What Is The 5k Formula System By Matthew Neer? Find If It’s Worth Buying Here

Quick Summary Of The 5k Formula System

Name: The 5k Formula System

Website: 5kformula.com

Price: $19.97 with several upsells

Rating: 2 out of 5

What Is The 5k Formula System?

Are you wondering what is the 5k Formula system about? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Within my review, I’ll be going over what this product is, how it works, and more importantly help you decide if this is something you may or may not need.

So getting right into it, this is a product created by Matthew Neer that supposedly helped him earn $5,000 dollars on auto pilot for free — which is where it got its name the “5k Formula”.

earn $5,000 dollars on auto pilot

Now he says he was able to do this from using a sales funnel, and once you buy this product you’ll be able to take the exact same sales page and funnel he used, and resale it as your own to also make easy money online.

But can you really make thousands of dollars a month with this premade sales funnel? No and here’s why.

First of all I’ve come across several programs in my online career that promised it could make me rich with their “plug and play” system, yet they never delivered.

Secondly I reviewed another one of Matt Neer’s products not too long ago called the Viral Cash App, and it turned out to be a complete scam.

So when someone who’s already made a bad product claims he can help you become wealthy online through a simple sales funnel — I see no reason to listen to them.

Of course your allowed to do whatever you want, but to explain why I personally would not buy the 5k Formula System — let me give you some more details about this product.

Learn how to build a real website here

How Does The 5k Formula System Work?

As I just mentioned, once you become a member you’ll then get a free copy of Matt’s sales funnel which you can then use to recruit people into buying the same product you just did.

The 5k Formula System Funnel

And As you can see the sales funnel is designed to get visitors to spend as much money as possible through a series of 5 different upsells and 3 different down sales.

Of course you’re sucked into this same exact sales funnel when you buy the product, and if you’re not careful you could end up spending $675 dollars in total — which is a lot more than $19.97 likes it sales on the main sales page.

But I think what makes people spend hundreds of dollars on it, is Matt claims that if you simply send traffic to this sales funnel that you can then be making over $5,000 dollars a month easily like he does.

In fact he says the system is so easy to use, that you only have to follow 5 simple steps:

  • Access your account
  • Connect your commission link
  • Select you traffic source
  • Point the traffic source to your commission link
  • sit back and collect your commissions

Now even though this seems like a very easy way to go about making money online, trust me when I say it never turns out to be as quick or simple as you think.

You see to truly become successful at something (especially making money online) — it’s going to require you to do a whole lot more then simply buying a done for you system and sending traffic to it.

But before I explain why this is, let me go over what you’ll be getting if you do buy this product.

What Does It Come With?

Of course the main thing you’ll be getting when you buy the 5k Formula System is the sales funnel in which you will then try to convert your visitors to spending hundreds of dollars into the same thing you just bought.

But if you happen to buy into the different upsells I mentioned about earlier, you can then get several different attractive and squeeze pages, email swipes, banner ads, ppc keywords, and more to help you out.

Email Swipes

Now again if you want to go spend a few hundred bucks on these things you can, but in my opinion it’s not going to help you make thousands of dollars and quit your job.

And on top that, you can easily get some of these same services for far less (like done for you squeeze pages) — plus they will allow you to customize it and change it as much as you want.

Why Succeeding With This Product Is Going Be Much Harder Than You Think

Now I said before, even though Matt makes it sound like it will be very easy for you to make money using his premade sales funnel, email swipes, and everything else — there’s actually some things you may or may not know that make this MUCH harder than it really is.

Here’s 3 major concerns I have with people using this product:

1) You’re Buying A Done For You System That You Do Not Own

Again even though they are giving you everything right up front, including hosting and a domain name — at the end of the day Matt still owns your website.

That means if at any given moment he decides to shut this down and create a new product (which he’s created quite a few already) — your site would disappear along with any amount of money you were making from it.

Not only that, but buying done for you products like the 5k Formula System here, you’re never taught the basics on how to build a website, write copy, and sell products by yourself. Therefore you cannot simply go out and create another sales funnel if this one shuts down.

So overall I find it a very risky product to get involved with, simply because you do not have ownership or control over your website.

2) Getting Traffic Is Never Easy Or Cheap

The next major problem I have with this product is traffic.

You always hear about marketers saying that traffic is the lifeblood of your business — because without it you can’t’ makes sales, which is very true.

Now Matt says he will show you how to get traffic from free methods, email exchanges, and provide you the option to buy traffic from his secret source.

