What Is Take Surveys For Cash About And Can Taking Simple Surveys Really Earn You $3,500 A Month? Nope And Here’s Why…

Quick Summary Of Take Surveys For Cash

Name: Take Surveys For Cash

Website: takesurveysforcash.com

Price: $39 dollars or $27 dollars if you click away from the sales page

Rating: 1 out of 5 rating

What Is Take Surveys For Cash?

When I first came across this site, I was really interested in learning what is Take Surveys For Cash about.

Because in the past I’ve taken surveys before and only earned mere pennies, yet Jason White said he made close to $300,00 dollars in one year all thanks to paid surveys — and that I could do the same with the help of some “weird trick” that he learned.

So needless to say I was curious and wanted to review this product to see if it was legit or not.

Well after you scroll through its sales page (which is nothing but one hyped up claim after another) — you’ll then be asked to enter your name and email address to get started.

After you do this, you’ll then be sent to yet another sales page with more claims at how amazing this system is and for the low cost $39 dollars you’ll discover the #1 secret to making hundreds of dollars a day and living the life of your dreams.

Now if you’re thinking if this is too good to be true, then you would be absolutely correct!

This product is nothing but a pipe dream trying to make you believe that you can make a full time income online by answering simple surveys.

This is better than paid survey sites

How Does Take Surveys For Cash Work?

Now Take Surveys For Cash leads you to believe that they are a paid survey site that you can join, use a secret technique they discovered, then start raking in thousands of dollars a day from the comfort of your own home.

the #1 secret about paid surveys

However this is a complete lie! There only goal is to put as much money in their pocket as they possibly can through 2 different methods.

Method #1 – They Act As A Middle Man Between You And Other Paid Survey Sites

What really happens after you join this program is they will provide you with several different survey sites for you to join that they claim will help you earn a lot of money online. And for doing this service, they ask you to pay them $39 dollars.

The problem though is that all these websites you are joining can be found on the internet for free! And since Take Surveys For Cash is the middle man — everytime you click on of the sites they get paid a commission.

So instead of Jason White making all his money through surveys like he says he is, he’s actually using affiliate marketing to earn a passive income from each and every person that becomes a member of his program.

Method #2- They’ve Created A Sales Funnel Enticing People To Promote This Product And Make Money

The next method this product uses to make a lot of money, is they’ve created an affiliate program for their members that pays up to $78 dollars per sale! This is done through a series of down sells and upsells people are offered within this program.

Here’s a look at what their sales funnel looks like.

Take Surveys For Cash sales funnel

Now I’m not against affiliate marketing, because I use it on a daily basis to make money.

However I am against a program lying to people saying that they can make a lot of money through paid surveys, when in fact the only way to make any decent money is by recruiting into their program.

So when you see Jason White or other people on their sales page opening big checks, just know this is not done with surveys but instead through their affiliate program.

Here’s Why Paid Survey Sites Aren’t Worth Your Time

If you’e never taken a paid survey before or you’re thinking of doing them in the near future, you might want to hold off on doing so.

While I could write an entire post of all the pros and cons of doing them, which I did so here — I will list 3 of the main cons that are associated with almost every survey site online.

Many Times You’ll Not Be Qualified To Take Them

A lot of times survey sites will ask you to take pre qualified test to see if you’re the type of person they need for their market research. And it’s not uncommon to spend 20-30 minutes filling them out, then find out at the end that they don’t need you.

Or worst yet, some sites will let you start taking surveys right away, but after you’ve completed the entire survey they say that you are not qualified!

This has happened to me personally, and it’s VERY frustrating knowing that you wasted all that time for absolutely nothing.

They Pay Very Little

I believe this is the biggest reason why surveys aren’t worth your time. You spend way too much time taking them, and usually end up with a few cents or a couple dollars after it’s all over.

Now yes if you do them long enough you can earn some extra pocket change, but it’s just that “pocket change”. If you were to calculate the time it took you to do them, versus how much money you made — you would see that you’d be making WAY below minimum wage.

So when you see Jason White or other people tell you that you can get rich with surveys, they are lying! The only people who are making the big bucks on the owners of the website, and the affiliates recruiting people into the system.

They Don’t Pay You Actual Cash

To make matters worst, not only do you not make a lot of money with paid surveys — but you don’t even make “real” cash when you complete them.

Usually you’ll be rewarded points, and after you’ve accumulated so many of them you can then redeem them for cash or gift cards. However the amount of points you need to get usually is quite high, and can take you a week or two to even earn enough to cash out.

On top of that, I’ve seen some survey sites where it can take another 2-3 weeks for the website to process your transaction and send money to you.

And if you calculated it all up, you’re looking at about a month to a month and a half before you can even get paid!

So you can see why I’m very against doing surveys, because I don’t see how earning a few bucks a month is worth my time or energy.

What I Like About It

I was only able to find two things that I can say positive about this product.

