is Global Moneyline about — and for good reason. They claim they can help you build an online list that will let you advertise whatever you like to thousands of people.

They also say that you can make a lot of money by promoting their program, simply by sharing your affiliate link with anyone and everyone you know.

But how true are these claims?

Well after joining this program myself and having a look around, I’ll tell you right away that this is not something I’d recommend you join for a number of reasons which I’m about to explain.

First off though let me explain how this program works, and secondly point of some of the major concerns I saw with this program.

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How Does It Work?

With Global Moneyline, it basically all boils down to getting people to join this program and then trying to make money off of them — much like a typical MLM business does.

There’s no product, training, or even a community within this program what so ever. It’s all about spamming whatever message or product you want to people within the program.

Now they’ll tell you their “moneyline” is the product you’re promoting — but in short it’s just all the people who’ve joined after you, which are the ones who will see your messages / products you promote.

The moneyline
Now when you start off as a free member your only able to send 1 message at a time. However they offer 6 different subscription packages (which I’m about to go over) — that allow you to send more messages and get more people to see them.

But to be quite frank, I honestly think this is a very ineffective way to promote anything online — and actually think what their doing here is a complete scam.

How Do You Make Money With This Program?

As I mentioned before, besides just spamming whatever message or product you want to people inside, they also give you the option to promote Global Moneyline to earn money.

Again since their’s no product or training with this program, the only way you’ll be making money is by getting people to sign up.

But In order for you to do this, you must first become a retail customer by buying a Bronze Subscription package for $20.00 dollars.

How you make money

Then once you’ve done this, you can now start recruiting people into the system with your affiliate link and try to persuade them to also buy a subscription package so you’ll make money.

How Much Does It Cost?

To join Global Moneyline is completely free, but their’s also 6 different subscription packages you can buy once inside.

  • $20 Bronze – send messages to 20 individuals at a time
  • $50 Silver – send messages to 50 individuals at a time
  • $100 Gold – send messages to 100 individuals at a time
  • $250 Platinum – send messages to 250 individuals at a time
  • $500 Diamond – send messages to 500 individuals at a time
  • $1,000 Double- send messages to 1,000 individuals at a time

Again the main differences between being a free member and buying a subscription package is you’ll be able to earn money by recruiting people, you’ll be able to send more messages to people, and the higher the package you purchase — will determine how many people see your messages.

All in all, I think this program is just one vicious cycle…

You sign up free then get persuaded to buy a subscription package, then you try to get as many people as you can into into this program — just so they can go right around and do the exact same thing.

Their Compensation Plan

Global Moneyline’s Compensation Plan is based on a compound leverage system — which basically is a unique one time payment method they’ve adopted.

How it works is first you have to buy your $20 bronze subscription to start, then you need to make two $20 dollars sales (which you’ll pass up and send to your up line) — then you’ll get paid for every single sale after that.

Now every sale you make directly (on your first line) you’ll get paid 100% or $20 dollars per person. Then for each one of your recruits first 2 recruits (which they passed up to you) — you’ll earn 10 dollars from each one.

Again for each new line you acquire, you’ll have to pass up the first two sales — then everything before and after that you’ll get paid for.

Their compensation plan

And this is assuming people are only buying the Bronze level membership. Remember their are 5 other subscriptions available going all the way up to $1,000 dollars.

Now I know this seems like an easy way to make a lot of money — however you have to remember you’re trying to sell a program that has no product, service, training, or any value what so ever, so how easy do you think it’s going to be to recruit people into something like this?

Also you have to ask yourself do you really want to try and earn some quick cash and possibly ruin your reputation later down the road when people find out you’re promoting scammy products like this just to make money off of them?

I know for one I don’t — and highly recommend instead of you promoting some scammy program like this, that you find a reputable program that actually offers real value to people like training, tools, and community of people you can truly interact with and get help from.

However if your still set on trying to sell Global Moneyline — here’s a quick video that goes into more detail about their compensation plan so you can get a better idea of how it works.

Can You Make Money With This?

I believe you could make money with this company if you were to buy one of their more expensive subscriptions — however you have to remember what your selling here.

It’s a program that has no products or any kind of training — and all your doing is trying to recruit people into the program so that you’ll make money, then go right around teach them how to do the same thing.

And as far as sending messages and promoting other products within the program itself, lets just say all you see is a huge wall of people promoting terrible products and opportunities — and honestly it looks like your computer got a virus on it and started sending you spam every second.

unorganized advertising

I personally don’t see how anyone can promote anything in a system like this — especially when their’s no filter or search function to help you sort through all the garbage people are posting.