However anyone that has run a successful business online will tell you that not all traffic is the same. Therefore if you go and buy 10,000 clicks from his secret source or start doing email exchanges with other people — there’s a very high chance it will not convert.

And over the years while I’ve been online, the two methods that I’ve seen work time and time again that will allow you to get high quality traffic is either through SEO (free method) or CPA (which you have to spend money on).

And depending on which one you use, it can either take you several months or hundreds if not thousands of dollars to get this traffic.

So even though Matt says getting traffic to his offer is easy — it’s not the kind of traffic that will make you sales day after day that’s for sure.

3) You’re Selling The Exact Same System You Got Sucked Into

By buying this product, all you’ll be able to do is sell this 5k Formula System to other people in hopes to also make money online. This is because like I said before, you’re buying a premade system that you cannot edit or change.

This means you cannot create a website around topics you may love such as sports, sewing, playing the guitar, building computers, or anything else.

You’re simply selling a very cheap and sketchy program at best in the make money online industry.

And honestly since this product is not really teaching you anything, plus you’ll have to more then likely spend money on traffic and other tools — I don’t see why anyone would want to buy this in the first place.

So again if all you care about is teaching people how to make money online, then you can try this product out — but just know you’ll probably only be making a few bucks later down the road if you do.

What I Like About It

  • Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee
  • The creator of this product Mathew Neer is a real person and not some paid actor
  • The training is easy to understand and can help newbies learn the basics of making money online

What I Don’t Like About It

  • The sales page is very hyped up and misleading

Even though Matt teaches people how to make money online through squeeze pages —he makes it seem like you can make a whole lot in a very short amount of time. 

For example, if you look at the title of this product and watch his sales video — he flashes $5,000 dollars in your face saying how “easy” it was to make it.

Flashing $5,000 dollars around

Of course this is a just a common tactic product creators like to do — that way they can get you to buy their product. 

The truth though is that Matt more then likely made that money from his product launches instead of using this 5k Formula System — which means making money with this product will probably not work.

  • They want you to buy this product as soon as possible

Also within the sales video, Matt says at any given time he can take this product down for any reason so you better buy it now before it’s too late.

Wants you to buy it fast

Of course this is just to get you to spend your money quickly that way you don’t have time to think or research about whether or not this product can really benefit you.

And my advice I always give people before they go spending money on something, is I tell them to do their own research and see how legit the owner is, determine if people who bought it the past were successful, and if it has a way you can ask for help when you have questions.

That way you don’t regret spending your money on something you don’t want later down the road.

  • This product has a lot of extra hidden fees

Last but not least, one of the things I really disliked about this product was all the extra money you’ll be spending once you become a member.

Remember if you bought all the upsells, you’d be paying over $600 dollars — plus you’ll have a monthly payment for their “secret” traffic source.

So instead of this system being free like Matt claims — you’ll be spending hundreds of dollars and probably never make enough through this system to earn all of that back.

Who Is The 5k Formula System For?

If your a complete beginner that knows nothing about making money online, and you don’t mind buying a premade sales funnel and selling the exact same system you bought — then this could perhaps benefit you.

But if you already have some knowledge about internet marketing and are looking for a way to earn a decent income online — then I DO NOT recommend you buy this.

My Final Rating – Is The 5k Formula System A Scam?

2 out of 5 ( Not recommended )

Overall I would not call The 5k Formula System a scam due to the fact you are getting a product along with training to help you earn a little bit of extra money online.

However with that said, the fact that this system is set up to do everything for you, and that you don’t really learn the basic skills of internet marketing like how to write effective copy or set up a simple website — I can not recommend you buy it.

Because at any given time, this system can vanish and you’ll be left with nothing at all — and on top of that I don’t think you’ll earn much even if you bought this along with all the upsells within it.

So Here’s What I Recommend You Do Instead

If you are really looking for a way to earn an extra income online (and I think you are since you’re reading my review) — then I suggest you have a look at my #1 recommended product online.

This will give you step by step training on how to create a profitable website around ANY niche you want, it will give you all the tools necessary for you to succeed, and best of all is you can rub shoulders with people making a full time income online.

So if you’re interested in learning how to create a money producing website that is 100% yours, instead of relying on some done for you system that could vanish tomorrow — click the picture below to get more information.

Try out Wealthy Affiliate for free

I hope you enjoyed my review about the 5k Formula System.

