Writing Jobs Online Review

You might have been browsing the internet and suddenly stumbled across this site wondering if it was legit or not.

Well within my Writing Jobs Online review, I’ll be giving you everything you need to know about this program such as how it works, some red flags you need to be aware of, and most importantly if it’s a scam or not.

So without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Quick Summary Of Writing Jobs Online

Name: Writing Jobs Online

Website: Writingjobsonline.net

Price: There is a 7-day trial for $1. After that, you are charged $27 per month

Rating: 1 out of 5

What Is Writing Jobs Online?

In short, this is an online platform that claims you can make thousands of dollars a month by writing — even if you have no experience whatsoever.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are many people who make a full time income doing just this, however anyone one of them will tell you it didn’t happen overnight and that they had to develop good writing skills to be able to do this.

Sadly though, this platform not only fails at providing you with adequate training on how to be an effective writer — but they don’t even give you jobs within their platform for you to earn money!

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How Does Writing Jobs Online Work?

When you first enter the members you’ll first think that you just hit the jackpot with all the information and tabs thrown in your face.

They even say making money with their program is so easy that all you have to do is choose a job, submit your work, and get paid. 

Writing Jobs Online Review - how it works

But when you look more closely at what they offer, you’ll soon be realized that what they are giving you has no real value to it whatsoever. 

To make it more simple for you to understand what you’ll be getting, I can sum it up into 3 different categories.

  • A list of sites you can sign up to and write.

This is where they combine a list of blogs, database sites, online magazines, and other places you can sign up to and do freelance writing gigs.

  • Writing tools for you to use.

I don’t know if you can really call these “useful” tools, because basically they are giving you a list of different platforms you can write on like Google docs and WordPress. 

  • Extra Income.  

This section was the most confusing to me because it’s almost as if they expected you not to make enough money simply by writing.

So if that does happen, they offer you several different sites you can sign up to and take surveys on.

My question however is if you are supposed to EASILY make thousands of dollars as soon as you sign up to this program, why are they giving you the option to do surveys which pay close to nothing at all?

Well I quickly figured out this question in a matter of seconds as your about to see.

Writing Jobs Online Red Flags

It’s a Clone Site

Again I was puzzled why this writing site would offer surveys to people, however after a few minutes I recognized the layout from a previous review I did last month called Gold Opinions — which is a survey site.

If you look at their website, you’ll see that the layout, the copy, and even pictures are all arranged in the EXACT same way.

This just goes to tell me that whoever made this program here, also made the other one as well. 

So its no wonder why they were asking you to do surveys since it would help them make money on their other website.

You Don’t Physically Write On Their Website

One of the worst things about this program is they get you all excited thinking you’ll be writing content on their website and get paid for doing so.

However all they do is compile a list of other sites for you to join and write content on.

So I see no real benefit on joining this site when you can find a list of amazing places to write by simply doing a Google search.

Claim You Can Make Money Fast

Within their sales page, they claim as SOON as you sign up you’ll be making up to $50 an article, and earn 3 – 5 thousand a month without needing any experience whatsoever.

Writing Jobs Online Review - Claims you can make money fast

However as I just mentioned, what you’ll be doing is signing up to other places like UpWork and Fiverr which have a lot of competition when it comes to writing.

So to make any kind of decent money on those sites usually takes weeks if not months, because you have to prove that you know how to write — and this means usually doing jobs for very little pay.

Then after you become more well known and people start liking your work, then and ONLY then is when you can start making good money.

And if you think about it logically, would you pay someone $30-$50 bucks to write an article who said they have no experience?

Ya I didn’t think so.

They Use Fake Partnerships

I see this all the time when reviewing sites and frankly it’s getting kind of old by now.

But sites like this one here like to pretend that they are partners with big companies such as Fox, CNN, and Yahoo to make you believe they are the real deal.

Writing Jobs Online Review - they use fake partnerships

However this is nowhere close to the truth, because if there are no jobs to do why would anyone partner with them in the first place?

You Have To Pay To Sign Up

Then last but not least, you have to pay to use this site which is crazy!

They make you pay $1 for a 7-day trial, then charge you $27 a month afterwards to stay a member.