So can you make money with this? Maybe. Will it be an effective way to earn a regular income online? I seriously doubt it.

What I Like About It

  • Free to join

What I Don’t Like About It

  • It offers no real product or training
  • You have no idea who created this program
  • They encourage you to spam your affiliate link everywhere online (which is a terrible and ineffective way to make money online)
  • They lure you in with fake promises of getting rich
  • The moneyline page looks like a bunch of spam — and is not an effective way to market anything online

My Final Rating – Is Global Moneyline A Scam?

1 out of 5

In short, I believe Global Moneyline is a total scam.

It claims it can help make you a lot of money online, but doesn’t really provide any sort of value for you or people your selling this too.

You’re simply just spamming your link and trying to make money by recruiting as many people as you can underneath you, and that’s it!

I mean if a company in the real world got paid just for just getting people into their doors and not having to sell physical products, would you say their legitimate? Ya I didn’t think so.

So why would you want to be part of a company that does this online?

Instead I recommend you try this program instead

The program I’m a part of called Wealthy Affiliate offers things such as …

  • Up to date training in both video and written format
  • All the tools Necessary to build a full time business online (website builder, keyword tool, content platform)
  • Live webinars each week to further your education
  • And a community of thousands of people you can interact with and ask questions when you need to

Global Moneyline offers none of this, yet you can spend up to $1,000 dollars for basically nothing in this program.

So if you’d like to see what a real program can offer, and learn how it can help you earn a regular income online each and every month — check out my full review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

Learn the right way to make money online

I hope this review of Global Moneyline has given you a better understanding as to what it is — that way you won’t get scammed out of your hard earned money.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding this program — leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “What Is Global Moneyline About? Here’s The Real Truth About This Program”

  1. It’s good that you recommend Wealthy Affiliate instead of Global Money Line. I use to be a free member of this company, as I signed up just to see what the inside of the program looked like.

    Once I was inside, I couldn’t understand how the system worked at all. Overwhelmed, I ended up forgetting about them. Surprisingly though I have a big marketer friend who said he’s teaching people how to advertise for free, and guess what he is recommending? It’s Global Money Line! 

    I still consider him a friend, but I don’t see him aa guru in the online world what so ever.

    • My thoughts exactly. When I entered Global Moneyline, I was confused and mainly annoyed by all the spammy links and advertisements I saw everywhere. 

      Also like you, I’ve seen a few people promote this product — and I can say for certain it’s not because they think you’ll be able to advertise your business in there, but due to the mere fact that they are trying to earn some quick money.

      Funny thing though is I’ll see them weeks later post about how they wish they were rich or making more money — yet people within Wealthy Affiliate are building websites that are making them thousands that actually are aimed to help people solve problems. 

      Now I don’t know this for sure, but I would say in the next year or two Global Moneyline will probably be shut down due to it not actually offering any real product or value to its customers. 

    • I agree. 

      Some of these companies do an excellent job at selling their product making you think that you’ll be able to get rich simply by pressing a button or in this case spamming affiliate links everywhere.  

      Truth is though like you just mentioned, people will keep on spending money thinking they need this or that to become successful — and later find out they just spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars and still haven’t made a dime yet. 

      I always tell people to do their research beforehand and see how legitimate a company is before joining it — and also see how many people are becoming successful by following their method. 

      By doing this you’ll quickly be able to spot the programs that are just out to steal your money — verse the ones that really wanting to help you. 

  2. Michael, What a thorough review of global moneyline. 

    What’s fascinating to me is that people continue to sign up for programs like this. You said it multiple times in your review – there is no product or service you are selling in this system. You are simply trying to get more people to sell the global moneyline system, which is a system with no products or services! It’s wacky!

    Like you I thoroughly enjoy the Wealthy Affiliate system. It’s got a wonderful “bang for your buck” and the sense of community is so awesome!

    Thanks for the great review,


    • People now a days want things done and they want them done fast. We have places like Mcdonalds so we can get food fast, there’s diet pills to help you lose weight quickly, and most of us work a regular job that pays us immediately after we get something done.

      So when systems like Global Moneyline come along claiming you can make a lot of money very fast — people jump on the opportunity right away. 

      However making money online is the same way as making money offline. You either need to provide some sort of service people need — or you need to build a business which WILL take time to become profitable. 

      So I think when people start to realize this simple fact, far less people will sign up to scammy programs that have no products or value.


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