What Is Tube Crusher And Can It Really Make You Over 2k A Day?

Quick Summary Of Tube Crusher

Name: Tube Crusher

Price: $37.00 dollars

Rating: 0 out of 5 rating

What Is Tube Crusher?

If you’ve been looking for ways to earn some extra cash online, you might be wondering what is Tube Crusher and is it the answer to my financial problems?

Well within the sales video it says several people have started using this special “system” and are now making more than $2,000 dollars a day — and it even claims that if you watch the video until the very end you’ll know exactly how all of them did this.

You'll know exactly how this system works

Also it says that this system is so easy to use, that by only spending 10 minutes a day on YouTube you can make thousands of dollars without even leaving the comfort of your own bed.

Now I’ll admit that this does sound quite amazing. I mean who wouldn’t want to sit in their PJ’s all day, quit their job, and earn money by basically nothing? I know I would.

The truth of the matter though is everything said within this sales video is a complete lie — and no one (including experienced online marketers ) can sit around the house all day doing nothing and expect to earn a full time income online.

So within this review I want to give you a general idea of what you’ll get if you buy this terrible product, show you several reasons as to why Tube Crusher is a scam, and lastly introduce you to a legitimate way to start making a real and regular income online.

this program is better

How Does Tube Crusher Work?

Tube Crusher basically claims it’s a system that can help anyone tap into YouTube and start generating thousands of dollars on auto pilot from this massive site.

Sadly though this is not the case.

As I just mentioned, the person that made this program (who goes by the name of Ciaran) said that by the end of sales video you’ll know EXACLY how people make over 2 grand a day with this system.

However all you find out is that these people only spend about 10 minutes a day making videos (which I’m not exactly sure how that’s possible) then that they put these videos on YouTube to make money.

Nowhere at all does it talk about this “secret” method or formula on how they go from broke to filthy rich in a matter of days.

And you know why? Because there is none.

Now I’ll be up front with you and say that I didn’t buy this program, mainly due to the fact that I could see a mile away that it was a scam — however I can almost guarantee that if you did buy this all you’d get is very basic information on what YouTube is, how to set up your own channel, and how to upload videos to it.

All of which is pretty basic information that you can find online for free.

But you’re probably wondering what made me so sure that Tube Crusher was a scam in the first place right? Well let me walk you through some of main issues I had after watching their sales video.

Some Major Red Flags Associated With This Program

After reviewing several programs online, I’ve gotten pretty good at telling which programs are good, which aren’t so good, and which ones are down right scams.

And in an earlier post where I mentioned how to spot a scam, I can easily tell that Tube Crusher is a scam due to the fact that it had every sign I told people to look out for within that post.

Sign #1 – It Claims You Can Get Rich Fast

Tube Crusher not only says you can easily make $2,000 plus dollars a day with their system, but they make the outrages claim that you can do it almost instantly after setting it up.

Claims you can get rich fast

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s people out there making thousands and even millions a year with YouTube — but none of them made this money right away, and none of them did it without having to work hard for it.

And for this program to make a claim you only need to spend $37.00 dollars, work 10 minutes a day, and have money come rushing into your back account instantly is just ridiculous.

Sign #2 – There’s Very Little Information On How It Works

Between how Tube Crusher works and who the actual owner of this system is, there’s VERY little information about both.

The guy going by the name of Ciaran says he is one of the top players in YouTube, so he claims this is why he doesn’t reveal himself to anyone.

Don't know who the owner is

First of all, it’s hard for me to trust someone that can’t even tell me their real name or show a picture of themselves — and further more it makes me think they don’t want people to know who scammed them out of their money.

And as far as the actual program goes… why should I, you, or anyone believe what is being presented when were not presented with some specifics as to how it works? It’s like telling someone who wants to lose weight that they have a new type of exercise, but they can’t tell you what it is or why it works so good.

Programs that do this basically like to keep people wondering simply because there’s nothing to explain.

Sign #3 – It Uses Fake Testimonials And Screenshots

Within the sales video, there are a few testimonials and screenshots of people saying they used this system and were able to start making thousands of dollars after the first day!

Fake screen shots

Of course both the screen shots and the testimonials are fake, and are just a way to make you think this system actually works when in fact it doesn’t.

