What Is Lazy Profit Explosion? Can It Really Help You Make 10k A Month?

Quick Summary Of Lazy Profit Explosion

Name: Lazy Profit Explosion

Price: $16.95 + Upsells

Rating: 3 out of 5

What Is Lazy Profit Explosion?

If you’ve come across this post, you’re probably wondering what is lazy profit explosion right?

And I can’t blame you, as the home page of this product boldly says that it’s a proven and tested system that will help you earn up to $10,000 dollars a month all while being “lazy”.

The creators Declan Mc, “Simple” Spencer, and Raj S say this is all possible due to a unique traffic source they found (which by the way is YouTube ads) — that was able to explode their bank accounts with tons of money without any online assets, list, or product.

unique traffic source
Now there’s no mistaken that doing video marketing is an effective way to get traffic to your website — but the reality is it takes both time and a lot of money to get good ads that will convert into buying customers, and even then making thousands of dollars is still going to be difficult and definitely not for people that are lazy.

Either way, let’s see exactly what this system has to offer — and most importantly if it can help you earn easy money within the next 24 hours after signing up.

learn how to get free visitors to your site
How Does Lazy Profit Explosion Work?

As you enter into the members area, you’ll first be greeted with 2 up sells that claim can help you make more money. I’ll explain more about these in a minute — but you can simply click no thanks to continue inside to the main program.

Now once inside, the training consist of 4 different modules (mostly in video format) that will teach you exactly how this system works.

Here’s a quick 9-minute video quickly going over what the members area looks like, and also what the different modules offer.


To help emphasize what the video just talked about, let me explain exactly what you’ll find within each of these different modules.

Module 1 – Getting Started

Module 1 is a combination of a 16 page PDF, plus 3 videos showing you how to start using Lazy Profit’s System. You’ll be shown how to do things such as…

  • How to set up your first profitable campaign
  • How to get highly targeted traffic by making your campaigns target things such as age, interest, and gender
  • How to create effective call to actions

Module 2 – Getting The “Profit Cannon” Ready

In Module 2 there are a total of 6 videos, helping you as you continue setting up your campaigns.

Here you’ll learn things such as how to link your YouTube channel to your Adwords account, how to use in-stream ads as well as in-display ads, and how to copy campaigns ads and targeting groups.

Module 3 – Advanced Tips & Strategies

Module 3 consist of 4 videos, which is where you’ll learn how to analyze your campaigns and see how they are doing.

By learning things such as how to read the statistics of your campaigns, and segment your audience into different groups — you can essentially improve your campaigns and make them convert at a much higher rate.

module 3
Now this is the part where it usually takes quite a bit of time, since you’ll be testing, retesting, and always trying different strategies to get the highest ROI. That’s why I find it quite hard to believe when Lazy Profit Explosion says they can make you a lot of money relatively fast using paid ads.

Module 4 – Firing The “Lazy Profit” Cannon

Module 4 also has 4 videos within it, and is where you’ll be learning how to further optimize your campaigns for maximum results — as well as summarize everything you learned in the past 3 modules.

Now in module 4, you’ll be learning how to do things such as…

  • How to take your segmented groups and convert them at a higher rate
  • How to do re marketing, which basically follows your audience members that have not converted yet
  • How to set up your payment method for your ads.

The thing I love the most about this module is the re marketing training, which will be the second video in this module. This is an EXTREMELY effective and inexpensive way to get highly targeted people viewing your campaigns.

Basically this works when a visitor lands on your site, leaves without taking any action, then your ad will display on other sites so when they click on it they will be sent back to your website.

module 4

re targeting

The Bonuses

Also within Lazy Profit Explosion, you’ll be given 5 different bonuses to further help you out.

1. Tube Traffic Alchemy: This is a product that will help you effectively rank keywords within YouTube. This is done by teaching you how to do keyword research, giving you premade scripts that will convert at a high rate, and how to outsource your videos so you don’t have to do them.

I think if nothing else, learning how to do basic keyword research can definitely help you.

2. InstaProfit Machine: InstaProfit Machine contains lots of training both in PDF and video format to help you generate lots of traffic through Instagram. From what I’ve seen, this can help you get lots of traffic with very minimal cost.

3. 3-Day Cash Machine: This is a PDF showing you how to create your own products, and also partner with people to make money fast online. In my opinion both things that marketers should learn how to do at one point or another — and can only help you earn more money down the road.

4. Tube Commission Sniper: This is a product teaching you how to effectively rank videos within YouTube by doing product reviews.

While I haven’t done much video marketing, I have written several hundred reviews and can say for certain that it’s definitely a great way to get highly targeted traffic to your site.

5. Social Lead Sniper: This shows how to get traffic to your sites through social media. It shows you how to set up your accounts, how to get people to follow you, and even has a case study showing you exactly how to do this.

How Much Does It Cost?

Lazy Profit Explosion cost only $16.95 — and with how much information they provide you, I would say it’s definitely a great deal.

They also offer a 30-day money back guaranteed no questions asked. So you could literally try this out for almost a month — and if you didn’t like it, you can simply return it.

Also as I mentioned earlier in this post, once you sign in to the members area you’ll be offered a couple optional up sells.

Their Upsells

1) Lazy Profit Explosion Pro ($27.00, and drops down to $17.00 if you skip ahead):

Lazy Profit Explosion Pro

This is basically a WP plugin, that is supposed to double your profits with a few simple clicks.

