What Is Thirty One Gifts About

If you’ve come here wondering what is Thirty One Gifts about and also can’t tell if it’s a scam or not then you’re in luck.

Within my review I’ll be discussing topics such as what this company sells, how much it will cost you to join, and most importantly how much money you can potentially make with them.

And hopefully by the time your done reading it you’ll have a better understanding as to whether or you want to join them.

So without any further ado, let’s jump into things here.

Quick Summary Of Thirty One Gifts

Name: Thirty One Gifts

Website: Mythirtyone.com

Price: $99 or $130 depending what kit you buy

Rating: 3 out of 5

What Is Thirty One Gifts?

Thirty One Gifts is an MLM company that operates in the women’s fashion niche. 

It was created in 2003 by Cindy Monroe, and she says her main goal is to help women by giving them the opportunity to create and run their own business.

But can this company really offer such a claim, or are women better off looking elsewhere?

I would say yes women can make money with this company, but it’s not going to be easy — as are with most things in life.

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What Does Thirty One Gifts Sell?

One thing that caught my eye right away with this company is they had a wide selection of products that you can sell to people.

What Is Thirty One Gifts About - what they sell

Some of these products are…

  • Handbags and accessories
  • Travel
  • Thermals
  • Home 
  • Personalized gifts
  • handbags
  • wallets
  • jewelry
  • travel accessories
  • thermals
  • pillows 
  • and more

Now even though I’m not a woman I will say that some of these products look very good and would be something I would want to get my wife for her birthday.

So this is a big plus in my book because I’ve reviewed other MLM businesses in the past and let’s just say that I would not spend even 1 penny on what they were selling. 

Thirty One Gifts Compensation Plan 

Seeing that Thirty One Gifts is an MLM company, you’ll be making money in one of two ways — which is either selling the products yourself or building a team to help you do so.

So to keep you from getting bored to death or possibly even a headache, I’ll try to break it down as simply as I can.

Affiliate Ranks 

There are 6 affiliate ranks you can obtain one you become a member of Thirty One Gifts.

  1. Consultant 
  2. Senior Consultant
  3. Director 
  4. Senior Director
  5. Executive Director
  6. Senior Executive Director

Retail Commissions

All the affiliates of Thirty One Gifts are paid 25% on all commissions they sell to their customers. However starting at director rank, it increases to 34 %. Here is how much each person will make based on their rank:

Director – 28%

Senior Director – 30%

Executive Director – 32%

Senior Executive Director – 34%

Residual Commissions

Thirty-One Gifts has a unilevel compensation structure that goes down 3 levels. 

This means that every person you recruit is placed directly underneath you as you build out your team.

What Is Thirty One Gifts About - Unilevel compensation structure

Now as starting from Senior Consultant to Senior Executive Director, you can earn anywhere between 2% – 14% of your team’s commissions.


Another incentive to reach higher in ranks besides getting more money from your team is you’ll also be paid a one time bonus each time you go up in rank.

The bonuses for Thirty One Gifts payout as follows…

Director – Earn $1000 

Senior Director – Earn $1000 

Executive Director – Earn  $3000 

Senior Executive Director – Earn  $7500 

If you would like more details on how their whole compensation plan works, you can view their chart here.

How Much Does It Cost?

To join Thirty One Gifts, it will cost you $99 dollars for the Signature Enrollment Kit. 

However if you want, you can also upgrade to the Custom Signature Kit which is $130. On top of this, you’ll also have shipping fees each time you sell your products. 

What I Like About It

  • It’s been around for a while and still going strong
  • This company is a lot cheaper to join the most MLM’s companies I’ve reviewed
  • You get rewarded nicely based on how many retails sales ( which is very uncommon in the MLM industry )

What I Don’t Like About It

  • The chances of you earning a good income is literally 1%

Based on Thirty One Gifts 2017 income disclosure, 93% of people make $2,000 dollars or less while 1% are making $5 – $10 thousand a year! Which is pretty sad when you can work a regular minimum wage job in most countries and earn more than that.  

What Is Thirty One Gifts About - income disclosure

Also according to Wikipedia, almost 99% of everyone who joins an MLM company ends up spending more than they make!

  • Home Parties are the preferred way to market this business

The way Thirty One Gifts teaches to you to market your products is by throwing what is called a house party and invite a bunch of people over to show off all your products.

This means you’ll be resorting to calling your friends, family, and neighbors to come in to participate. 

The problem with this however is that one you’ll more than likely going to annoy a bunch of them because let’s face it who likes being sold to right? And secondly after you’ve gone through everyone you know then what?

You got no one left to invite over, and you’re left with probably hundreds worth of products you need to sell in order to make an income.

Here’s a review from someone explaining how it was hard for them to keep good sales up while being a member of this company.

What Is Thirty One Gifts About - unhappy member

Is Thirty One Gifts A Scam?

Thirty One Gifts is far from a scam, and in fact it’s one of the better ones I’ve reviewed in the past few months with its huge selection of products and rewarding compensation plan.

However with that said, I still would not recommend you join it simply because so very few people actually make money with an MLM business model.

So unless you already have a huge audience you can talk to, or you’re an excellent salesperson in real life — I think you’re better off finding a better alternative to generating an income online.

My Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, I think Thirty One Gifts is a seems like a great company that offers a wide selection of products for women to buy.

However on the business side of things, I have already shown that I think the chances of you making a good income with them is close to zero.

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I hope you enjoyed my review about Thirty One Gifts, and if you have any other questions or concerns you’d like to ask me leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out. 🙂

Thirty One Gifts

$99 - $130

Overall Rating



  • You get rewarded nicely based on how many retails sales
  • It’s been around for a while and still going strong


  • Home Parties are the preferred way to market this business
  • The chances of you earning a good income is literally 1%
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4 thoughts on “What Is Thirty One Gifts About”

  1. Wow… the affiliate sales Thirty-One Gifts is quite eye catching, only few companies out there could offer such an intriguing percentage to affiliate marketers.

    For all the ladies out there I would say that Thirty One Gifts company is a done deal for you and you should grab the opportunity whilst it last.

    Nice article though and great content

    • Thanks for the comment Evans, however I feel like the point of my article might of slipped over your head.

      You see while yes you can make a good income with Thirty One Gifts, the fact is that about 95% of people will make less than $2k a year with this company.

      And not just this company but all MLM’s share these same stats.

      This is mainly due to how the business works, which is you have to build large teams in order to make a lot of money. So therefore you’re going to have to have a friendly and outgoing personality, be willing to accept reject, and also be willing to spend a lot of money both on products / advertising to become successful.

      Then on top of all of this, you’ll have to have a team of people that can do this exact same thing or teach them how to.

      So as you can see it’s not easy at all to become sucessful and I would HIGHLY URGE you to use extreme caution when joining on.

      Personally I believe affiliate marketing is a far easier way to make money online, as you don’t have to directly talk to anyone or build any teams.

      You simply build websites around topics you enjoy and then promote products to help people. 

  2. Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this review with me, I’m sure it has helped every inquisitive reader like myself. For me, I also don’t find it lucrative if the main aim of joining is to recruit people to a business where the percentage of people making good money is it is low.


    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      And I’m with you that joining a business that most of your income is made through recruiting people into a program — then have them go right around and do the same thing doesn’t seem all that wise.

      This is why I personally enjoy affiliate marketing where I can sell any product / service to people that I know will help them solve a particular problem.

      Now again don’t get me wrong you can make a good income with Thirty One Gifts and they do have lots of products for you to sell — but the way you have to go about it ( which is building teams ) is just too hard / risky in my opinion.


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