  • One you’ll get a 60-day money back guarantee since this product is associated with Clickbank
  • Also, you can earn a few extra bucks from the surveys sites they provide you with

What I Don’t Like About It

After looking over this product, there seems to be so many that I don’t like about it. However I’ll highlight some of the main reasons as to why I think this product is totally worthless.

1) Hyped Up Income Claims

On both of the sales pages of this product, you’re presented with some ridiculous claims that you can earn thousands of dollars a year simply with paid surveys.

Over exaggerated income claims

However for the reasons I just mentioned above, you WILL NOT be making this much money! I would say at best you’d end up with a few extra bucks to fill the gas tank in your car.

Again the people who do make hundreds and yes thousands of dollars a month, are doing affiliate marketing! And I highly doubt that they even took one survey, because they know it’s not worth their time.

2) It Gives You Upsells After You Join

As I showed within the sales funnel above, after you join Take Surveys For Cash you’ll then be presented with 3 different upsells. One of them costing $37 dollars, while the other two cost $24 dollars.

Now for this program to even make you pay in the first place to do surveys is in my mind ridiculous, but then for them to ask you to spend more money on more useless products is just down right greedy.

So no these upsells they are offering you will not help you make more money, but is just another way they can keep getting money by having their affiliates send people like you through their “sales funnel”.

3) It Uses Fake Screenshots

At the very top of the sales page, you see a picture of Jason showing how a check went from $3 to $500 dollars after learning some special secret.

Fake screen shot

However if you take a closer look, you can easily see that the picture looks edited and that he simply used a program like Photoshop to change the numbers on it.

And he also claims he made that $500 dollars from 1 survey! And as I already mentioned at most I’ve seen people get is a few bucks after doing one.

But hey if you find one that can pays this much, let me know — but I know you won’t because no ones going to pay you hundreds of dollars for doing 1 simply survey.

4) Says They know A Secret To Becoming Rich

Jason says he knows the “#1 secret” to taking surveys and making big cash with them. However there is no secret or unknown method to making big bucks with surveys.

discovered a secret trick

Companies simply pay you a few cents or a few dollars for completing multiple choice surveys so that they can get valuable information from people like you and me for their business.

5) They Are Bribing You To Join

When you’re on the second sales page of this product, you’ll be presented with a limited time offer that says you can earn $50 dollars if you join right away — and if you click away from the site the price of the product will drop from $39, to $27, and then $12.

bribing you to join

Now I don’t know about you, but this almost seems like they are begging you to buy their product. And this begs the question, if Jason and other people are making so much money with paid surveys why are they trying so hard to show this “secret” to you?

Because as I’ve said already, they just want to get your money and will do anything to try and make that happen! And when I say anything, I mean they will even try to trick you to make you join.

For example the $50 dollar bribe they are giving you is one you’re likely not going to see. Why? Because in order to get it, you have to actually complete a survey, earn real cash, and show proof that this happened. Which more than likely will take weeks if not longer to achieve.

So again I don’t see why you’d want to join a site that has to drop their price to almost the cup of coffee, and be lied too about earning $50 free dollars when in reality your not going to see that money.

Who Is Take Surveys For Cash For?

If you are someone who enjoyes answering mindless questions and clicking on the computer all day without hardly thinking for a few bucks — then you will probably like Surveys For Cash.

However if you’re looking for a way to make a real income online that doesn’t revolve around you doing boring surveys — then I encourage you to try my favorite program online that teaches you how to build websites and sell products that people want and need.

Is Take Surveys For Cash A Scam?

I would say without a doubt that Take Surveys For Cash is a scam.

It’s asking you to pay them to take surveys, which is something you can find and do completely free over the internet! And worst of all is they lie about how much money you can make with them, and and say they found a secret method to help you make money quicker.

So I repeat surveys will not make you a good income online — but if you are dead set on trying them out and just want to earn a few extra bucks, then simply do a quick Google search and find a legitimate one to join.

And if you want my opinion, then I’d highly recommend you check out Swagbucks as they have a really good reputation and have paid over $300 million dollars to their members.

My Final Rating

1 out of 5 ( Not recommended )

Taking surveys in general is not a great way to go about making money online, but Taking Surveys For Cash here lies to your face and tries to convince you otherwise.

They spew out hyped up claims, give fake screen shots, and bribe you with $50 dollars just so you’ll buy their product. That’s why I recommend you don’t spend your time, money, or energy on this useless product.

Instead why not check out my #1 recommend product online called Wealthy Affiliate, that can show you how to build a real business online and earn a regular income each and every month.

Thousands of people have gone through their training, and now are earning thousands of dollars a month and working full time from home!

And best of all is you can try them out completely for free to see exactly what they teach and have to offer you. You can read my full review by clicking the banner below — and see how ordinary people like you and me are able to generate a healthy income online.

My 2018 Wealthy Affiliate review

I hope you found this review about Take Surveys For Cash helpful, and know now that this product isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be — and at the end of the day all you’re going to get out of it is just a few bucks.