However if you have any other questions or concerns you’d like to ask, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out. 🙂


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10 thoughts on “What Is The 5k Formula System By Matthew Neer? Find If It’s Worth Buying Here”

  1. Wow, $600 and I wonder who would actually spend that or have the cash on hand to do so on the spur of the moment.

    I wasn’t even clear what you bought for all this money. Is it just the training and the funnel, or is there more that makes it a more worthwhile investment.

    I doubt many newbie marketers would have the resources to purchase this product, and the more advanced ones will be to skeptical, so I agree it would be a difficult product to promote.

    • You’d be surprised what people will spend money on if it’s marketed in the right way. 

      If you spend the 600 dollars, you’ll get things like email swipes, banner ads, ppc keywords, — but again this is all to promote the exact model you just bought, which in my opinion is very sketchy. 

      And honestly most of what is taught in here, you could find online for free.

      Therefore that’s why I suggest people find a legitimate company that offers easy to follow step by step training, 24/7 support, and gives you all the tools necessary to become successful.

      Otherwise you’ll just be jumping from one product to the next hoping to hit the “jackpot” and never really learning the skills needed to earn a regular income online. 

  2. What  a great review.  Seems to be a product with ok intentions but decided to go the hype scammy route which really is now what I would call a bad opportunity.

    Up sells really bother me especially when claims of something for free are made.

    I really do appreciate such an honest review from you.  it will absolutely help many to stay away and maybe make a better decision.


    • Thanks Dale for your comment. 

      I too really dislike when products trick you by saying you’ll pay one price, then ask you to spend a whole lot of money once your inside.

      If a product is as good as they claim, then it should tell you exactly what it is, how it works, and how much you’ll have to pay upfront — instead of trying to secretly get money out of you later on.

  3. Hi Michael,
    I agree with you that wealthy affiliate is a good website for training and making money. It is a lot of hard work but I think it is worth it. You can promote their website or yours. You can try it for free also. It is the first affiliate website I have seen where you can make money as a free member but it requires work and following the training.

    • Thanks for your comment Olufemi, and I’m glad you feel the same way about WA as I do.

      And your correct that you can become successful with it, BUT you have to be willing to work at it and learn some new skills. Because as I mentioned in this post, there’s system or magic button that will make you rich online. The only way to do this is by working hard and following a system that has been known to work.

  4. My gosh, I’ve been running into all sorts of scammy web pages lately! Maybe because it’s a new year, and people are searching for different ways to make money online – but all these sales pitches are coming out promising improbable outcomes from ridiculous schemes! This 5K Formula System looks like a great example of what NOT to use.

    I’ve never heard of this system before seeing this review, and I’m glad you provided it. I see that you are promoting WA, and I just wanted to comment, as I am very active in WA myself. If people are looking for a legitimate learning tool and community of like-minded business builders, you’re referring them to an actual resource. WA is like college for online entrepreneurs. Kudos for leading your readers in the right direction.

    • I think no matter what time of the year it is, you’re going to find all kinds of scams on the internet claiming they can help you get rich quickly without doing much work.

      And the sad part is people believe these lies, buy the product, then find out the hard way after losing their money that the product will not make them rich overnight.

      You see the only way to earn a good income online is by following a proven method, and working hard at it — and in my opinion WA provides just this.

      Also I’m glad to see that after you joined Wealthy Affiliate you feel the same way. I just hope more people out there will be see that they need proper training on how to make an income online, and it doesn’t happen overnight after buying a scam online.

  5. Hey Michael,

    Thank you for alerting us about $5k Formula System. Recently, l saw a lot of ”Done For You” systems on the market but l can confidently say 99% of them are not workable. Their modules operate by ripping people off. 

    They lure you in with a low price item, and immediately bombard you with a lot of upsells to make you think that are necessary to generate an income online. My advice to you is to do your own due diligence before investing in such a program.

    If you’re serious in building an online business, l strongly recommend you to join Wealthy Affiliate. Further, you can start as a free member and stay as long as you want.

    Best wishes

    • Thanks for your comment Zayn.

      I’m glad to see that your not falling for these done for you systems, and realize that they are out to just steal your money and nothing else.

      You also make a good point that if someone wants to find out if a product is worth pursuing or not — that they need to do their own research and not take the word of one other person, no matter how much they may know.

      Only then after you’ve done this will you be able to make a wiser decision — and I challenge people to research WA and see what other people have to say about it and also see what kind of success people are getting by joining it.

      I think you’ll find that there’s hardly any negative things said about this company, and that they have helped thousands of people earn an extra income online.


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