Again however why would you do this? All the information they give you can be found on Google for free, and once you visit every place they recommend there’s zero reason for you to stay.

So why they are making you pay I don’t know, and why anyone would want to stay is even more confusing to me. 

Is Writing Jobs Online A Scam?

As you can tell by now I clearly don’t like Writing Jobs Online, but I can’t flat out call them a scam either.

This is because they do give you places you can sign up to and get paid online to write — just like they said within their sales page.

However they trick you into thinking you’ll be writing on their site, they hype everything up making you believe you can earn big bucks by tomorrow, and the worst part is they ask you to pay a monthly membership to basically sign up to other sites.

So for these reasons and a whole lot more I don’t feel like explaining, I do not recommend you join this company.

What I Like About It

  • It introduces you to a legitimate method of making money online which is writing. 

What I Don’t Like About It

  • This is obviously a clone site made by the same person 
  • They make you pay a monthly fee to use their services
  • There’s no real training inside the platform
  • They are basically a middleman that redirects you to other sites to write on

My Final Thoughts

Writing Jobs Online seems at first a good site to join, but in the end it’s nothing other than a database of other websites you can sign up to and hope to make money by writing on.

And the worst part is they offer no training, yet expect you to pay not a one time payment but a monthly fee to be a part of their program.

Therefore I see zero reason as to why you should waste your time on this site, and if you really want to earn money online by writing you can find hundreds of great places by searching for them within Google.

What if you want to make a lot of money writing about things you find interesting?

You see writing while it can make you good money, can NEVER make you a passive income since you are always having to write day in and day out to make ends meet — and usually it’s about topics you find extremely boring.

So rather than write for other people and companies, why not create your own website and write about things you enjoy?

That way instead of earning a one time payment, your article has the chance of earning you money for years to come!

And if this sounds like something you would be interested in, you can get the proper training on how to do just this by clicking the banner below.

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It gives you all the tools you need to become successful, you can rub shoulders with people making 6 figures and more online, and best of all is it’s 100% free to join so you have nothing to lose.

I hope you found this review helpful, and if you have any questions you’d like to ask leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help you out. 

Writing Jobs Online

There's a 7-day trial for $1, then you're charge $27 per month

Overall Rating



  • It introduces you to a legitimate method of making money online which is writing.


  • It's a clone site
  • They make you pay a monthly fee to use their services
  • There’s no real training inside the platform
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6 thoughts on “Writing Jobs Online Review”

  1. Hi Michael

    To me it seems that they think that they can make money by piggybacking on legitimate sights by promising you can make money. You pay to join the program and they direct you to other websites for which you could have join.

    It may be a legitimate way of making money by writing but I think there are much better programs too which you can make money from. I think they are relying on the vulnerability of people to make money and the name itself. I always say the name does not tell you everything, as they use it more as a marketing tool.



    • Exactly Antonio.

      They are basically taking the credit of other reputable sites ( which do allow you to write on their platform to get paid ) — and make it seem like you can do the same thing with their site.

      However it really makes no sense to join this platform other than wanting to see which sites they are recommending. After that, I would leave immediately. 

  2. Hello there, thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. 

    I must say I really did enjoy going through your article. I personally had been referred by several of friends to try this site out, but I never fully understood what it was all about. After seeing this well explained article I think it would be a NO for me. Thanks for sharing

    • I’m glad my review could help you out, and even happier to see that you have changed your mind about joining this site.

      Also I think since you know the facts about this site now, maybe you should tell your friends what they are REALLY trying to promote — because I can imagine that they don’t the truth about Writing Jobs Online. 

  3. Hello there, thanks for this review.

    I wouldn’t completely say they are a scam but I just see a platform that makes money by redirecting people to other platforms where they can earn money from writing. But my issue is why pay so much where you can access them directly yourself from any search engine!.

    • My thoughts exactly. I see no reason what so ever to pay a monthly fee for access to another site when I can simply go into Google and join it that way.

      Of course they want you to go through their site so that they will get a small part of your commission for every job you do.

      And honestly if Writing Jobs Online gave training out on how to be a good writer and maybe some tools that would help with grammar / spelling — I might give more thought about joining it.

      However it does none of this and is simply asking you to give them money for showing you some sites that you can find yourself probably in about a minute of searching online. 


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