It says it will also show you how to make attention grabbing thumbnails, how to use annotations and tags, and give you 50 top traffic sources that will help your videos rank to the top of Google and YouTube.

2) Master Template ($47.00, and drops down to $27.00 if you skip ahead):

Master Template

This is basically a template, showing you a bunch of high converting campaigns that claim will triple your traffic, clicks, and profits.

Also included is how to get paid traffic for free, 4 power points on how to get people to click through to your site, and a high converting script that you can copy and paste.

What I Like About It

  • This program is not expensive at all
  • Lots of extra bonuses and training once your inside the members area
  • The training they offer actually can help anyone get addiontal traffic to their site

What I Don’t Like About It

  • There are up sells thrown at you immediately once you join
  • They over hype and mislead people into thinking you can make 10k/month easily
  • You WILL have to spend money to create campaigns and drive traffic with their methods
  • They don’t have a keyword tool to help you find great keywords

Who Is Lazy Profit Explosion For?

I believe Lazy Profit Explosion is for anyone that is looking to learn how to do video marketing and get additional traffic to their websites.

My Final Rating

3 out of 5

I can say for certain that after reviewing this program, that Lazy Profit Explosion is not a scam. They provide tons of video training, PDF s, and addiontal bonuses within their program to help you succeed in video marketing.

However I do want to make it clear that while this could possible help you earn a significant amount of money online — it’s still not guaranteed.

With any kind of paid advertising, it requires you to spend a significant amount of money, learn how to create successful campaigns, and lastly learn how to analyze your campaigns to increase conversions and sales — all of which is not easy, fast, or made for “lazy people.”

Here’s Another Method That Will Get You Tons Of Traffic All For Free

Now I know you’re probably looking for ways to make money online, and probably don’t have extra money lying around to spend (I know I didn’t when I first started online) — therefore I find it more beneficial to learn how to get FREE traffic to your site before you even consider learning how to do paid advertising.

And of the easiest and most effective ways I’ve found to get thousands of visitors to your site for free is through SEO.

Basically you’ll find low competitive keywords, get them ranked in YouTube and Google — and eventually get lots of traffic without having to even spend a dime.

Now if this sounds confusing or hard don’t worry. Through a program I’m a part of called Wealthy Affiliate, they teach you exactly how to do this — plus they will let you use one of the most advanced keyword finding tools on the market at no additional charge.

You can find out more about this program, and learn how you can sign up for free here:

Find out more about Wealthy Affiliate here
If you have any other questions or concerns about Lazy Profit Explosion, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “What Is Lazy Profit Explosion? Can It Really Help You Make 10k A Month?”

  1. Hello there,

    I heard of the lazy profit explosion a few months ago and by the name it used, I knew it had to be in a way scammy.

    And my suspicions were right, the upsells, the false claims and misleading folks.

    These are things that make me dislike joining programs that lead you to believe there is a way you can cut corners in making money online.

    Sites like LPE should be heavily punished by Google.

    • Hi Dave I think you kind of misread my review about Lazy Profit Explosion — though you do have a right to your own opinon.

      Within this review though, I state that LPE is NOT a scam — and the only two things I really disliked about it were..

      1. You have to spend money to make money with this sytem

      2. They do mislead you with their title claiming you can make 10k/month lazily.

      With that said though, they do have a lot of great training materials and help show people how to do video marketing — which can help you earn profits quite quickly.

      So while I don’t think it’s really a scam, I still believe there are far better programs out there like Wealthy Affiliate.

  2. You know, the first thing I have to say is be VERY careful. This sounds very close to a program that was online awhile back that promised 10K per month but never delivered. 

    If your site is loaded with information, I think you’ll be able to attract several visitors but for the subject matter, I believe quite a few people will be extremely skeptical. The program I referred to is “The 10K Challenge” but it is now gone. It wasn’t a bad program but was managed very poorly. 

    I find it difficult to believe you can actually be “lazy” and make any money online. Don’t take this the wrong way, though. If your site is constructed really well and if your program is 100% legitimate, I believe you’ll do extremely good with it.

    • I agree Greg, that there’s not system out there that will let you earn 10 thousand dollars a month — by being “lazy” and just sitting around.

      However if you go through this program, you’ll see that it does require work and you can’t be lazy doing video marketing.

      With that said though, I think creating a blog full of rich content is one of the best ways to start off in making money online. Then once you start to earn a regular income — you can use those funds to do paid marketing like through YouTube or Google Ad words. 

  3. For the price, this seems like it would be a good investment if you wanted to learn about YouTube adds. I’m not so worried any longer about up selling and companies dropping their prices to entice you to purchase. They all do it these days!

    What I don’t like is when they promote being able to make $10k a month with little to no effort! As if you could spend less than $50 and all of a sudden start making $1000s a month!

    Anyway, it looks like there might be some worthwhile nuggets of info in this program. Do you you think you can find everything here in Wealthy Affiliates? If so, I won’t waste my time with this product and will head on over there.

    Thanks for the review!

    • Yes there is training on how to do exactly what Lazy Profit Explosion teaches here within Wealthy Affiliate. Here’s a link to a webinar on this very subject matter:

      Learn How To Promote With YouTube

      Also you’re right that for what they are asking you to pay — they do offer a good deal of information on how to do video marketing. 

      Again though you can find this same information and more within WA.


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