So whenever you’re looking to see if a program is worth joining or not, don’t just take the word of a couple people to make your decision — because as you can see from here if you did you would have been very mistaken.

Sign #4 – Says You Have To Act Quickly

Towards the end of the video presentation, the guy mentions that he can’t make this system available to everyone — otherwise YouTube will find out and mess up his imaginary system bringing him in thousands of dollars.

Says there's a limited time offer

This is one of the oldest tactics in the book, which basically makes people think if they don’t act NOW they will be missing out on a once in a life time opportunity — and Tube Crusher uses this tactic to get people to join.

But if you go the actual website and look for yourself, all you have to do is enter your name and email address — and you’ll see that you can purchase this product anytime you want.

Enter name and email

You can buy it

So no this product is not limited to a few select people, but even though this is the case I still would advise you not to get it.

Sign #5 – Claims You’ll Be Using A Secret Method To Make A Lot Of Money

Ciaran says that thanks to his insider contact and having access to some secret information — he was able to build a system that allows ordinary people like you and me rake in thousands of dollars like he did through YouTube.

Says he has secret information

This is also something I’ve seen many programs do like Facebook Wealth Formula — which basically makes you think they have a secret method or hidden knowledge that no one else knows about.

What ends up happening every time though, is what they’re teaching either is outdated and doesn’t work — or the information they have is so basic that it couldn’t provide you with any sort of real value.

And in Tube Crusher’s case, I think they just have very basic information on how someone can create a YouTube channel and upload videos to it. Which again is NOT going to make you instantly rich like it says it will.

So Is Tube Crusher A Scam?

I would say without a doubt that Tube Crusher is a scam. It tells you nothing but lies, and it has no valuable information it can provide for you.

Therefore as I’ve mentioned several times already, I cannot recommend this product to anyone as I think you’ll be wasting your time and money on a useless product.

What I Like About It

  • It provides a 60 day money back guarantee

What I Don’t Like About It

  • It makes unrealistic income claims
  • There’s no information on how this system specially works
  • It uses fake screen shots and paid actors to persuade people to join it
  • The creator never reveals who he is making the program even more shady

Who Is Tube Crusher For?

I cannot recommend Tube Crusher for anyone, as I think you’ll simply be wasting your money on this useless product. Also whatever helpful information it may have on creating a YouTube channel, you can find for free in a matter of seconds through physically searching Google or YouTube yourself.

My Final Rating

0 out of 5 ( Not recommended )

Without a doubt I can say that Tube Crusher is a complete scam.

Between telling people they can make $2,000 dollars their first day, not explaining how their system works, and having to use fake testimonials and screen shots to get people to buy it — there’s simply no reason for anyone to buy it.

So I can not and will not recommend this product to anyone — and urge you to not fall for this exciting sales video that will do nothing but disappoint you in the end.

Instead I Suggest You Check This Out Instead

If you’re serious about making money online, and don’t mind learning some new skills and also putting in some work — I think you’ll like this suggestion I have for you.

My #1 recommend product online shows a complete beginner on how to set up a website, and turn it into a money making machine. It also provides updated training, all the tools you need to succeed, and a community of thousands of people that will help you out.

So if this sounds like something you may be interested in learning more about, click the picture below.

I hope you found my review about Tube Crusher helpful. And if you have any questions or concerns you’d like to ask me, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “What Is Tube Crusher And Can It Really Make You Over 2k A Day?”

  1. Wow it’s easy to tell that thisprogram or system is fake. I have a YouTube channel myself and I know how hard it is to grow — as there’s lots of things you have to do in order to get ads on your videos in order to get paid. None of it is easy, and there’s just no way it can be done fast.

    I never trust any program that says you can get rich fast.

    • Thanks for you’re insights Justin on what it REALLY takes in order to grow a YouTube channel.  Just like any other social media platform out there, you can make a lot of money off of them — but it will take time in order for this to happen.

      There’s just no logical reason or way that someone can get right into YouTube and start making thousands of dollars — unless they already are someone famous.

      I wish you all the success as you continue growing your channel Justin, and I’m glad you’re not falling for scams online (like Tube Crusher) just to try and make money faster.  