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12 thoughts on “What Is Take Surveys For Cash About And Can Taking Simple Surveys Really Earn You $3,500 A Month? Nope And Here’s Why…”

  1. You honestly just saved me so severely!

    Thank you, I just recently signed up to do surveys online to supplement my primary income. I filled out some surveys for a week now, maybe like 10 surveys a day. From that effort I received very little and was very dissatisfied by my experience!

    I began to originally think that maybe it just takes time and that maybe if I just stick with it for a little while as no money seemed worse then the little money I got. Then I decided to dig a little deeper and I found your article and I found it very informational as I have decided to abandon to income opportunity altogether and focus on my primary for of income on a more holistic level!

    Thank you so much for the article, sincerely!


    • Hey Aaron I’m glad my article could help you out.

      I’m sorry you a spent few weeks doing surveys just to find out the hard way that you will basically end up making very little after it’s all said and done. But at least you know now. 🙂 

      As I’ve also mentioned in this article, if you want to make a real income online — I suggest you check out my #1 recommended product online that will teach you how to build a website from the ground up and earn a regular income every month.

      It has helped me and thousands of other people, and I know it can do the same for you. 🙂

  2. Thanks Michael, I have heard of survey companies but not “surveys for cash”. I agreed with you that they are a waste so much of your time and pay very little. Oh this one even charge you to take their surveys! I didn’t even know you had middle men surveys. This post has been a big eye opener, I will stay away from this program.

    • Hi Juliet, I’m glad my review could help you out and that you also agree with me in that surveys are not a good way to make extra money online.

      I have seen a few programs like this to where they basically redirect people to other sites — and normally I wouldn’t have a problem with that but the sites they send you too are basically scams.

      And it seems surveys for cash is so desperate to make affiliate commissions, that they are willing to bribe and lie to people in order to make it happen — which again is another reason I didn’t like this product one bit. 

  3. Thank you Michael for your awesome review about Take Surveys For Cash, and I feel the same thing about it. 

    I have read every thing on your post and I have same opinion with you that these type of survey sites are totally a waste of time. Rather I would prefer your #1 recommendation called Wealthy Affiliate. I feel building a business online and selling real products will provide me with the type of money I’m looking for.

    I think your every post is very informative and I am bookmarking your site for my future use.

    • Hi thanks for your comment, and I know you’re really going to love Wealthy Affiliate. 

      Because unlike surveys that pay you very little and can vanish at the drop of a hat — what your taught within WA is how to build a website you own, get people to it, and sell products to these people.

      So in essence your building a real business helping to solve problems people have, and by following the training within their program you can become very successful and make a good income from doing it. 🙂

  4. I am SHOCKED!!!! with the information you provided and at the same time VERY Impressed with all the useful information you gave within this article. 

    I was very interested to read from the get go what your article had to say, because at one point I was trying to do surveys for cash to help me gain an additional income thinking it would replacement my monthly salary I get from my current job — but quickly found out that they don’t pay enough.

    I will be sure to stay away from this product because I see know that this will NOT help me earn a good income online.

    AWESOME ARTICLE again, and keep up the great work. I would love to read more about other sites that are doing this to people who don’t know any better.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed my post Rick, and more importantly I’m glad you found the information within it helpful. 

      As I said, while surveys are quite easy to do — they will not help you earn a significant amount of money online, and honestly I think it would be better to find ind a part time job or do freelance work if you needed some extra cash quickly.

      Because surveys will do nothing but give you a few extra dollars after spending hours upon hours on them.

      Also click at the top of my blog where it says “bad reviews” I have a long list of other products I’ve reviewed in the past that I either considered to be scams or very low quality.

  5. Thanks for the review about Take Surveys For Cash. I have heard about surveys for years now, but never tried one. 

    Now it makes sense that the only way the survey companies actually make money is through up sales and getting more people to join to do surveys that pay very little. What makes Swag bucks stand out from the other paid survey sites? Do they use a gift card method to pay participants?

    • Even though I really don’t like survey sites for the reasons I mentioned in this blog post — Swagbucks has been the best survey site I’ve found for people to earn some extra cash. 

      Not only can you do surveys, but you can also play games, watch videos, shop, and search the web to earn points as well.

      Then after you’ve made $25 dollars worth of points, you can then either get a gift card or send the money directly to your paypal account.

      So if you really want to try a legitimate survey site out, I would recommend you check out Swagbucks. 🙂

  6. I know for certain that most paid surveys are not a scam. However from my experience in doing them, they are definitely the most inefficient way of making money. Even a traditional 9 to 5 job can make more money in less amount of time compared to paid surveys. The most I have ever made from them was a few cents and it took me half an hour to make it.

    • Hey Jessie thanks for your comment and also confirming what I said, which is that surveys are not a great method to earn money online. 

      I would even say just doing basic freelance work or cutting grass will pay you more then doing surveys, because if you don’t get denied (which happens quite often) — you’ll only end up making a few cent for about 20-30 minutes worth of work.


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