Where To Get Free Pictures For Your Website In 2018 – My Top Choices

Today providing high quality images for your website isn’t just optional, but has become more of a necessity. It helps your users have a better experience, it can increase your traffic, and it can also help you earn more money.

However the problem many people face when looking for these good images, is finding a place that will let you use them free of charge.

After going through hundreds of different sites, I’m going to show you where to get free pictures for your website that not only look amazing — but also are 100% free.

So without any further delay, here are 6 of my most favorite places to go when looking for high quality images.

1. Pixabay


Pixabay is one of the first places I go when looking for a high quality images for my website. With over 1.3 million free images and videos in their database, you can bet they’ll have something here for you to use.

2. Pexels


Pexels has a huge selection of high quality free images for you to choose from, with more being added to it every week.

While you can find all sorts of nice pictures on their site, they mainly specialize in realistic type photos. This can include:

  • Nature
  • People
  • Technology
  • Food

So if you’re needing a good-looking image of a person excited, or a picture of a beautiful flower — I highly urge you to check this site out.

3. Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons has an incredibly large database containing over 45 millions media files you can choose from.

There images are very neatly organized and as of right now it is broken down into 43 different categories to better help you find the kind of picture you need.

With most of these images being under the creative commons license, this also means you are free to edit the picture however you want.

4. Unsplash


Unsplash has over 300,000 photos to choose from, with more being added each day. They personally hand select photos, or use their search function to find photos that people are looking for online.

With like the other ones I’ve already mentioned in here, all the pictures on Unsplash are completely free to use however you want.

5. Google’s Advance Image Search

Google's Advance Image Search

When all else fails and you can’t find an image you want online, Google’s advance search simply put is amazing!

Whenever I’m feeling lazy or want to quickly find an image to use for my websites, this is where I usually go.

The great thing about finding images this way, is Google basically goes through every database online and shows you specifically what images are free to use.

To find images, you first want to scroll to the very bottom of the advance image search page until you find usage rights.

usage rights

Next you have several different options to choose from such as “free to use and share”, “free to use and share even commercially”, or “free to use share and modify commercially”.

different licenses

Personally I pick free to use and share commercially, unless I know I’ll be editing the picture — then I’ll change the function to include modify as well.

So after you’ve selected what kind of usage right you want, you simply go back to the top of the page and search for whatever kind of picture you want.

Google will then display thousands of images for you to choose from based on your criteria.

I’ve found though after the first 20 or so pics they start to get pretty bad, so I’ll either pick one of the first 20 or do a new search until I’m happy.

6. Wealthy Affiliate’s Site Content Images

Site Content Images

Last but not least, one of my favorite places to find free high quality images is within a program I’m a part of called Wealthy Affiliate.

If you don’t know by now, I’m a huge fan of WA as it has basically given me a blueprint on how to successfully create an online business around any topic I want.

Also just recently, they just added something into the program called Site Content Images — which basically is like Google’s advance search just much better!

Let me explain this in a little more detail.

Kind of like how Google’s advance search scans across the entire web looking for free images (some good and many bad) — Site content images does the same thing except EVERY SINGLE image is of high quality!

On top of all of that, there are over 1 Millions images to choose from.

So whenever I don’t feel like scrolling from one picture database to the next (like Pixabay and Pexels) — I can simply use this feature and find whatever I’m looking for very quickly.

I also want to mention while this is technically not free as you have to become a paying member to also use this function — you have to remember you will also get excellent training on how to build an online business, have access to all these images for your website, as well as have something that in return can make you a lot of money.

Therefore since most people are looking for high quality images so their readers will more likely read their content and buy something through their website — I see WA’s site content images as kind of a win win.

Final Thoughts

I hope after reading this post, that in the future you will have a much easier time when looking for high quality images for your website.

I want to remind you though that if you’re trying to create a website in hopes it will make you money, you will need more than just a nice looking picture.

Even though the old saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words” — in the end your readers are coming to your site to learn more about something which they will find by reading your content.

While it’s nice having a visually appealing website, if you truly want a website that can help you make money online — you’ll need training on how to structure a site to make this happen.

So if you want a proven method on how to make money online and need good images to help make this happen, then I strongly suggest you check out Wealthy Affiliate.

Get access to over 1 million free pictures

What did you think about my list of places to get good-looking free pictures online? Have you used any of these sites before, or do you have another site you would like to suggest that I didn’t mention here?

If so leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts. 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Where To Get Free Pictures For Your Website In 2018 – My Top Choices”

  1. Thanks Michael for this very handy and informative list of places to find free images. 

    I have added them to a Google doc, and will also be bookmarking your website. First time I have come across instructions on how to use Google’s Advance Image Search. Guess I won’t need it though, because just like you I am also a member and a great fan of option number 6.

    • Hi Hilary, I’m glad you found this post helpful — and I will admit that Google’s advance search has really helped me over the years in finding pictures that I could use for my websites.

      I’m also glad that by you being part of Wealthy Affiliate, you have been able to use their site content images to get some really amazing looking photos — as this personally has saved me a ton of time in finding high quality photos.

  2. I see Pixabay is at the top of your list. It’s my favorite for free photos and graphics. Sometimes I can’t find exactly what I want on there though, so I’m looking for a few good alternatives as backups.

    Wikimedia Commons I found a bit limited, but Pexels looks promising. I haven’t tried that one, so I’ll check it out.

    • Yes Pixabay and Pexels are both great sites — as they offer high quality photos that are completely free to use.

      Also you may wan to try out Google’s advance search function, because like I said in the post it will scan through thousands of images helping you find something useful to use and for free.

  3. You have given me a couple of options here of where to find free images for my website. I hadn’t thought of using google to do a search, so that has been a great help.

    I like the idea of having over a million pictures ready to use as you said in Wealthy Affiliate. How much does it cost to join?

    • Ya Google’s advance search really is awesome, and can help you find good quality pictures to use very fast.

      Wealthy Affiliate has 3 different options for you to choose from:

      1. Starter Member (Free $0.00 ) 

      2. Premium ($49/month )

      3. Yearly Discount ($359/year = $29.9 / month)

      Again you won’t be able to use the images if you’re a free member, but with the two other options you can have unlimited access to their photos.


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