  2. Oh my God! I was shocked when I saw this program claim you can make thousands of dollars and you only have to spend $37.00 dollars on it.

    I find it hard to believe that some people will actually fall for this. I hope you article will  to get everyone, so newbies don’t fall for these type of scams.

    In fact, there should be a way these scammers get penalized for trying to trick people out of their money. Get rich quick my ass, I’d just as easily believe there’s a tree you can pluck dollars from.

    • Programs like Tube Crusher here will eventually get shut down — but it can take sometimes up to 2+ years for this to happen. And within that time thousands of people can get scammed out of their hard earned money.

      This is why I write reviews on my website, so people can get a thorough explanation about a product before they go spending money on it.

      And as to why people fall for these scams I can say for certain, but I’d assume it’s either because they need money quickly and think programs like this can help — or they basically are told lies about a program and don’t know any better.

      That’s why I high recommend everyone to do their own research before they join a particular program, just so they won’t be wasting their money.

      And whenever someone ask me personally how can they make money online, I point them toward Wealthy Affiliate — which has been my #1 recommended product online for several years now.

  3. Hi Michael,

    It’s good to be back on your blog 🙂 Your writing style sure does appeal to me!

    Anyway, about Tube Crusher review:

    Frankly, I am starting to get annoyed by the number of scams there’s on the Internet. I started my online journey in 2015 (freelance, then blogging/affiliate marketing), but I wasn’t serious about it. Then in 2016, I came across a program called Digital Altitude which claimed that I would make a LOT of money within 90 days or so. And guess what? DA was shut down by FTC in 2018.

    (I am SO glad that all I paid was $1 for the trial… Having no money at the time was a blessing in disguise).

    Since then, I get frustrated by even crazier scam programs like Tube Crusher. I mean DA wasn’t so obvious of a scam as this one.

    What I realized over the years is that real business takes REAL WORK. No other way around it. So, if I see claims that I will make lots of money fast then, I close the window instantly.

    Now, don’t get me wrong.

    I believe it’s possible to make $2000/day BUT it’s not going to happen fast. In case of affiliate marketing, you will have to 1) learn, 2) take action, 3) constantly provide value and build trust, and 4) with lots of visitors after some time will you start making decent income. Not sure how many years it’ll take to have $2k days, but it’s possible to make $2000 monthly after few months of work.

    Another thing I can agree with you on:

    No face/name on the product. I am sorry but if you want to build a high trust relationship with your visitors/customers, you HAVE to show your face.

    Honestly, I feel bad for people who fall for scams. I mean I was lucky enough not to have cash at the time, and therefore haven’t felt the horrible feeling of being scammed for thousands of dollars.

    Sorry for the rant. Just couldn’t keep it in me today lol.

    I am curious, how long did it take you to start taking your online business seriously? I mean for me it took 2 years until I realized that real business = real work, started doing consistent work and, therefore, started seeing regular income.


    • I’m glad to have you back on my blog too Zarina! 🙂

      I actually remember when Digital Altitude got shut down — and even remember people saying that whoever didn’t join was missing the biggest opportunity of their life time. So I’m glad as well that you didn’t join that scam.

      However as you know not everyone gets so lucky and thousands of people a year are scammed out of their hard earned money due to programs like that and Tube Crusher here. I just hope by writing enough reviews and through time, people will start to realize like you said it takes work, time, and the ability to build trust with your readers.

      For me I would say it took me about a full year to REALLY take my business seriously. I created my first website thinking I’d be making thousands of dollars within a few months — then later found out it doesn’t happen like that (normally).

      So while I did make money with my first website, I decided to put it on the back burner, take a few weeks off thinking about what I wanted my next business to be about — then decided to put my full effort into the website you see here.

      From what I’ve learned, it can take 1-2 years for an online business to really start generating traffic and income — however I’ve seen people succeed much faster then this too.

      But I was excited to hear that your business after 1 year old is now starting to generate you several hundred dollars months. That’s really awesome, and I look forward to where you’ll be in about a years time. 🙂

      Just remember don’t fall for those shiny objects or try to take shortcuts, but instead continue doing what you’ve been doing and I think you’ll easily be earning a full income by this time next year.


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